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Israeli Minister Warns on Iranian Attack

By Israel Faxx News Services

Israel should prepare for a possible missile attack by Iran, an Israeli government minister warned. Iranian officials have vowed to attack Israel if Iran itself comes under attack, said former spymaster Rafi Eitan, and Israel therefore "must prepare the entire country for a missile attack." Eitan, who made the comments Tuesday on Israel Radio, alluded to the international dispute with Iran over its refusal to stop enriching uranium.

Assad Rejects Israel's Demand for UN troops on Syria-Lebanon Border

By Reuters

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday rejected Israeli demands for the deployment of international troops on the Lebanese-Syrian border to stop what Israel said are the smuggling of arms to Hizbullah.

"This would be a withdrawal of Lebanese sovereignty and a hostile position," Assad said, according to advance excerpts of an interview to be aired by Dubai Television on Wednesday.

The United Nations is trying to assemble a force of 15,000 to monitor a truce in southern Lebanon after a 34-day war between Israel and Hizbullah, which ended last week with an uneasy truce.

Israel wants UN troops to police border crossings between Lebanon and Syria to prevent weapons smuggling. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said stationing some of the international force at border crossings and Beirut airport would enable Israel to lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon.

IDF: We Screwed Up


Errors were made in the way the Israel Defense Forces sent reserve troops into battle, Deputy Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky admitted Tuesday during a discussion by the reservists' lobby at the Knesset. "There were errors and flaws in equipment and at emergency warehouses," he said.

Kaplinsky vowed to ensure reserve soldiers are better prepared for active duty and noted that a training program would be introduced to that end.

During the session, reservists expressed their anger over the many shortcomings that emerged during the war and demanded to be told when the current state of high alert would be over, so they could return home.

Meanwhile, representatives of reservists' families complained they had no address to turn to during the fighting to find out information about their loved ones and therefore lost touch with them during the war. Kaplinsky said the army would do everything to release all reserve troops by the weekend.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Avi Zamir of the IDF Personnel Directorate said a special call center has been set up for reservists who served in the war, and added that all reserve troops would receive brochures detailing their rights.

Army officials also announced they are working to secure a special bonus for reserve soldiers. "The calculation method is being examined at this time through dialogue with the Treasury, and we expect agreement as early as tomorrow," one IDF official said.

During the war, a total of 46 reserve soldiers were killed and 233 were wounded, with 144 of them already released from hospitals.

11 Israelis Dead, 35 Injured in Sinai Bus Accident


At least 11 Israelis were killed and 35 injured in a tour bus accident on Tuesday near the Sinai resort town of Nuweiba.

The Israeli Arab tourists from Nazareth were traveling in one of four buses in a convoy on a tour organized by a Galilee group. Ten were reported in critical condition, according to Dr. Said Eissa, director of emergency services in southern Sinai, and South Sinai Governor General Muhammed Hani Metwalli.

The buses were returning to Israel from a trip to the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, said Foreign Ministry official Danny Miran in an interview with Channel 10 News. Miran said the driver and two tour guides were Egyptian citizens.

Magen David Adom southern district director Yehuda Shushan told Ha'aretz that requests by the Foreign Ministry, the IDF and border officials to enter the area were rebuffed. Egyptian officials informed Israeli officials that all of the injured had been taken to the local hospital at Nuweiba.

MADA officials turned to the Red Crescent society via the International Red Cross organization to allow them to enter the country to help treat the wounded. "We strongly hope they will let us into Egypt and will allow us to evacuate the injured Israelis," said Shushan. "The Nuweiba hospital is a sort of clinic," he said.

Israel Charges Palestinian Parliament Speaker with Membership in Outlawed Organization

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli military authorities on Tuesday charged the Palestinian parliament speaker, who is also a leader of Hamas, with membership in an outlawed organization. The action comes amid renewed clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists.

Abdel Aziz Dweik, the Palestinian parliament speaker, was led into a military court in shackles Tuesday and charged with belonging to an outlawed organization. Military prosecutors said in addition to being active in an outlawed organization, Dweik spoke with Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, about transferring large sums of money to the Palestinian territories. Speaking to journalists, Dweik said he did not recognize the court's authority.

Calling the proceedings a political trial, the Palestinian parliament speaker said he is an elected official of the Palestinian government.

Dweik is the most senior Hamas leader to be charged so far by Israeli authorities. They have arrested about 30 Hamas lawmakers, including five cabinet ministers since Palestinian terrorists abducted an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in late June.

An Israeli's Thoughts

By Adrian Wolff

Here in Israel we are angry; angry at the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Chief of Staff. The population of Israel was willing to suffer - the civilians the rockets, loss of income etc, and the soldiers very willing to join their reserve units to fight inside Lebanon. But we have been let down.

  1. The goals of the operation were impossible to achieve - the Hizbullah would be disarmed, removed from Lebanon and the two captured IDF soldiers returned.

  2. The military brass thought they could complete the operation in 3 - 5 days using only airpower. When this seemed impossible they should have called up the ground forces. The ground forces were too few and were not fully used until the final 48 hours, when it was impossible to ask the IDF to achieve results that would take 10 -14 days.

  3. To fight terrorists in a static war you need lots of fire power, I means a lot and the air force and artillery need to flatten all buildings en route before the ground forces arrive. This was not done.

  4. The army kept reservists waiting for two weeks and did not appear to have a fixed plan as they were moved about.

  5. The government did not declare the situation as 'war.' Therefore the Home Front Command was not fully operational to assist the civilian sector.

  6. Disappointed at the UN, especially the French who promised 2000 troops and have sent 200. I can go on and on.

On the positive side. The Hizbullah are incapable of capturing territory. The Hizbullah rained 4000 rockets on Israel, resulting in 42 civilians killed. Not an efficient record. Almost half of the IDF deaths were from anti-tank rockets hitting tanks. But 85% of the tanks hit by these rockets did not sustain injuries. On a personal level. Every one in the country knows of some-one who was either injured or killed.

Revelation of Ties Between Actor Mel Gibson and a Holocaust-Denying Organization


New York Post investigative reporter Philip Recchia revealed on August 21 that Mel Gibson and his father, Hutton, have in recent years attended a dinner sponsored by the Australian League of Rights, a group that denies the Holocaust.

An ALR publication described the father-and-son attendance as the "sensation" of the event. ALR director Don Autherlonie "didn't deny Gibson's attendance when contacted last week" by the Post.

In view of the latest revelations regarding Gibson's association with Holocaust deniers, the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies is urging Jewish and other organizations that recently extended speaking invitations to Gibson to withdraw them.

Congressman Finds Online Love
Israel Faxx News Services

A U.S. Jewish congressman married a woman he met through the online dating service JDate. Rep. Steven Rothman (D-N.J.) and Jennifer Anne Beckstein were married Aug. 18 by a rabbi in New York.

Each has been married previously, and their five teenage children were in attendance.

Rothman made headlines two years ago when it was revealed that he was Steve3366, a government employee with a six-figure salary looking for Jewish love online. Rothman said at the time that he chose to search online because of severe limitations on his time as a lawmaker.

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