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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0601.txt
Growing Neo-Nazi Threat in Israel
Prisoner Release to Include 170 Bombers and Shooters
Get Mad, Then Get Even
Ya'alon: Israel Can Defend Itself Even if it Leaves Golan Heights
Jerusalem Mall Bars Orange Ribbon Patrons newsletter: 5fax0602.txt
Israel, Palestinians Announce Second Summit in Egypt
Police Discover Ring of Neo-Nazi Immigrants From Former USSR
Israeli Police Uncover Massive, Trojan Horse-Based Industrial Spy Ring
Prophesying the Destruction of Israel
Bad Days in Washington newsletter: 5fax0603.txt
Fears of Massive Evacuation Opposition
Netanyahu Warns Against PA Terror State, Leaving Jordan Valley
Israel Releases Nearly 400 Palestinian Prisoners
Angered Husband Burns the Family Cash
George Bush, How Could You?
Checkbook Zionism Goes Plastic newsletter: 5fax0606.txt
IDF Commander of Yesha: 'We Must Remain Brothers'
Arab and Leftist Demonstrators Take Out Soldier's Eye
Terrorism at my Doorstep
Jerusalem Day Began Sunday Night
Former Shin Bet Chief Warns Temple Mount Attack Would Trigger 'Total War'
Google to Launch Israeli Subsidiary
Israeli Technology a Blessing For Those With Hard-to-Find Veins newsletter: 5fax0607.txt
Indian TV: American Sub Spied on Israel
Arab Mobs Stone Jews on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Anniversary, Two Jews Injured
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz Elected to Head Sanhedrin
To the Editor
Final Portraits newsletter: 5fax0608.txt
Israel Offers PA Rail Link Between West Bank and Gaza
Surge of Violence Threatens Mideast Cease-Fire
Sharon Government Threatens to Revoke Parenting Rights of Underage Disengagement Activists
University of Utah Study Links Genetic Diseases to High Ashkenazi IQs newsletter: 5fax0609.txt
Israel to Implement Gaza Pullout Despite Growing Opposition
Israel Attacks Terrorists in Gaza
Jesus Died of Blood Clot, Researcher Says newsletter: 5fax0610.txt
Professor Points to Site of Original Sinai Mountain
Israeli High Court Gives Green Light for Gaza Pullout
Dershowitz Blames Sharon, Senators for Pollard's Imprisonment
Terror Attack Warnings in Sinai
Ethiopian Aliyah to be Financed by N. American Jewry newsletter: 5fax0613.txt
Holiday of Shavuot Ends Monday Night in Israel
Palestinian Official Rules Out Disarming Militants for Now
Seed of Extinct Date Palm Sprouts After 2,000 Years newsletter: 5fax0614.txt
Israeli Envoy to be Next VP of UN General Assembly
Palestinian Factions Considering Ending Truce with Israel
Disengagement, the Video Game
Brochure Lays Out Threat Scenarios
Man Found Wandering Naked in Jerusalem After Castrating Himself
Israel's Maccabiah Games Set for July newsletter: 5fax0615.txt
Abu Ala Warns Anarchy May Topple His Government
Israeli Patent Blocks TV Commercials
Large Underground Reserve of Hot Water Discovered in North
Will the Dutch Buy Settler Greenhouses?
Merrill Lynch: 6,600 Millionaires in Israel
Jewish, Single, and Hating It newsletter: 5fax0616.txt
Israeli Postal Authority Will Deliver Letters to God
Historian: Nazis Wanted to Deport Jews to Soviet Union
Teenage Fatah Suicide Bombers and Handlers Nabbed by Israel
Chief Rabbis Will Permit Exhumation - If No Jews Remain
PA Media Continue to Use Symbols Illustrating Israel's Demise
A Need to be Frank newsletter: 5fax0617.txt
Sadat Nephew to Run in Egypt
U.S. Seeks to Blend Roadmap with Oslo Accords
Golani Brigade Says No to Expelling Jews
Southern Hospitals Preparing for Expulsion
Draft of Balfour Declaration Sells for $884,000
Israeli Pilot Saves Woman in New York
Aquaman -- Israeli-Style: Israeli Invention Enables Diving Without Oxygen Tank newsletter: 5fax0620.txt
Israel Reportedly Building Sea Barrier Near Gaza Coast
Are Iran-Israel Ties Coming?
Rice, Sharon Hail Gaza Pullout as Key to Middle East Peace
Gov´t Plans to Arrest Leading Gush Katif Residents
More Peres Good Will: Guns for the PA
New Bible Theme Park to Open in Eilat newsletter: 5fax0623.txt
Collaborators Ask Court for Evacuation, Compensation
Israeli-Palestinian Summit Getting Mixed Reviews
Israel Resumes Attempts to Assassinate Palestinian Militant Leaders
PA Television Continues to Teach Children to Become 'Martyrs'
A Fertility Gene Found Among Ashkenazi Women newsletter: 5fax0624.txt
Petting Zoo Termed ´Illegal Outpost, ´ Destroyed by 100 Police
Seniors Take Civics Exam - Then Eulogize Israeli Democracy
Bethlehem Handover Next Week
IDF Code: "No Force Against Non-Combatant Population" newsletter: 5fax0627.txt
Israeli Report: Sharon Orders End to Arms Deal with China
Teen Victims of West Bank Shooting Attack Laid to Rest in Jerusalem
Spielberg Film a Surprise to Mossad
Major TV Networks Boycotted 'Hospital Bomber' Story
The Future According to the `Jewish Jules Verne ' newsletter: 5fax0628.txt
China: Playing Both Sides of the Golan
Israelis Brace for Traffic Jams Amid Disengagement Protests
IDF Soldier Refuses Expulsion Orders, 12 Comrades Join Him
United Church of Christ Plans Anti-Israel Resolutions
An Open Letter to the UCC
Russia Investigates Jewish Law Code for Racism
Pollard: Israel Preparing Barghouti´s Release newsletter: 5fax0629.txt
3- and 5-Year Olds Held In Police Custody for 20 Hours
Sharon Warns Opponents of Disengagement Not to Use Violence,
Sharon on Record: Sinai Precedent Was a Mistake
USAID Subsidizes Arab Terror in Judea and Samaria
History Repeats Itself On The Seashore
Rabbi to Advise U.S. Air Force Academy on Religion
Hitler: Father of Sex Doll?
Foreign Worker Circumcises Himself newsletter: 5fax0630.txt
Israeli Medical Advance: Sterile Woman Gives Birth
(Has a Civil War Started?)
PA Arabs Readying for Combat
IAF Forces Respond to Hizbullah Attack on Northern Israel
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