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Sharon's New Plan: Uproot Towns in Exchange for Dollars


Ma'ariv reported Monday that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is planning on replace the U.S. backed road map peace proposal with a new plan that would uproot Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in exchange for American compensation. Sharon reportedly would implement his new plan despite any deterioration in Israel's security situation due to an upsurge of terrorism from the PA. Details of Sharon's new plan were reported by sources close to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Attack Was Planned on Dimona Nuclear Facility

By, Ha'aretz &

An indictment was handed down in the Be'er Sheva District Court on Monday against Palestinian Authority resident Ramzi Salah, 22, from the Jabalya area of Gaza. Salah had infiltrated Israel with the intention to carry out a suicide attack. In his infiltration attempt, Salah enlisted the assistance of Israeli and Egyptian collaborators.

A gag order was lifted on Monday on his arrest, which occurred some two weeks ago. Authorities report a major attack was planned, a suicide bombing attack involving a number of terrorists, targeting the Dimona nuclear facility. Other potential targets included the Ashkelon Central Bus Station.

A 14-count indictment was filed against Salah on Monday, including charges of attempted murder, taking part in illegal military training, conspiracy and related charges. Salah was apprehended in the western Negev area near Kibbutz Nir Am.

The indictment charges Salah formed tied with the Popular Front and al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. The terror groups provided him with training and equipped him with weapons and an explosive belt.

According to the charges, 24 hours before being caught, Salah arrived in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza wearing an explosives belt. He was met by two terror group members and a contact man, whose job was to aid Salah in crossing the border and detonating the explosives.

Salah waited with his three abettors for a person on the Israeli side who was supposed to receive them, but the individual failed to show, and the terrorists returned back home.

Only the next day was communication established with the individual on the Israeli side, and at 4 a.m. Salah left Gaza in the direction of Israel. He cut the border fence and entered the country but was eventually captured in the Nir Am region.

Salah's record shows that this was not his first involvement in terrorist activity. In 2000, when he was just 17, he began speaking to terrorist organizations in order to target IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

In the last five years, he attempted to cross the border from Gaza into Israel a number of times while strapped with an explosive belt, but was unable to do so. He also tried to enter Israel through the Egyptian border, but Egyptian efforts prevented him from crossing. According to the indictment, Salah was also involved in attempts to target IDF soldiers in Gaza.

Salah wrote out a will, wore military cloths, and read his will before a video camera while armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, RPG launcher, and grenades.

Israel Denies It's About to Bomb Iran Nuke Site

By Abraham Rabinovich for The Australian

Israeli military chief Dan Halutz has discounted an imminent air strike against Iranian nuclear facilities as Iran's president delivered a diatribe against the Jewish state.

"I don't think an operation by the Israel defense forces against the Iranians will be necessary soon," Halutz said. "All political options for halting the Iranian program must be exhausted before other options are considered." He appeared to be toning down the implications of recent statements by Israeli leaders that Iran was only three months away from achieving the technological know-how for the production of a nuclear bomb.

Halutz, a former combat pilot, was until last year commander of the Israeli Air Force, which is presumed to have long been planning a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities in the event that one is ordered. In 1981, the air force destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor before it started up.

London's The Sunday Times reported late last month that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had ordered the military to prepare for a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities before March. There has been no confirmation of that report.

Halutz's comments came as Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again hit out at Israel, saying it was "anti-Islamic in nature" and the result of European "ethnic cleansing." He said Europeans had "built a Jewish camp among the Islamic nations and got rid of the Jews from the whole of Europe."

Britain's Chief Rabbi: Anti-Semitism Spreading Like a Tsunami


Britain's Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, said in an interview on BBC radio that ongoing conflicts around the world have been having uncomfortable ramifications for Europe's Jews.

He said that global conflicts are acting like "a kind of tsunami of anti-Semitism, which is taking place a long way from this country (Britain) but (of) which Europe seems unaware."

Sacks did not blame Israel for the threat to European Jewry. He pointed out that many regional conflicts ignited by Islamic radicals in Chechnya, the Philippines, and Indonesia, would be occurring, even if Israel did not exist.

He said that globalization was leading many people to view Israel as the cause of the world's conflicts. He accused Islamic radicals of using Israel's alleged mistreatment of Arabs to support their campaigns of violence around the world.

The rabbi blamed satellite television and the Internet for exposing Britain to a globalized anti-Semitism. But anti-Semitism was also rearing its head on prime time TV and best-selling books that deny the Holocaust, he warned.

While the situation for Jews in Britain was good overall, Sacks said that anti-Jewish activities were rising throughout Europe, especially in France. "A number of rabbinical colleagues throughout Europe have been assaulted and attacked on the streets," he said. "We've had synagogues desecrated. We've had Jewish schools burn to the ground - not here but in France."

The Community Services Trust, a UK based group that monitors anti-Semitic incidents says there has been a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents over the past year. The trust recorded 532 anti-Semitic incidents in 2004, 83 of which were physical assaults.

Arab Muslim Wants to Join IAF


An 18-year-old youth from northern Israel is an outstanding student who completed his high school diploma with top grades. He is also a gifted civilian pilot. His dream is to become a pilot in the Israeli air force, but one thing may stand in his way: He is an Arab Muslim.

The young and motivated teen has already passed the IDF's first stages of the draft, and recently submitted a request to be recruited to the IAF's prestigious pilot training course, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. If he succeeds, he is set to become the country's first Israeli-Arab military pilot.

"I ask that you allow me to fulfill my dream and my civil duty to serve in the army... my greatest dream and aspiration is to become a pilot. I feel I have the potential, the knowledge and the ability to serve in the IAF, or in any other elite unit," he wrote in his letter to the army.

According to IDF sources, the youth's request is unusual and will need to be examined by the army's Personnel Directorate. If he qualifies for the force, he is to undergo a "security suitability inspection," which will determine whether he is eligible for the course.

Notably, while the Arab Muslims in Israel constitute about 20 percent of the population, only 20 join the army each year. Luckily for the teen, he already has one devoted advocate who greatly supports his ambition to be recruited to the air force: Maj. Michael (res.) trained him to be a civilian pilot and has much confidence in his young student.

"I was amazed by his capability and love of flying. He learned to fly quickly, feels excellent while in the air, and the harder the maneuvers get, the more thrilled he is," Michael wrote in a recommendation letter submitted to the army. He functions well, is very bright and highly motivated to succeed... I would very much like to see the army enabling him to make his dream come true and join one of the IDF's elite units, pending of course that he meets the requirements in full equality," Michael said, adding that he believes this move would give the army a chance to exhibit its openness to all citizens of Israel, and to display that equal opportunity is granted to all.

As Michael noted, his young student is bound to face the question of where his loyalties lie. "I sincerely told him that there is the problem of loyalty. I told him that it would be hard to send an Arab to bombard other Arabs, whether in Gaza or in Lebanon," Michael said. But he said 'I belong to the state of Israel, just try me and you'll see. I live in this country, and am willing to do what is required of me,'" Michael recalled.

The teenager explained in his letter that his wish to enlist stems from true patriotism to the state. "Although I am not obligated to join the IDF... I want to serve like any other citizen in the country. I was raised on the values of loving Israel, and the moral commitment to contribute to the state," he wrote.

His father, who backs his son's unorthodox move, claimed the request represents a test for the army and the country as a whole. "The state must show it is open toward its Arab citizens and that any citizen who puts the country first can be accepted anywhere. The Arabs cannot be kept in one corner and blocked from participating in Israel's life," he said.

The IDF's Spokesperson Unit said Monday in response that "the army congratulates the will of youngsters of all origins and religions eligible for the draft to join commando units. This specific case of will be examined."

My Aliyah

By Golan Canaan

Good day all. I have had quite a long day. It started by waking up at 8, instead of the 7 that I set my alarm clock for. Didn't hurt my day too bad. I actually got to town early and walked to five banks. Each told me that all the banks would rip me off. Great news huh? But of course I couldn't start a bank account till I received my Teudat Zehut (identity card), and so much more. I think I remember them also saying my first born.

Gosh I must've walked 5 to 10 miles around the city. Great work out but I don't need it because I'm thin.

Tuesday, first thing I am heading to the army office. Wish me luck in getting out without a hassle. Then hopefully I will be able to get all the other necessary paperwork to progress my file.

Well I guess this will be it for today. Oh by the way, go Buckeyes.

Burger King Launches King-Size Meal


While most fast food chains across the globe are currently competing over offering their costumers healthier menus, Burger King Israel remains unimpressed by this fitness trend. The company has announced it will soon launch a "king size triple whopper" meal in Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The grand new meal will contain three hamburgers in one bun, as well as vegetables, sauces, a giant French fries serving and an extra-big drink for NIS 42.99 (about $9.50). The triple burger dish is already on the burger chain's menu in other countries, but has yet to become available to carnivores in Israel.

The decision to add the king-size burger to the menu was made after a survey ordered by the company revealed that Burger King's target audience is not a follower of the health trend sweeping the country. The triple burger will be launched with a $300,000 campaign that will focus on close-up photos of the gigantic burger.

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