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Iranian Leader Obsessed With Hate of Israel


Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "obsessed with his anti-Semitic hate for Israel and her people. He is not the first foreign leader to act in this fashion but I do not remember a leader of a large country in recent years who has acted so aggressively in his hate towards Israel."

Rice: Hamas-Led Government Will Not Get US Aid

By VOA News
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said no U.S. aid would go to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, but the United States would still contribute to humanitarian programs like immunizing children in the Palestinian territories.

In testimony to a Senate committee Wednesday, Rice repeated the U.S. position that Hamas must meet international demands to renounce violence and recognize Israel's right to exist.

Hamas is preparing to take control of the Palestinian parliament when it convenes Saturday. On Wednesday, the group nominated Abdel Aziz Duaik as parliament speaker and Mahmoud Zahar as faction leader.

In Israel, top policy makers began a three-day review of how to deal with a Hamas-dominated Palestinian government. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said Israel would have no contacts with the Palestinians as long as Hamas is involved in terrorism and refuses to recognize Israel.

Arab Knesset Merger Calls For Islamic Rule, Praises Hamas


Two Israeli Arab parties have merged ahead of Knesset elections, launching their campaign by calling for Islamic rule in Israel and praising the Hamas terror group.

"Rule on earth, at least in Arab and Muslim land, should be by the Caliph [Islamic ruler and heir to Muhammad's authority -ed.]," chairman of the new merger between the United Arab List and the Ta'al Party Ibrahim Sarsour said Wednesday. "We believe in Islam and in the Caliphate and not in separation between state and religion."

Sarsour made the statement during a joint press conference with Arab Knesset member Ahmed Tibi to announce the joint list's platform and party list. The chairman took the opportunity to blame Zionists and the U.S. government for a clash of civilizations being forced upon the Muslim world.

"There is a hidden hand that acts in a bid to bring the world to a clash of civilizations," Sarsour said, referring to the cartoons of Islam's founder published recently in European newspapers. "I speak of that gang in the White House that tries to force one society's culture on another's. This is a part of a campaign against Islam, a campaign aimed at enlisting support in the West for military action against Iran."

Sarsour praised the Hamas terror group, which he said would lead the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority to "progress and achievements, not catastrophes [the Arabic word for catastrophe - Nakba - is how the Muslim world refers to the Arab defeat in the 1948 War of Independence -ed]."

The Arab politician said the overarching goal of the new merger of Arab parties is to prevent the "Israelization" and "Zionization" Arabs of Israel have had to combat. Specifically, Sarsour said the party would work to increase Arab immigration to the Jewish state and increase relations between Arabs with Israeli citizenship and the PA.

Ahmed Tibi said that the sentiments outlined by Sarsour represent the wishes of Israeli Arabs and said he did not think he was running against other Arab parties, but against "Zionist parties attempting to win Arab votes."

Fellow Knesset member Taleb A-Sana promised that the party would support bills such as those that brought about the withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria and budgets that benefit the Arab public. He did not rule out sitting in a coalition government.

A-Sana, together with the Balad Party's Azmi Bishara were questioned earlier this week by Israel's Police International Serious Crimes Unit in Petah Tikva regarding their recent trips to enemy states such as Syria and Lebanon, which were taken without receiving permission from the Interior Ministry. While in Syria, A-Sana met with Baath Party officials and members of the Syrian parliament. Tibi was investigated for similar infractions last June.

A spokesman for the Hamas terror organization, now in command of the Palestinian Authority legislature, has threatened that his colleagues would kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to free Arab terrorists in Israeli jails if the Arabs were not released "peacefully."

In an interview with the PA newspaper Al-Ayyam, published Tuesday, a Hamas representative on the PA-based Prisoners Committee declared: "The next government will increase its efforts to free the captives by all means and methods. Hamas can handle the problem of the captives and kidnap soldiers if they fail to free the prisoners peacefully."

According to a report in the daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Hamas is admitting to the link with Hizbullah, providing new information. Officials explain that to date, a Hizbullah link has been in existence with both Fatah and Islamic Jihad, but this is the first time such a link has been reported with Hamas.

Most Men Unhappy with Penis Enlargement

By Reuters

Thanks to the incessant spam, it's become the most hyped of all operations but Israeli researchers said Tuesday that most men who have had penis enlargement surgery are not satisfied with the results.

"The majority of these patients are dissatisfied after these procedures. Research should be directed toward non-surgical options," said Yoram Vardi, of the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in an editorial in the Journal of European Urology.

Vardi was part of a team of urologists who questioned 42 men who had undergone penis-enlargement surgery and found the dissatisfaction rate was very high. Often the men requested additional surgical procedures. One of Vardi's colleagues, Nim Christopher, a urologist at St Peter's Andrology Center in London concurred.

"For patients with psychological concern about the size of the penis -- particularly if it is normal size -- there is little point in offering them surgery because it makes no difference. "The average increase in length is 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) which isn't very much, and the dissatisfaction rate was in excess of 70 percent," said Christopher. He added that spam e-mails advertising penis enlargement surgery were inaccurate and gave men unrealistic expectations.

Rather than having surgery, both Vardi and Christopher said the men should be referred for psychological counseling.

New Israeli Stamp Honors Chabad


The Israeli Postal Authority will issue a new stamp on February 28 honoring Chabad-Lubavitch. It marks the first time that the Israeli government accords an honor of this type to a religious movement on official legal tender.

The stamp, valued at 2.50 shekels, depicts the movement's Brooklyn headquarters - the building known as "770" because of its location at 770 Eastern Parkway - as a source of waves of light. The picture represents the Chabad emphasis on spreading light and good deeds throughout the world.

The Hebrew words for wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Chochmah, Bina, Daat; their initials spell Chabad) are painted atop the stamp. The accompanying sheetlet features Sabbath candles and tefillin, as well as the Hebrew word U'faratzta, meaning, "You shall spread out."

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