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>Iran to Donate $50 Million to Palestinian Government

By VOA News

Iran says it is donating $50 million to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, to ease a Palestinian cash crisis spurred by Western aid cuts.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki announced the donation Sunday during a conference in Tehran. The promise of funding comes after the U.S. and the EU said they were stopping aid to the Hamas government because it refuses to renounce violence and accept Israel. Israel is withholding about $50 million in monthly payments of tax revenues it collects for the Palestinian Authority.

Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel, Warns West Against Targeting Nuclear Facilities

By, VOA News & Ha'aretz

Iran is reporting 40,000 suicide bombers are trained and awaiting orders to attack targets throughout the UK and the United States should the west decide to launch a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

According to a Sunday Times of London report, Iranian terrorists are waiting to be dispatched, and many targets have already been selected. According to Dr. Hassan Abbasi of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, 39 targets in the UK and U.S. have already been identified should the mass bombing attacks be ordered.

The Times, quoting unidentified Iranian officials, quoted Dr Hassan Abbasi, head of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, as having said in a speech that 29 western targets had been identified:

"We are ready to attack American and British sensitive points if they attack Iran's nuclear facilities." Abbasi was quoted as saying, adding that some of them were "quite close" to the Iranian border in Iraq.

The newspaper said it had heard a recording in which Abbasi warned would-be bombers to "pay close attention to wily England" and vowed that "Britain's demise is on our agenda."

"At a recruiting station in Tehran recently, volunteers for the force had to show their birth certificates, give proof of their address and tick a box stating whether they would prefer to attack American targets in Iraq, or Israeli targets," the report said.

Iran's leaders reiterated their call for Israel's annihilation, announcing the advancement of the Iranian nuclear program. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated Iran's goal of "wiping Israel off the map." Speaking at a conference of visiting heads of Arab terrorist groups operating in areas under Palestinian Authority control, Ahmadinejad said, "Whether you like it or not, the Zionist regime is on the road to being eliminated."

Once again expressing his doubt as to whether the Holocaust happened, Ahmadinejad said that, although the Holocaust's occurrence is "open to doubt, there is no doubt about the Holocaust being carried out [by Israel] against the Palestinians." He went on to call upon Israelis to return to the countries from which their ancestors emigrated.

"I tell the governments who support Zionism to allow the migrants [to] return to their countries of origin. If you think you owe them something [because of the Holocaust], give them some of your land," he said. "The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm."

A British newspaper reported over the weekend that British military officers took part in a joint operation with the US military simulating an invasion of Iran in July 2004. The Guardian report said the exercise was carried out on a base in Virginia and was codenamed "Hotspur 2004." The country being invaded was codenamed Korona, but located exactly within Iran's borders and sharing the characteristics of Iran. The attack was scheduled for 2015.

The British Defense Ministry downplayed the report, saying the exercise was purely fictitious in nature, "using invented countries and situations" to "test officers to the limit" but "using real maps." British Foreign Minister Jack Straw said military action against Iran was "inconceivable.

"You can start a war but it won't be you who finishes it," the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard General Yahya Rahim Safav said, addressing the report at the same pro-Hamas conference at which Ahmadinejad spoke (called the Jerusalem Conference in Tehran). "The Americans know better than anyone that their troops in the region and in Iraq are vulnerable. I would advise them not to commit such a strategic error."

Also attending the conference were heads of the PFLP and DFLP terrorist organizations, as well as several members of the ruling Hamas group, which now controls the Palestinian Authority. Hamas figure Khaled Mashaal promised to those present, "The Palestinians will never recognize Israel." He also congratulated the Iranian people on their nuclear achievements and goals. "Acquiring nuclear technology is every nation's right, especially the deprived and exploited."

Islamic Jihad chief Ramadan Abdallah Salah also praised Iran's nuclear ambitions. "Every Muslim, Arab and Palestinian will be happy to see a Muslim state realizing its scientific potential. No power in the world has the right to prevent a Muslim nation from building itself or to stop its development."

Two former U.S. National Security Council experts said military action against Iran could be more damaging to U.S. interests than the struggle in Iraq. Writing in Sunday's New York Times, Richard Clarke and Steven Simon said any pre-emptive U.S. strike could affect global oil prices, de-stabilize Iraq and threaten U.S. interests around the world. Clarke is the author of "Against All Enemies," a 2004 book highly critical of the Bush administration's handling of the war on terror.

Meanwhile, a leading U.S. think-tank has released satellite photography purporting to show Iran has reinforced its underground uranium enrichment plant at Natanz. The imagery published by The Institute for Science and International Security includes four photographs taken between 2002 and 2006.

The I.S.I.S. said the pictures show Natanz facilities being buried under successive layers of earth and concrete. Other imagery shows a new tunnel entry to Iran's uranium conversion facility at Isfahan.

The United States said the latest comments on Israel by Ahmadinejad are reprehensible and only add to international concerns about Iran's nuclear intentions. The State Department said the Iranian president's repeated statements about the desirability of Israel's destruction have to be seen as reflecting Iran's actual intentions, and thus they only add to international fears and concern about what U.S. officials say is Tehran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

What To Do About a Nuclear Iran

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

For several years I have been reading what the military and political analysts have thought about reining in Iran. I expect I will be reading what the pundits and deep thinkers have to say for years to come - at least until Teheran decides to launch its first nuclear tipped missile

Then I will be reading from the same pundits what they think about the immediate effects are, what might be done should this occur again in the future. In brief, when they could have acted, they pondered, argued, wrote copious memos to each other, and paraded their genius in front of any newsman who will sit at their feet in awe as our blowhards pontificate.

Go back to the days of the early 1930s and read the absolute worst bu…..t being vomited out by our diplomats, the astute opinion makers and always the media filling up the pages with junk while Hitler built his war machine. I recall when President Lyndon Johnson said one thing that was memorable: "I will not have an intellectual as one my staff of advisors because they can't make up their minds" (or words to that effect).

The pundits are, indeed, like that. Or as Tevya (the milkman from "Fiddler on the Roof") said: "On one hand...., but on the other hand...., but on the other hand..."....and so on.

The problem can be encapsulated by merely acknowledging that Iran is a regional and global danger. Even without nuclear weapons, Iran has been the incubator and sponsor of Global Terror. Add a nuclear component to its capability and the threat level rises exponentially for everyone.

Let's add the incalculable component of religiously-driven Shiite Ayatollahs with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who sees auras and believes a Mahdi (a Muslim Messiah of sorts) is to arrive momentarily, you have all the chemistry for a world-wide conflagration. While the politicians, Pundits and the "on one hand, but on the other hand" Generals, we may all soon be taking thyroid pills to ward off the effects of airborne nuclear fallout. Talking to Ahmadinejad who looks forward to a clash that will send his Shi'ite soul to Allah's courtyards will not get us very far in terms of getting Iran to stand down their crash program to develop nuclear weapons..


  1. Send a few hundred missiles deep into Iran designed to emit EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) to burn out every unshielded circuitry from the household radio to missiles on their launch ramps for retaliatory strikes.

  2. Follow within a few minutes with tactical nukes that will hit every surface or near surface installation, be it nuclear or unconventional (especially every known Iranian missile launch sites.)

  3. Concurrently, send (via high-flying aircraft) Bunker Buster bombs at deeply buried and reinforced R&D centers. Each bomb, whether conventional or nuclear should be followed by another bomb to strike at the center of the first crater so as to dig deeper through the rock and reinforced concrete. (Shock waves can do enormous damage.)

  4. Take out Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs in the first strike, hopefully at a gathering.

  5. Let Israel hit Hizbullah with conventional bombs, air-fuel weapons and clear-out southern Lebanon of the 15,000 in-place missiles (some possibly with chemical warheads from Syria).

  6. Notify Syria that, if they launch one missile or move one tank from camp or lift one aircraft off the tarmac that Israel will be given the `green light' to reduce that nation to rubble.

  7. Destroy every sea craft that could lay mines at the Straits of Hormuz, hit every small craft along the waterway that could carry torpedoes or carry out suicide missions against oil tankers.

  1. Don't discuss plans, timing and methods with Russia, China, or anyone at the U.N. and/or E.U.

  2. Following the cruise missile attack and Bunker Busters, ship-borne aircraft should clear the skies of any Iranian aircraft. Presumably, radar suppressors will accompany these sorties.

  3. Wherever possible, anti-missile batteries should ring Iran to take down any launched missiles in a layered defense. Any fire blossom, indicating a missile launch seen by a security satellite, should be hit as the site of a launching field.

  4. All nuclear development sites should be later seeded with highly radio-active heavy pellets to act as an `area-denial' material so future use cannot be undertaken. This includes underground facilities. A `Hot Area' cannot be re-constructed if `area-denial' material is properly applied.

The U.S. and Israel have no choice now or any time left. Contemplating retaliation as a reason to delay an operation is wasted thinking. If there is comfort in waiting until Iran can develop and deploy more nuclear devices, then prepare sufficient body bags for a few million people. If the nukes are already pre-planted in American and European cities, then they will either be used at a time of Iran's own choosing or the nuclear Damocles Sword will be hanging over the heads of all nations, forcefully demanding obedience to their laws of Shari'a (Strict Islamic Laws) will prevail.

The 'Guilt' of Jews Threatens Israel

By Rabbi Meir Kahane (Commentary-New York Times, April 7, 1989)

No one, no people, has so sadly honed guilt to a finer art than we Jews. There are, invariably, those liberal Jews who instinctively feel guilty about everything - whether they had anything to do with what's wrong or not. It is a fascinating form of pathology, worthy of a dissertation in abnormal psychology and suggesting the need for some form of national couch.

And, of course, it is this corrosive guilt that lies at the heart of the ideological disintegration of Israel today, a process that threatens the very existence of the Jewish state. "We are occupiers and conquerors; we oppress innocent people; our national soul is being corroded; we are, above all, guilty!"

Lo, the poor Arab of the West Bank and other "occupied territories," that simple innocent, ground under the heels of the Jewish occupation army. Lo, the poor territories of 1967, which have become the "major obstacle to peace" because of Israeli intransigence. Lo, the racism and latent fascism that is at the very heart of a Zionism that favors Jews in a thing called a Jewish state.

What in the world can possess Jews in Israel to forget the massacres of Jews by Arabs in 1920, 1921, and 1929? And why, in their intellectual minds, did they occur? Could the murder of 67 Jews on one day in Hebron 60 years ago have been caused by Arab anger over the occupied lands of 1967?

And when more than 500 Jews were massacred in Arab pogroms stretching from 1936 to 1938, was it Israeli refusal to return the lands of 1967 that was at the heart of the problem?

And when the Arabs turned down the United Nations Partition Plan of 1947 - which would have set up a tiny, grotesque Jewish state and an Arab one that might have been called Palestine - was the Six-Day War of 1967 the root of their decision to try to wipe out the then 600,000 Jews in the land?

What causes Jewish liberals to take the Arab position of every issue? What causes them to babble about "the occupied lands" of 1967? Do they not know that the Arabs see the entire area of 1947 and all the Jewish cities and towns within the pre-1967 state as "occupied" also? Do they not realize that to the Arab, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the golf course at Caesarea and all the kibbutzim of the enlightened left are also occupied? Of course the humanists and moralists of Israel know that, and that is precisely the problem. Deep in their hearts and minds, the Jews on the left and of liberal bent secretly fear that the Arab is right, that the Jew really has no right to come to a "Palestine" that had a majority of Arabs and make it into a Jewish state.

The terrible ghosts of Jewish guilt gnaw away at the tortured Jewish liberal soul with the thought that perhaps the Jews are indeed "occupiers" and colonialists. This Jewish secular liberal agonizes with himself daily because, along with his guilt, he lacks the courage to give up his kibbutz to the oppressed Arab. He wallows in a corrosive guilt that rapidly becomes self-hate.

And so he must take the Arab position on every issue in the pathetic hope of winning from the Arab a crumb of forgiveness. He must fight for their right to get part of the "stolen" land so he can keep his part of the "theft". What a pathetic creature, and how dangerous he is: He seeks to commit national suicide and would take all of us with him.

Here is one Jew who feels not the slightest guilt for choosing to live, for winning, for telling a world that gave us such universal benefits as Crusades and Inquisitions and pogroms and Auschwitzes: Never Again - and who cares what you think?

Guilt? Hardly. There is no "Palestine." It is the Land of Israel. It belongs to a Jewish people that was given it by its Father in Heaven and in which they lived 3,000 years ago. It belongs to a Jewish people that, unlike the Arab one, do not have 22 states, but just one: the Land of Israel. Guilt? Only the sick suffer from it.

For Jews, the moral imperative is to live and guarantee a home for a Jewish people that will not only remove itself from the exile, but will remove the exile, with all its aberrations, from itself. Faith in G-d, and a powerful Jewish arm - that is the Jewish way.

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