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Petting Zoo Termed ´Illegal Outpost, ´ Destroyed by 100 Police


One hundred elite police officers descended upon an "illegal outpost" near the Shomron community of Yitzhar, destroying it. The outpost was a petting zoo. The Shaked Farm has been destroyed five times by the IDF - and was rebuilt each time by nearby residents. Two horses, three goats and four chickens populate it. Just after dawn Wednesday, about 100 police from the "Yassam" unit arrived at the zoo, knocked down the boards that make up the cages for the children's animals, and left. Aviad Visuly, of the Land of Israel Task Force, who assists residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza with legal cases regarding settlement issues, said that the destruction of the petting zoo was merely a symbolic act by the security forces to be able to report to the Prime Minister that an outpost had been destroyed.

Seniors Take Civics Exam - Then Eulogize Israeli Democracy


Dozens of high school seniors in N'vei Dekalim dutifully took their matriculation exams in civics Thursday - but later conducted a "funeral ceremony" for Israeli democracy.

Einat Yefet, one of the seniors who initiated the ceremony, explained to Voice of Israel Radio, "We learned about democracy all year, but in the end, we saw that there is no connection between what we learned and the way things are happening - and so we decided on this protest measure on the lack of democracy in our country. In the end," she said.

"We are the ones to suffer - our basic civil rights are being trampled upon, whether it be that we vote for representatives to represent us and in the end they do the exact opposite; or when they try to remove the bodies of our relatives from their graves [her 18-year-old brother Itamar was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the second month of the Oslo War, in Nov. 2000]; or in that our basic civil rights have been removed, including the right to human dignity and good reputation, which the government and media have long besmirched... But we did do the test, and we did study, because we believe that we will be the new leadership and we will be those who bring the new spirit of democracy - and we promise, with God's help, that we will bring true democracy.

"Many students who took the test agreed beforehand to write, in orange (the official color of the struggle against the disengagement), "Where is the shame? Students of Israel demand democracy - and not only in books!"

Bethlehem Handover Next Week

By Ha'aretz

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has instructed the IDF Thursday to prepare for the transfer of security control over the West Bank town of Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority as early as next week. During a meeting with senior security officials, Mofaz also said the army should be ready to hand over another West Bank town, Qalqiliya, in two weeks.

The latest decision comes during the most sensitive junction in the relative lull in violence that has prevailed in recent months, after the IDF intensified its counter-terrorism operations against the Islamic Jihad following a string of attacks on Israeli targets. During Thursday's session, Mofaz said IDF officers who maintain contacts with their Palestinian counterparts at all levels must continue to demand the PA confiscate the weapons of wanted terror suspects. Otherwise, the IDF would be forced to perform that task, the defense minister said. The pledge to hand over Bethlehem was made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a talk with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas earlier this week.

Mofaz also said the IDF should prepare for the implementation of the apparent solution to the razing of evacuees homes in the Gaza Strip, with the Palestinians being tasked with the cleanup. The decision to hand over more Palestinian towns comes amid Islamic Jihad threats to offer a harsh response to what it calls the "Israeli manhunt for activists." The group says Israel has detained 300 Islamic Jihad members in recent days and killed many others.

IDF Code: "No Force Against Non-Combatant Population"


Letters and articles are warning soldiers who plan to take part in the disengagement that they will be violating the IDF Code of Ethics, and also face being sued for their actions. The army has announced that it will assume responsibility for the soldiers' actions in the framework of "evacuations and confrontations with" Yesha residents, but it was not immediately clear whether this included monetary damages they might be required to pay. Arutz-7's inquiry to the IDF on this issue is under investigation by an IDF spokesman's office representative.

One observer said, "Soldiers are liable to find themselves facing a U.S. court for ethnic cleansing and crimes against American citizens, and courts there sometimes dole out very painful sums for damages. Therefore, all soldiers and policemen face this choice: Either to refuse orders, leading to being fired or even a few months in jail, which some 12-year-old girls have shown is not so terrible, or to face possibly being sued for tremendous financial damages."

An article by Arutz-7's Haggai Segal warned soldiers taking part in the forcible expulsion of Jews of the psychological consequences of their actions: "'You must knock on the door gently,' you were informed in the page of instructions your officers gave you. But even if you are very gentle, and even if you shrug your shoulders in contrition, the family inside will never forget those knocks. The family will be shaken by those knocks more than any other mortar shell or rocket that has ever fallen in their yard or living room. As far as they are concerned, you are the executor of a cruel decree that has been decreed upon them with no justification - a decree that has not even been decreed upon the families of terrorists; not one of them was ever thrown out permanently, because the Supreme Court and the media didn't let."

"'In case of refusal,' the page stated, 'you will have to break down the door.' The odds are that you will in fact have to break down the door... If you had a hard time at the checkpoints, when you were forced to detain Palestinian mothers and their children, it will be much harder in Gush Katif. The crying of the expelled will ring in your ears for many years to come... Behind the broken down door you will find a whole family - not wanted terrorists, not escaped criminals, but a father, a mother, five or six children of all ages, and sometimes an elderly grandmother. They will look at you with fear, and you'll look at them, no less scared, and neither one of you will ever forget the other...

"True, the Chief of Staff recently promised that the army would carry out this mission with 'sensitivity and firmness,' but you will suddenly realize that it's impossible to expel with sensitivity, just as it's impossible to be a polite rapist or a considerate thief. With your own hands, you will have to open closets that are not yours, to pack belongings against the will of their owners, to uproot children from their rooms while they are kicking and crying. This will be an impossible experience, and one that is against the IDF's ethical code, which states, 'An IDF soldier will not use his force or weapon against a non-combatant population.' Did they tell you of this clause in your latest training sessions?'

"And then afterwards, you'll probably be forced to drag the parents as well, and the elderly grandmother, through the broken down door and across the tiled path to the bus waiting outside. Hundreds of press photographers will eternalize you as you carry out this act. In time, you'll discover, to your horror that you appear in almost every documentary on the Middle East and every press article on the disengagement... You will have been the 'agent of sin' for the terrorists who have waited for years to expel Jewish residents from their homes... Years later, you'll come back to apologize, to explain that you received an order... but you'll find yourself alone, without the Prime Minister, Knesset, Supreme Court, Chief of Staff, Chief Education Officer - just you, yourself, alone against the judgment of history and of your own conscience."

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