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Campaign Against Purim Hazards


The "Save Israel" organization has launched a campaign urging parents to prohibit their children from using dangerous materials during the Purim holiday. A Jewish tradition is to make noise when the name of Haman is mentioned during the recital of the Book of Esther, which describes how he tried to destroy the Jews of Iran 2,000 years ago. Cap guns and other materials often are used during the recitation, at home and on the street. Organization spokesman Eli Beer said that every year dozens of people suffer burns from materials that explode in their hands. He added that Magen David Adom has asked storeowners to refrain from selling dangerous objects.

New York Times Editor: Call Them 'Terrorists'


Daniel Okrent, public editor of the New York Times said that attackers of Israeli civilians and civilians in Iraq should be called "terrorists." The prestigious New York newspaper often refers to such men as "militants" or "insurgents."

"Beheading a construction worker in Iraq or bombing a market in Jerusalem are terrorism pure and simple," said Okrent. Even so, Okrent stopped short of making use of the word "terrorism" a requirement at the paper. "Given the word's history as a virtual battle flag over the past several years, it would be tendentious for The Times to require constant use of it, as some of the paper's critics are insisting," he explained. "But there's something uncomfortably fearful, and inevitably self-defeating, about struggling so hard to avoid it."

The English language editions of some Israeli newspapers, including the left-leaning Ha'aretz, often use the term "militants" in references to Arabs from the Palestinian Authority who use violence to kill or harm innocent civilians.

(Editor's Note: In such cases, unless the word is part of a quote, Israel News Faxx replaces the word militant with terrorist.)

IDF Force Kills Terrorist Involved in Tel Aviv Attack

By & VOA News

The Israeli military reported that soldiers have shot and killed an armed Palestinian terrorist during a raid near the West Bank town of Jenin. Officials said soldiers also demolished the terrorist's home. He was a member of the radical Islamic Jihad group and was linked to last month's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed five Israelis.

The IDF and the GSS (General Security Service) launched a joint operation early Thursday morning to apprehend Mohammed Abad Altif Hasin Halil, 26. Halil was hiding in the village of Nazlat A-Wasta, north of Tul Karem.

Originally from Tul Karem, Halil took part in planning and facilitating the Tel Aviv boardwalk bombing two weeks ago, in which five Israelis were killed. He also took part in rigging a vehicle full of explosives meant to be detonated just a few days after the Tel Aviv attack by crashing it into a busload of soldiers. The truck-bomb was uncovered in the Arrabeh area on Feb. 28 and neutralized.

An IDF Paratrooper force, together with members of the Oketz dog-handling unit, encircled Halil's house early in the morning and repeatedly called for him to come out. Everyone in the house left, with the exception of Halil.

When Halil continued to refuse to give himself up, the IDF force sent a search dog towards the house. Halil, hiding in the attic, saw the dog approaching and shot it, killing it on the spot. Halil then began shooting at the soldiers surrounding the house. The soldiers returned fire and hurled hand grenades at the house in an attempt to drive Halil out. Finally, an IDF bulldozer began to demolish the structure, but Halil did not take advantage of his last chance to leave, and he was killed in the destruction. His body and pistol were recovered from the rubble.

Nafez Azzam, an Islamic Jihad terrorist chief in Gaza, told the Associated Press that the killing of Halil "does not encourage us to continue the state of calmness that currently exists on the ground. The resistance will continue in the face of the aggression against our people."

New Compensation for Victims of Nazi Experiments


The Jewish Claims Conference has announced that payments are expected this week for 2,432 Jewish victims of Nazi experimentation on humans during World War II. Each of the recipients will receive approximately $3,200, in addition to a past payment, in light of new information regarding Nazi experiments uncovered during recent research of Holocaust survivors' claims for compensation.

The Claims Conference now has documentation of experiments that had never before been recorded, which it has added to a comprehensive record of Nazi medical experiments. The documentation of the previously unrecorded experiments enabled many of the victims to be declared eligible for payment.

Hadassah Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


The Hadassah Medical Organization has been nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. Although the Norwegian Nobel Committee does not release the names of nominees, professors and members of legislatures from at least four different countries recently revealed to Hadassah officials that they had extended formal nominations on behalf of the medical organization, according to June Walker, Hadassah's president in the US.

Their nominations cited three areas in which Hadassah Medical Organization has excelled in promoting peace in the Middle East: the ability to maintain the value of equal treatment for all people at Hadassah Hospital in Israel, despite treating more terror victims than any other medical center; the model of cooperation and coexistence set by the mixed staff of people of all faiths; and the medical organization's ongoing initiatives in creating bridges for peace even throughout the Oslo War.

"I can't think of a more meaningful way to celebrate our founding," said Walker, noting that the organization is celebrating its 93rd birthday this month. "The values of Hadassah continue to set the standard that all people need to strive for."

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