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Saddam Planned Chemical Attacks Against Israel


Former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada recently announced that Saddam Hussein did indeed plan to drop chemical bombs over Israeli population centers. The former senior air force officer explained the non-conventional weapons were moved to Syria before U.S. troops landed in Iraq. Sada is about to release a book entitled "Saddam's Secrets" exposing much of the truths of the former dictator's regime. He revealed that pilots told him they were instructed to arm their planes with such bombs, but the attacks never actualized. He added that it was he, himself, who persuaded Hussein that the air force was not capable of carrying out such attacks, citing the logistical difficulties due to the high-level of operation of the Israel Air Force.

Israel Rules out Talks With Hamas

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem) &

Israel is adopting a tough stance toward the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, after its stunning election victory last week. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that Israel would not deal with the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas makes some fundamental changes.

"Hamas must renounce terror, recognize Israel's right to exist in peace and security and annul its charter calling for Israel's destruction," Olmert said at the weekly Cabinet meeting. Otherwise, he said, there will be no contacts between Israel and the Palestinians.

Olmert said he delivered that message in telephone calls to the leaders of Britain, France, Egypt and Jordan, and to the U.N. secretary-general. He said these principles are acceptable to the international community, and there would be no compromise.

"Hamas is still a terrorist organization, who is still committed to the destruction of the state of Israel, and you can't really have a dialogue with someone who would like you to be erased off the face of the earth," said Cabinet Minister Tzahi Hanegbi.

Hamas has made it clear that it will not amend its charter calling for Israel's destruction and it will not disarm. In fact, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said he wants to build a Palestinian army to confront Israel.

Hamas has also rejected U.S. and European threats to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas renounces violence. As Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh put it: "We will not give in to blackmail."

Khaled Mashaal, the exiled chief of the Hamas terror group, may try to enter Gaza via the Rafiah crossing, despite Israeli opposition. Mashaal is one of Israel's most wanted terrorists.

Israeli sources in Jerusalem said that Mashaal, who was the target of a Mossad assassination attempt in 1997, intends to reach Judea and Samaria, and possibly participate in or lead a new Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority.

Security sources said that an attempt by Mashaal to cross into Gaza would be met by an Israeli effort to shut the Rafiah crossing between Egypt and Gaza. It is unclear, however, how Israel would effect such a closure, as the Rafiah crossing is no longer under Israeli control. Leading Hamas terrorists recently boasted to the Arab media about how easy it was to enter and exit the Gaza district.

After the botched assassination attempt, which took place in Jordan, Israel agreed to release Hamas leader and founder, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin from jail, in exchange for Mossad agents who were apprehended by the Jordanians. The Jordanians subsequently expelled Mashaal to Syria.

Following the assassination of Yassin by Israeli forces in March 2004 and the elimination of Abdel-Aziz Rantisi a month later, Mashaal is considered to be the most important figure in the Hamas.

The PA director of the office for interior affairs, Samir Halila, said a request to allow Mashaal's entry into Gaza has already been submitted to the Israeli authorities. Israeli sources said there is virtually no chance that such a request would be approved. Yedioth Ahronoth suggested, however, that Israeli officials would consider approving a request to return Mashaal to the PA in return for an agreement to sustain a cease-fire for a period of 10 years or more.

Mashaal, 49, said on Sunday from Damascus that he wants the PA to form a standing army composed of terrorists from the Fatah and the Hamas' military wing, Iz A-Din Al-Kassam.

Regarding the possibility that the Hamas might recognize Israel's right to exist, Mashaal said, "We will not recognize Israeli occupation, but we are realistic and we know things are done gradually. Being against the occupation does not mean that I can eliminate Israel in mere seconds.""

Hamas is calling for the creation of an army even larger than the current 60,000-man Palestinian force. "We will form an army like every other country," Mashaal said in Syria. "This army will defend our people against aggression." Explaining what he meant by defending against aggression, Mashaal said that Hamas would continue to carry out attacks on Israeli civilians. "Our presence in the legislature will strengthen the resistance," he said.

Hamas, which popularized the tactic of suicide bombing to the Middle East, won 76 of the 132 seats last week in elections to the Palestinian Authority parliament.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said from Gaza that Israel must change its flag. "Israel must remove the two blue stripes from its national flag. The stripes on the flag are symbols of occupation. They signify Israel's borders stretching from the River Euphrates to the River Nile."

Israel's national flag, a blue Star of David set between two blue stripes was designed to resemble a Jewish prayer shawl, which traditionally has stripes.

Netanyahu Compares Hamas Election Win to Rise of Hitler

By Ha'aretz

While stumping in Netanya on Sunday, Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu compared Hamas' victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections last week to the rise of the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s.

"A few days ago, a new foe arose," Netanyahu said at a campaign stop at the Park Hotel. "When Hitler rose to power, it was said that ruling would moderate him, and it was also said in regard to the Ayatollah's regime and the Taliban. There are urgent warning signs that [scream] out a lust for murder and destruction.

"The Likud will not continue transferring territory, [we] need to stop giving them money - neither ours nor the world's - and [we] must prevent them from establishing an army any which way possible," Netanyahu said, adding that the Likud will derail Hamas' continuing ascent. "We will ratchet up international pressure so that the Palestinian government will change direction and will not threaten us," Netanyahu said.

300,000+ at Funeral of World´s Senior Kabbalist Rabbi


Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, known as the "Senior Kabbalist Elder," passed away Saturday evening in Jerusalem. More than 300,000 people participated in his funeral.

Kaduri, who commemorated his 105th birthday several months ago, had been in serious condition for the last two weeks in Bikur Cholim Hospital, where his personal physician cared him.

Police closed off Jerusalem streets for the Sunday afternoon funeral, which became one of the largest ever in a city known for large funerals. The rabbi's closest followers said that Rabbi Kaduri told them he met the Messiah on Cheshvan 9, 5764 (Nov. 4, 2003). He reportedly said that the Messiah is not promoting himself, and that a study of his (Kaduri's] words in recent months would provide hints of his identity.

"He is not saying, 'I am the Mashiach, give me the leadership.' Rather the nation is pushing him to lead them, after they find [in my words] signs showing that he has the status of Mashiach." So said Kaduri to one of his close relatives.

Kaduri was also quoted of late as saying that the imminent arrival of the Mashiach will "save Jerusalem from Islam and Christianity that wish to take Jerusalem from the Jewish Nation - but they will not succeed, and they will fight each other."

This past Yom Kippur, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, Rabbi Kaduri said, "Jews must come to the land of Israel to receive our righteous Mashiach, who has begun his influence and will reveal himself in the future."

Israeli Intelligence Failure on Hamas' Election Win

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

Reminiscent of the infamous failure of Israeli intelligence to anticipate the Yom Kippur War in September 1973 and the fumbling of decisions by the Golda Meir government, Israeli intelligence fumbled again on Hamas on January 26th.

It is known that Israeli intelligence assured Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that Fatah, under President Mahmoud Abbas would win the elections. As is now apparent, Hamas won in a landslide and, therefore, controls the Palestinian Government (such as it is).

The question arises, why with all the on-ground Humint (Human Intelligence) scattered throughout Gaza and the cities controlled by the Palestinian Authority, did Israeli intelligence miss the assessment by such a wide margin? Several answers come to mind: First, Israeli intelligence has become so politicized that their level of competence has dropped to a very low level. Second: Because the agencies have been so loaded with PCs (Politically-Correct Leftists) that realistic assessments are no longer possible.

So, the information given to Olmert was consistent with what Olmert wanted to hear. Keep in mind that, in terms of intelligence operations or the military, Olmert is not the brightest bulb. Olmert made the decision not to interfere with Hamas and it's electioneering. Presumably, if we look a little past Olmert, we would see the ever-present Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice giving instructions.

The Intelligence failure was dramatic - given the results. Apparently, on the streets of Gaza City, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin, Qalqilya and Jericho the Muslim Arab people were not hiding their tilt to Hamas. So, how could Israeli intelligence miss by so wide a margin?

As for Olmert and his 'Kadima' crowd, none of them are too swift in being able to make probing assessments of incoming intelligence. Raw intelligence is like an onion. You must peel it back, layer by layer, until you think you have arrived at the correct level of evaluation. Olmert and his crew are just not capable. Without Arik Sharon's military experience, Ehud Olmert is merely an empty shell.

Clearly, there should be an inquiry by the intelligence and defense arm of the Knesset. Something is dreadfully wrong with the various intelligence services. If they have been emasculated by the politicians and loaded with political appointments, then they desperately need a shakeout or a shakeup. I would add that goes for the military, which has far too many officers who owe their appointments to the political establishment.

If ever there was a need for such an inquiry, it is now. There was such an inquiry regarding the Yom Kippur intelligence failure and heads did roll. It is time for another inquiry before - not after - the next war.

New Immigrant Faces Prison for Protecting Himself from Arab Rock Throwers


Daniel Pinner, who shot in the air when attacked by a rock-throwing Arab mob, was found guilty by the Be'er Sheva District Court of causing willful and malicious injury. He faces a 3-year sentence.

Pinner, who made aliyah from England and lives in Kfar Tapuach, has been in prison for over seven months. He was arrested on June 22 for allegedly firing at and injuring an Arab on the Gush Katif beach. Pinner has maintained that he shot in the air in self-defense when a mob of some 50 Arabs threw rocks at him; Arab witnesses and participants admitted in court that they were throwing rocks.

Pinner, 38, an unmarried teacher and licensed electrician, was in Gush Katif at the time to volunteer his services in the refurbishing of the Palm Beach Hotel for new families. Four days after the incident, he was arrested at home, with the police first claiming that he had shot an Arab in the chest, and then later in the leg.

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