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Hamas Rejects Advice from Al-Qaida

By VOA News

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has dismissed a message of support from al-Qaida's number two leaders, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Hamas leaders said the group will make decisions that are in the best interests of the Palestinian people. They said Hamas has a vision of Islam that differs from al-Qaida. Al-Zawahiri made his remarks in a video broadcast Saturday on the Arab television channel, al-Jazeera. He called on Hamas, which won Palestinian elections in January, to reject peace deals between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Hamas Cancels Fatah Decisions in First Parliamentary Session

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

The Islamic terrorist group Hamas moved quickly on Monday to take control of the Palestinian parliament - voting to revoke a series of legislative measures passed by outgoing legislators loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Israeli air strikes on Monday killed at least two senior Islamic militants and three bystanders in the Gaza Strip.

The first working session of the new Palestinian Legislative Council or parliament got off to an orderly start as 112 of 132 legislators convened in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The two gatherings were connected by a video hookup because of travel restrictions placed on a number of Palestinian legislators by Israel. Large photographs of about a dozen legislators who are in Israeli jails were placed on a number of seats.

Controversy soon boiled over however when Hamas legislators who now control the parliament demanded that a series of measures passed by outgoing legislators loyal to Abbas' Fatah Party be repealed.

The measures give Abbas the power to appoint judges to a constitutional court who could then decide whether laws passed by the parliament are legal or not. The measures, which were passed after Fatah lost January 25 legislative elections to Hamas, were harshly criticized by Hamas legislators, who describe them as a way to give the Palestinian president veto power over any laws passed by Hamas.

After Fatah legislators walked out, Hamas legislators, in a show of political strength, voted to repeal the measures. Hamas has yet to form a government and has given little indication of what policies it intends to follow. So far the group, which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, has only said it would not recognize Israel or disarm as international donors have demanded.

The political fight took place as Israel continued its stepped-up policy of striking terrorists it says are responsible for suicide bombings. Air strikes in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday killed several militants including two senior member of Islamic Jihad. Former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres told Israel Radio that Israel would continue to strike at those who threaten it.

Peres said Israel wants to be a partner for peace with Palestinians but would not tolerate terrorism from Palestinians. Peres, who is a close ally of acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, is expected to join other members of the newly formed centrist Kadima Party on the campaign trail in the next few days, as parties seek the support of voters ahead of Israeli elections on March 28.

Jihad Vows to Fire Kassams at Ashkelon to Avenge IAF Strike

By Ha'aretz

Islamic Jihad has vowed to fire Kassam rockets at downtown Ashkelon to avenge an Israeli targeted-killing operation that left five Palestinians dead Monday. The fatalities included two Jihad operatives, two children and a third bystander.

To date, no Kassam has ever made it as far as downtown Ashkelon, which is about seven miles from the Gaza Strip. Rockets have landed in an industrial zone south of the city that is only five miles from Gaza. However, Islamic Jihad is known to have been trying to increase the range of its rockets.

The military operation took place in Gaza City at about 5:30 p.m., when Israel Air Force jets fired two missiles at an ice-cream van in which Munir Sukar, 27, and Ashraf Shaluf was traveling. According to the security services, Sukar is responsible for numerous Kassam launches at Israel, as well as an attempt to send a suicide bomber to Jerusalem last month, while Shaluf is also a Jihad operative.

However, the strike also killed Raad Al-Batash, 8, Mahmoud Al-Batash, 15, and Ahmed A-Susi, 24, who were nearby when the missiles hit. Eight other passers-by were wounded, and Sukar's uncle, who lives nearby, died of a heart attack apparently brought on by the strike.

Hamas called the air strike a "massacre." Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said it was a "dangerous escalation" against the Palestinian people. An angry mob gathered outside Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, where the bodies were taken.

Afterward, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz declared that "Israel will lay its hands on everyone who acts against it," and particularly all those involved in planning or carrying out Kassam launches.

Sukar is the second senior Jihad operative to be killed in Gaza in the last week. Last Wednesday, Khaled Dahduh was killed when his car exploded, and Islamic Jihad accused Israel of assassinating him. Israel, however, declined to comment.

A senior defense official told Ha'aretz Sunday night that he was convinced that this wave of targeted killings would bear fruit. "When two senior Jihad members are killed one after the other, even this extremist organization does the math," he said. "They understand that the Kassam have caused us almost no damage recently, while operatives are paying with their lives. [Islamic] Jihad will respond to the assassination, but in the slightly longer term, such acts deter them. Admittedly, this is a determined enemy that is willing to sacrifice its people, but this is true only up to a limit - and they are approaching that limit."

Following Dahduh's death last week, Islamic Jihad launched more than 10 Kassams at Israel. Monday, even before the assassination, three rockets were fired at the northern Negev, but caused no casualties.

Kadima Advance – To The Rear

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

The Chief Kadimite, acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, has told all Israel that he is going to "advance to the rear" and declare victory. Olmert has decided to give more room to Hamas as he advised Sharon to do in Gaza. Sharon and Olmert created the Kadima Party which means "Advance" (to the Rear). That is the literal translation of the Kadima Party. When divided into parts, Kadima means: Kad = vessel, ima = tears: a vessel of tears.

The Gaza Strip is now absorbing Al Qaeda, Hamas, Al Aqsa and Hizbullah, and they have arrived to launch Kassem missiles at Southern Israel.

Not to worry. Because Olmert and the Kadimites are putting an extra layer of cement on the roof of Israel's main power plant. The nation is comforted, although the roofs cannot sustain the weight of thick cement layers without collapsing. But the thin layers are excellent propaganda, although a good-sized warhead will penetrate.

Again, not to worry. Because Olmert of the Kadimites has ordered extra barrages of artillery shells and missiles from aircraft to target empty fields long after the terrorists have launched and left.

There is one small problem. If one of the missiles hits one of the highly toxic chemical tanks in Ashkelon, the poisoned cloud could drift north, along the coast, contaminating and killing people (even the Kadimites - without discrimination) in Tel Aviv and further. Regrettably, it will also sicken and kill many decent people who represent a higher order of civilization.

Now Olmert, following the Kadimite credo of "Advance - to the Rear," has proclaimed that he will follow the Bush family Road Map as they turn Israel over to Hamas and Al Qaeda. As a general, Olmert is certain that the areas of Judea and Samaria will be demilitarized as happened in Gaza. Hamas will be appeased and they will no longer require human sacrifice.

All of this will sort itself out but first tragically it will take a massive number of dead Jews. Do we need to see schools blown up, car bombs big enough to take down the Sholom or Arieli Towers?

When enough women and children, possibly those of the soldiers - even generals - are blown to bits, they may just want to hold grand courts-martial. Since it is a time of war, those who exposed the nation and the people to bombardment could be brought in to a military court.

The Kadimites believe that they will face no penalty for bringing the enemy within easy firing range of the civilians. Cowardice in the face of the enemy should be dealt with as it was in all armies. Giving up defensive territory, pejoratively labeled as settlements, is not merely a mistake when it has all happened before. Sharon gave up Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip and it is filling up with well-armed terrorists from all over the world - as widely predicted. Therefore there are no mitigating circumstances and therefore, no mercy.

The global terrorists have killed Israelis and now they will kill a lot more from a better, closer military position - courtesy of Sharon and Olmert's "Advance - to the Rear." That is the literal translation of the Kadima Party.

An earlier Kadimite in the making, Ehud Barak, gave up a vital strategic position in South Lebanon, Israel's security zone. Barak ran away with the Israeli army in the middle of the night. The area quickly filled up with Hizbullah, Iranian and Syrian-backed terrorists. All of northern Israel is now within range of as many as 15,000 Katyusha and Kassam missiles, many armed with chemical warheads.

I wonder how many of today's Kadimites who planned that evacuation will face justice when those missiles start gassing Haifa and points north. I also wonder how deep the Kadimites will burrow to keep others from knowing what they have done. Recall how the `Judenrat' tried to hide among the survivors of the camps.

England had their Chamberlain; Norway had Quisling; and now Israel has its Kadimite, Olmert.

We Jews have been betrayed for centuries by our own Quislings and Chamberlains. They made arrangements to betray our families to our most dedicated enemies. They always had misleading and soothing words and so we died in the dozens, hundreds, thousands and millions. We were betrayed from the outside always but, the worst blows always came from the inside, from the Quislings who sprang from our own people.

Prince Philip: We Were Jealous of Jews


Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, broke a long silence about his family link to the Nazis, Britain's Daily Mail reported on Monday.

In a rare interview, the prince said his family found Hitler's plans to bring Germany at the helm of European power were "attractive" and admitted they had "inhibitions about the Jews." The comments were published in a book called "Royals and the Reich," which describes the German royalty's acquiescence to the Nazis.

The book, written by U.S. historian Jonathan Petropoulos, includes pictures never published before. One picture from 1937 shows Prince Philip aged 16 with relatives at his sister Cecile's funeral dressed in SS and Brown Shirt uniforms. Lord Mountbatten, his uncle, is seen wearing a German Navy hat.

Another photograph shows his sister Sophia sitting opposite Hitler at the wedding of Hermann and Emmy Groening, the Daily Mail said.

The 84-year-old Philip told Petropoulos about his family's sympathy to the Nazis: "There was a great improvement in things like trains running on time and building. There was a sense of hope after the depressing chaos of the Weimar Republic. "I can understand people latching on to be something or somebody who appeared to be appealing to their patriotism and trying to get things going. You can understand how attractive it was."

He added that there was `a lot of enthusiasm for the Nazis at the time, the economy was good, we were anti-communist and who knew what was going to happen to the regime?'

Philip said that he was never `conscious of anybody in the family actually expressing anti-Semitic views,' but acknowledged that that there were `inhibitions about the Jews' and `jealousy of their success.'

Philip was born Prince of Greece and Denmark on Corfu in 1921, the youngest of five children and the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Three of his sisters – Sophie, Cecile, and Margarita – became members of the Nazi party. All his sisters married German princes. Sophie's husband, Prince Christoph of Hesse, became the head of the secret intelligence service in Germany under Goering.

Philip fought for the Allies in WWII and married the young princess Elizabeth in 1947. She was coronated Queen of England in 1953. Although his sisters and brothers-in-law are now dead, he keeps in touch with his German relatives.

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