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Hamas Threatens Stepped Up Attacks


Following the IDF eliminating a senior terrorist commander in Tulkarem earlier in the week, Hamas has released a statement threatening to step up attacks, vowing a revenge attack for the killing of the Islamic Jihad commander. Seeking to fault Israel, Hamas stated it would not remain committed to the understanding that calls for limiting terrorist activities, since Israel continues "aggressions and violations." The terror organization, which will have a place on the ballot in the upcoming Palestinian Authority (PA) election, continues to speak of the "legitimate struggle against Israel," as well as the need to "teach the IDF a lesson, to cease the targeting of PA civilians."

Israel Launches Missile Attacks on Gaza

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel has launched air and missile strikes against buildings in the Gaza strip that Israeli officials say were used to launch rocket attacks against Israeli targets. The Israeli air strikes were the first since last month and Palestinian medical authorities said a woman and her two daughters were wounded.

The strikes destroyed at least two buildings linked to the terrorist groups, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, the armed wing of the Fatah movement. The groups are State Department designated terrorist organizations. A spokeswoman for the Israeli army told the French news agency that Israeli forces would react with determination to prevent further attacks. All Israeli government offices and most businesses are closed to observe the Jewish religious Sukkot holiday.

The air strikes followed more than 20 rocket attacks against southern Israel launched by Islamic Jihad. Islamic Jihad said it launched the attacks after one of their senior commanders, was killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank. Israeli authorities say the Islamic Jihad terrorist was responsible for two suicide bombings that killed 10 Israelis, and that he was planning further attacks. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas criticized the killing, saying it undermined his efforts to maintain an unofficial cease-fire with Israeli authorities agreed to earlier this year.

Palestinian security officials said they have moved forces into the border area to prevent further attacks by militants. Speaking on The Voice of Palestine radio, the Director General of the Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry, Abdullah Abdullah, criticized Palestinian militants for their attacks. Abdullah said Islamic Jihad used the Israeli killing of their commander as an excuse to attack Israel. He said all Palestinian factions should have a united front, and not immediately retaliate against Israeli attacks.

Meanwhile, Palestinian and Israeli negotiators plan to meet Wednesday to restart talks aimed at reaching a common agenda for a planned summit between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Wednesday's talks are expected to focus on efforts to reopen the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, which was closed shortly after Israel completed its withdrawal from Gaza last month.

Bill Gates on Visit to Israel;


Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates arrived in Israel Tuesday evening for a 24-hour visit. Gates is one of the world's richest people and among the most influential philanthropists today. It is his first visit to Israel.

He will meet with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Industry, Trade and Employment Minister Ehud Olmert, as well as with economic leaders. He is expected to announce a cooperation agreement with Israel. Gates is also scheduled to meet with teenage students who have displayed excellence in technology fields.

Microsoft employs some 200 workers at its software security development center in Haifa, which the company likes to keep out of the limelight for fear of repercussions in the Arab world. Gates is supposed to meet with employees there during his visit. It is not known whether Gates intends to make any personal philanthropic announcements in Israel. He and his wife Melinda established a charitable foundation in 2000, which is considered the world's largest private foundation. It has contributed more than $27 billion to various relief causes to date.

The coming year is important for Gates, who will be turning 50. The company he founded 30 years ago is facing a major new threat from Google, which recently joined forces with one of Microsoft's main rivals, Sun Microsystems. Also this year, Microsoft will be releasing new versions of its two biggest bets: the new Windows Vista operating system, which Gates has been personally involved in as the company's chief software architect, and its new games console the Xbox 360 which will compete with the new Sony PlayStation.

'Judgment Day! Islam, Israel and the Nations'

By Unity Coalition for Israel (Book Review)

Author: Dave Hunt, ISBN: 1-928660-32-0

A Christian author and an authority on Bible prophecy says evangelicals need to hold President George W. Bush accountable for his rosy attitude towards Islam.

This new book is the most comprehensive examination of ancient biblical prophecy and modern-day Middle East politics regarding Islam, Israel, and the nations-which includes the United States of America! Painstakingly researched using up-to-the-minute data, Judgment Day! is sure to become a respected resource for scholars, analysts, pastors, professors, politicians, and laypeople alike. Amazing historical facts and first-hand, eye-witness insight make this book a thrilling, sometimes troubling, read-but one that is necessary for a heavenward understanding of the prophetic times in which we live.

Drawing parallels between the "land for peace" appeasement of Hitler (prior to his systematic extermination of more than 6 million Jews) and today's strategy of the nations united against Israel is not at all difficult--but Dave Hunt goes much deeper than that. With painstaking clarity and detail, Judgment Day! reveals the ancient agenda against the Jews, and traces it's twisted trail to modern-day deceptions of U.S. presidents, foreign ambassadors, covert (and overt) military operations, businesspeople, educators and world leaders alike.

In this no-holds-barred documentary, Dave Hunt skillfully dissects the myth of Palestinian claims to "the Promised Land," and exposes the fraud, deceit, and treachery of an international community allied against the Jewish nation. As the author writes, "In the final analysis, the battle over Israel is a battle for souls and destiny of mankind. If Islam and the nations siding with her should accomplish their goal of destroying Israel, then mankind [from a biblical perspective] is eternally lost."

Why are the stakes so high? What will the outcome be? Discover the uncomfortable but irrefutable truth in Dave Hunt's impassioned expose'--JUDGMENT DAY!

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