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FBI: Hamas Could Launch Terror Attacks in US


According to the FBI, Hamas has the capability to launch terror attacks within the United States. "Of all the Palestinian groups, Hamas has the largest presence in the United States," said FBI Director Robert Mueller, "with a strong infrastructure, primarily focused on fundraising, propaganda for the Palestinian cause, and proselytizing. Although it would be a major strategic shift for Hamas, its United States network is theoretically capable of facilitating acts of terrorism in the United States." Last month, while testifying to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Mueller said the Islamic Jihad was no longer capable of attacking the United States. Mueller said the arrest of its leader Sami Al-Arian and his deputies hurt Jihad.

Car Bomb Targets West Bank Jewish Shrine

By VOA News, & Ha'aretz

The Israeli army said Palestinian militants detonated a car bomb near a shrine in the West Bank city of Nablus but caused no injuries or damage. A spokesman said the bomb went off next to Joseph's Tomb shortly after midnight; when Israeli troops were guarding a small group religious Jews praying inside. There were no injuries.

The visitors were part of a group authorized to pray at the site and had entered Shechem in coordination with the IDF. Such coordination has been necessary ever since the start of the Oslo War, when Joseph's Tomb was vandalized and burnt following a hasty IDF withdrawal under fire.

Earlier Thursday morning, two explosive devices detonated near troops who were operating in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, but no one was hurt. The bombs follow a spate of incidents that began with a suicide bombing last Friday that killed five people outside a beachfront Tel Aviv nightclub. Security forces also revealed this week that Hamas has made and tested Kassam rockets in the West Bank.

On Thursday afternoon, Palestinian stone throwers on the Jerusalem-Modi'in highway near the village of Khirbet el-Masbah lightly wounded a motorcyclist, Israel Radio reported. Several cars were also damaged. Palestinians also threw stones on Thursday at separation fence worksites near Mevasseret Zion and Har Adar. One Border Policeman was lightly wounded and four Palestinians were arrested, the radio reported.

Likud Urges Referendum on Gaza Withdrawal

By VOA News

Israel's ruling Likud party has urged a Knesset referendum on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's controversial pullout plan from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank. Likud's Central Committee voted overwhelmingly Thursday to call for a non-binding referendum on the disengagement plan.

Party members who are against the withdrawal say they will join forces with far-right legislators later this month when the state budget comes up for a vote. Failure to pass the budget would force snap elections and shelve the Gaza plan.

Most Israelis Say 'Corrupt' Best Defines Ariel Sharon


When asked to choose an adjective that best characterizes Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 62% of poll respondents selected the word "corrupt." The poll, conducted by Ha'aretz to mark the fourth anniversary of Sharon's tenure as Prime Minister, showed that less than half the public, 48.6%, believe that Sharon's proposal to expel Jews from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria was initiated for based on "considerations for the good of the state."

While only 12.4% of the general public believes that the real reason for the expulsion plan was due to the criminal investigations that were being carried out against Sharon and his sons for corruption and bribery, 32.5% of right-wing voters, are convinced that the alleged scandals were responsible for Sharon initiating the plan.

Although the poll did not reveal any surprising results regarding right-wing voters, it did come up with some startling statistics in relation to left-wing public: On the one hand, an overwhelming 84% of people who voted Meretz in 2003 believe that Sharon is corrupt. Yet none of these respondents, 0%, believe that the criminal investigations against Sharon were the reason he initiated his expulsion proposal. One possible conclusion is that while the Meretz voting public recognizes the scandalous nature of Sharon and his administration, they are willing to overlook this attribute when he goes forward with policies that coincide with their own political agenda.

Israeli Breakthrough Enables Cell Phone Recording

By (Copyright 2005)

Imagine this scenario - you're rushing somewhere in your car when your boss calls on your cell phone. "Can you meet me on the corner of 5th and Main in 10 minutes and bring the Webber files, the diskette of the accounts, and the folder on the left side of my desk?" Yes, of course, you say as you maneuver the traffic to make your way back to the office. But by the time you get there, it's become hazy - was that 5th or 6th? The left side of the desk or the right? At that point, don't you wish you could listen back to the conversation?

Now, you can with the revolutionary cell phone recording software of Israeli startup Natural Widget called NaturalRecorder. This first of its kind technology, NaturalRecorder allows mobile phone users to retain important information from their phone conversations by automatically recording phone calls without any user intervention.

According to the company's co-founder Patrice Uzan, the software is easily downloaded from the company's website. "In the month that it's been available, we've had over 15,000 downloads, from around the world." NaturalRecorder technology automatically records calls that are received or placed from the mobile phone without the user having to remember to activate the recording system. The user can then playback, save, or delete the phone conversations at his or her convenience.

This is made possible by a revolutionary memory management technology (patent pending) so that the phone will never run out of memory storage space, a recurrent problem in most previous phone recording technology. The problem with automatic recording of all (or most) phone calls is that the phone will quickly run out of memory. You would then need to erase recordings often enough to prevent the memory from becoming full. This is such a nuisance that it would make the automatic recording feature almost useless.

NaturalRecorder uses a smart automatic memory management technology, which methodically erases your messages the way you would do it yourself: When a specified amount of memory (number of recorded minutes) has been filled, NaturalRecorder will automatically erase the oldest recording thus freeing the memory.

Hotline Launched to Fight Anti-Israel Bias on Campuses


The "Israel on Campus Coalition" has launched a toll-free number where students and faculty members in North American universities can air their concerns about anti-Israel sentiments on campus and in the classroom.

"It will enable the U.S. students to get some support and guidance, whether the problem is fellow students, anti-Israel faculty members or a university policy," read an announcement by organizers. The hot line number is: 1 866 241 8303

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