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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0502.txt
4,500 Teachers to Lose Their Jobs
Palestinian Authority Launches 'Law and Order' Campaign
PA Media and Universities Promote Terrorism, Hatred, and Jihad
After 1,000 Years, Israel is Largest Jewish Center newsletter: 5fax0503.txt
Palestinians Bulldoze Officers' Illegally Built Homes in Gaza
Sharon Critic Quits Cabinet over Gaza Disengagement
Turkish Prime Minister Visits the West Bank
Expert: Israeli Position Renders Balfour Declaration Obsolete
U.S. Jewish Bikers 'Ride to Remember' the Holocaust newsletter: 5fax0505.txt
Israel Observes Holocaust Remembrance Day
Annual March of the Living Being Held at Site of Auschwitz
Israel Freezes More Security Transfers in West Bank
Near-Lynch Averted, IDF Commander Suspended
Soldier Suspected of Neo-Nazi Ties newsletter: 5fax0506.txt
´Arab Terror Similar to Nazi Death Machine´
Sharon Decries Holocaust-Evacuation Comparisons
In Letter, Naomi Shemer Admitted Lifting 'Jerusalem of Gold' Tune newsletter: 5fax0509.txt
National Strike Threatened Over School Firings
Israel Halts Release of Palestinian Prisoners
Concern in the IDF Over the "Day After" Withdrawal
ADL Obscures Americans´ Stance Against Palestinian State
Hamas Flags Fly Next to Kfar Saba
´Refusal´ Spreads to Gov´t Workers, Reservists
Pollard Seeking "Prisoner of Zion" Status
Terrorists Kill Teenage Informant newsletter: 5fax0510.txt
Sharon Opposes Shalom's Anti-Hamas Position
Palestinian Protesters Clash with Israeli Police in East Jerusalem
First Anti-Expulsion Activist Jailed Without Trial
Ex-Mossad chief: U.S. May Stay in Iraq for Years to Come newsletter: 5fax0511.txt
Israel's Jewish Population Rises to 5,260,000
Knesset Speaker: Sharon Will Divide Jerusalem
Sharon Says Gaza Disengagement Plan Will Go Ahead
To Be a 'Judenratter' newsletter: 5fax0512.txt
Peres: Let The Arabs Dance on the Rooftops
Happy 57th Birthday to Israel!
Rivlin: I Fear Civil War in Israel's 58th Year
Comedian Jackie Mason Blasts Israeli Concessions
Government Mulls Severe new Immigration, Citizenship Policy newsletter: 5fax0513.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Soon Won't Need U.S. Non-Military Aid
Israel Warns Iran Over Nuke Threat
Rocket Disrupts Israel's Birthday
Israeli Ultra nationalists, Supporters Protest Gaza Evacuation Plan
Arabs: 'Israel Must Leave Jerusalem' newsletter: 5fax0516.txt
Israel Seeks Hand in Containing Iran
Palestinians Mark Israel's Creation with Protests
Prayer in Orange Forbidden at Western Wall newsletter: 5fax0517.txt
Bedouin Girl Murdered for Befriending Jews
Roads Closed Throughout Israel as Protesters Take to the Street
Japan Pledges Additional $100 Million to Palestinians
Police Uncover Two Temple Mount 'Conspiracies' newsletter: 5fax0518.txt
Twin Towers Victim Recognized as Victim of Terror
PA TV Sermon: Subjugate Christians, Exterminate Jews!
Pollard Expresses Disappointment and Disgust in Meeting with Israeli Ambassador
Sharon's U.S. Visit to Ignite Debate Among Polarized Jews
280,000 Israelis Cannot Marry or Get a Divorce newsletter: 5fax0519.txt
FM Shalom Calls for Action Against Iran
Israeli Jets Bomb Palestinian Target; First Air Strike in 3 Months
Kabbalist Blesses Jones to Uncover Holy Lost Ark newsletter: 5fax0520.txt
Three Arrested at Western Wall Military Ceremony
Pope Condemns Nazi Genocide of Jews
Israel to Respond More Aggressively to Palestinian Violence newsletter: 5fax0523.txt
Protestors Disrupt Sharon's NYC Speech
First Lady Besieged by Protests in Jerusalem
Sharon in U.S. to Address Jewish Groups
Former Shin Bet Chief Warns Temple Mount Attack Would Trigger 'Total War' newsletter: 5fax0524.txt
Arabs Torch Valuable Desert Forest
Rice: World Must Not Tolerate Iranian Nuclear Weapons Bid
Knesset Member Eldad Explains His Civil Disobedience Website
Attorney-General Nixes Compensation Options for Gush Katif Farm
Israel Apologizes to India Over Orange Ban newsletter: 5fax0525.txt
Beilin: Sharon Can Fool AIPAC but Not Us
Sharon: Israel will Help Abbas
Baghdad in Jerusalem
CNN, White House Falling for Palestinian Mythology?
Muslim Cleric Calls for Revenge Against Britain on PA TV
Israeli Scientists Find Sarcasm in the Brain newsletter: 5fax0526.txt
Hillary Clinton Says PA Incitement Is Child Abuse
Sources: Bush Won't Pressure PA on Armed Groups Until Elections
Palestinian FM Warns of Dangerous Situation
Wanted and Imprisoned Terrorists to Run in PA Elections newsletter: 5fax0527.txt
Massive Reserve Call-Up Planned for Evacuation
Hizbullah: More than 12,000 Missiles are Deployed on Israeli-Lebanese Border
Bush Meets Palestinian Leader at White House
Israeli Firm. Produces Clothes hat Adjust to Body Temperature
Early Balfour Declaration Draft Goes on the Block at Sotheby's newsletter: 5fax0530.txt
AIPAC Seeks to Distance Itself from Possible Spy Trial
U.S. to Indict Two Senior AIPAC Officials Under Espionage Act
Abbas: Without Progress, We Will Return to Armed Resistance
Hope Springs Eternal: Are there Moderate Muslims?
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