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Growing Neo-Nazi Threat in Israel


Interior Minister Ofir Pines has turned to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz for the interpretation of the law regarding new immigrants and citizenship and residency classification processes. Pines also inquired as to the procedure under the law by which a new immigrant's status is revoked. His queries pertain to the growing neo-Nazi presence in Israel, primarily among new immigrants. One recent most alarming case involved an IDF soldier; a former non-Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union who has a swastika tattooed on his arm and openly expressed his hatred for Jews.

Prisoner Release to Include 170 Bombers and Shooters


The 400 terrorists set to be released from Israeli prisons include 170 terrorists who attempted to murder Jews via shootings, bomb attacks and fire bombings. The release of 400 prisoners is the second installment of an Israeli commitment of three months ago to release 900 such terrorists. The first 500 were freed in late February. Among the criteria for both releases is that the terrorists must have served at least two-thirds of their sentences.

Of the 400 prisoners to be released: 76 carried out shooting attacks, and served an average jail time of 63 months; 53 planted or threw bombs, and served an average of 69 months in prison; and 41 were arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails and firebombs, and were in prison for an average of 37 months. The data is based on the Israel Prisons Authority list of Arab prisoners slated for release as a gesture to the Palestinian Authority.

Most of the other prisoners to be released were convicted of trading in weapons, manufacturing bombs and involvement in the murder of Arabs suspected of helping Israel. The majority were arrested and sentenced during the Oslo War. Most of those to be released have already been informed of the decision, and transferred to the Ofer terrorist prison, near Givat Ze'ev, northeast of Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has also instructed Justice Minister Tzipi Livni to prepare, in a later stage, for the release of prisoners with "blood on their hands" - despite earlier commitments to the contrary. These would include terrorist murderers jailed before 1993.

Get Mad, Then Get Even

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

What may be the most corrupt government since King Herod invited the Romans in to keep him in power; I give you Israel's current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. With him he has gathered the uglies who snivel in his wake. In that I include Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert, Shaul Mofaz, Menachem Mazuz, Yossi Beilin and a gaggle of American weaklings who define themselves as Jewish Leaders.

These shameful creatures are merely another generation of "Judenratters" who are quick to sell out their own Jewish people if they can attempt to please the nations (friends and enemies alike). These are the lowest of our Jewish people who rush to put up monuments to the Jews who died or will die due to their inept betrayal. They run to lift the bars that hold the gates of the Jewish cities to allow in terrorists to finish the job of killings off the remaining Jews.

When the remnant of Jews escaped the graveyards of Europe to go to Palestine, it was only because the Jew killers of Europe were amazed at the butchery they had achieved. So, in that brief moment they blinked, a remnant escaped. But, like Pharaoh, the Christians of Europe awoke and took up the chase like wolves on the trail of a wounded deer. They joined forces with the Muslims who were always their deadly enemies. But, they could agree that both hated the Jews more than they did each other - for the moment. When they finished off the Jews then they could get to butchering each other to settle the claim of who would be God's representative on earth.

But this time, even the bedraggled remnants that escaped that poisoned continent fought back. They beat the Arab Muslim armies and shamed the best of Islam. Time and again the Muslims, armed by the Europeans and Americans hurled themselves at the Jews and just as many times were beaten back. With each attack, the Arab Muslims gambled away more and more of the Land they squatted on. Now, with the help of the Bush Oil Dynasty, the trash of Islam must be appeased by giving them Land they never owned and thusly pacify the Saudis.

As is the custom among such a backward people, they evolved self-elevating myths about how the Holy Places of the Jews were really Muslim although the Jews created them centuries before there were Arab Muslims. But, the Muslims claimed they were there first. Naturally, the European enemies of the Jews accepted the lies, not because they believed it but, it was one more stick with which to beat the Jews.

Now we hear from the Americans and the always-hostile media that even the Temple of Solomon is the third holiest place to Islam. This after even Mohammed rejected Jerusalem and the Jews to name Mecca as the direction of their 'quibla' (prayer). So, we now hear that the President's First Lady visits and echoes a lie whispered into her ear by the pro-Arab State Department tour guide that the Temple of Solomon is somehow Islam's third holiest site. (Incidentally, Laura Bush is a most decent lady and should not have been duped by her husband and the State Department into being a shill for the White House PR campaign to 'win the hearts and minds' of the barbaric Palestinians and Islam generally.)

But, it is difficult to wholly blame President Bush simply because he managed to put a willing Sharon in a choke collar and on a short leash like an emasculated bulldog. After all, it is Sharon who is abandoning the Land and using Police State tactics to intimidate the Jews of Israel. There is no doubt that Sharon, Peres plus each of their respective gangs of lickspittles have earned and deserved the hatred of all Jews now and in the distant future. They have bound themselves to the wishes of foreign nations who each in turn have wired themselves to Arab oil sheiks. In any nation that would be called treason and subject to imprisonment and capital punishment. Bush makes speeches about democracy in the Middle East but, when Sharon adopts the tactics of an undemocratic Police State, there is nary a word from Bush.

The surrounding Arab Muslim states and their European supporters have been at war with Israel since her birth and independence. Therefore, Sharon, Peres and their respective gangs, in collaboration with Arab Muslims and the pro-Arab State Department, have committed treason against their own people. They simply deserve the most severe punishment the law of a Peoples' Court can mete out. As for the sniveling, hand-wringing Jews of American leadership, they should be driven from office and never allowed a day of peace for their conduct as 'Judenratters.' There is an appropriate saying: "Dumb is curable but stupid is forever."

Regarding President Bush, there is no longer any doubt as to his plans to shrink Israel as an appeasement to a demonic Islam that desires to rule the world. Bush has made it plain that the 1967 Armistice lines will be the second phase of his attack against the Jewish State after the retreat from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria.

Following that the putsch will be to the 1947 gerrymandered border given to the Jews by the United Nations November 1947 Partition vote. They all expected that those indefensible lines would end with the Jewish State conquered by the Arab states. Israel was supposed to die at birth but she defied the odds. After all, friends and enemies can on occasion agree, particularly where oil and Jews are the issues.

For those who feel that I am excessively harsh in the descriptions of our enemies and our friends (including Jews, presidents, the U.S. State Department, the U.N., the E.U. and the barbaric Arab League states) think about our collective national memory. We have been savaged from time immemorial, ever since God made His Covenant with the Jews - until today. The world's hatred has remained unbroken and continues now with the Arabs, the Europeans and a president who appears to be in lock step with the Arab Muslim oil suppliers. So, get mad! Then get even and throw Sharon and his corrupt Cabinet out of office.

Ya'alon: Israel Can Defend Itself Even if it Leaves Golan Heights

By Ha'aretz

In a first-ever interview to an Arabic-language daily, outgoing Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday that Israel could defend itself even after an eventual withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Speaking to the London-based Asharq al-Awsat, Ya'alon said he did not foresee any likely chance of peace between Israel and Arab countries in the near future. Many years will pass before the wounds heal and the animosity between the sides, the IDF chief said.

Likud MKs slammed Ya'alon's remarks on the Golan Heights. "The chief of staff acted irresponsibly and improperly," said coalition chair MK Gideon Sa'ar. MK Gila Gamliel added that Ya'alon is beginning to make way for a political career in the Labor party. Yahad MK Ronen Bronfman, however, expressed support for Ya'alon's comments and said peace with the Arab states is more important property than the Golan Heights.

Ya'alon also criticized what he branded as the hesitant policies of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is not tough enough and allows other military forces, including the Hamas, to gain power. He did, however, commend Abbas for his public statements against terror. Ya'alon also said that although Hamas is sticking to the temporary cease-fire, it is continuing to manufacture Qassam rockets and smuggle weapons from Egypt into Israel.

The outgoing army chief said that Abbas should have arrested the senior Islamic Jihad member Mohammed Abu Hindi after the suicide bombing at the Stage club in Tel Aviv, which was in breach of the cease-fire reached after the Sharm el-Sheikh summit in February. Ya'alon also said that Israel does not interfere with Abbas' implementation of his policy, but still pays the price of terror. The general blamed in the interview Yasir Arafat for obstructing the chance to reach calm during the Intifada. "I think both sides suffered in this war, but the Palestinian side has suffered more," Ya'alon said.

According to him, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's visit to Temple Mount in September 2000 was not the cause for the Intifada. "Arafat would have found another reason," Ya'alon said. His view is that this was not an uprising by the people but a well-planned terror attack. Ya'alon expressed his regret over innocent Palestinian victims of IDF mistakes.

Ya'alon confirmed in the interview that Israel has military ties with Arab countries in North Africa and the Persian Gulf. "I am personally acquainted with the Jordanian chief of staff and the top echelons in the kingdom's army. Unfortunately I do not have such ties in the Egyptian army, despite the fact that economic ties between Israel and Egypt are strong," he added.

Jerusalem Mall Bars Orange Ribbon Patrons


Jerusalem's Malcha Mall has implemented a new policy, instructing security personnel to prevent anyone from entering if displaying an orange ribbon or any other sign of solidarity with Gush Katif and northern Shomron residents.

Mall operators are following the lead of Israel Police, which has been prohibiting entry into areas such as the Western Wall with orange ribbons and T-shirts. The same holds true in Knesset where visitors have been instructed to remove orange garments in order to be permitted entry into the parliament building.

A 12-year-old girl involved in anti disengagement road closure protests last week was released from jail Tuesday. The girl's release was delayed until her mother appeared in the police station for questioning pertaining to "abandoning" her child after she refused to come and sign for her release. Ultimately, the mother agreed to post bail and sign accepting responsibility for her daughter.

A 45-member mission sponsored by the American Friends for a Safe Israel and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) arrived in Israel late Monday and immediately visited Jewish communities in northern Gaza and Gush Katif. They handed out hundreds of orange-colored Garfield cat dolls to children. Orange is the color symbolizing the struggle against the Sharon government plan to dismantle 25 Jewish communities and turn the area over to the Palestinian Authority.

The group will visit northern Samaria communities on Wednesday. AFSI president Helen Freedman said the group's mission is to "educate ourselves on the reality" so they can relate it to other Americans. Members in the group are taking video films of their visit to show to Christian and Jewish groups after their return to the U.S. next week, following Jerusalem Unification day.

And in a related story, the Jewish Agency will open an office for aliyah (immigration to Israel) in Las Vegas, where the Jewish population has tripled in recent years. There are 18 synagogues and three kosher casinos in the gambling capital, which was promoted by the late Jewish underworld leader Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel.

The Jewish Agency representative will try to strengthen Jewish education and the connection with Israel as well as promote immigration, according to Michael Landsberg, an executive in the North American department of the Agency.

But in Haifa, Police Chief Nir Mariash said alcoholics and criminals should be prevented from moving to Israel> He said that immigrants from Russia make up a disproportionate number of criminals in that city. Mariash noted that violence is on the increase in the entire country, but that Haifa is more prone to criminal problems because it is a port city that has experienced "a dramatic rise in a weak population from the former Soviet Union."

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