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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0201.txt
Israeli-Palestinian Talks Aim to Seal Security Deal
Rice Hails Fundamental Choices by Israel and Palestinians
Training to Expel Jews
Knesset to Honor Raoul Wallenberg
Ethiopia's Jewish Community to be Brought to Israel by the End of 2007
OU Declares War on Kiddush Clubs
Israeli Company Produces Fingertip Coronary Test newsletter: 5fax0202.txt
Peres' PA Investments May Present Illegal Conflict of Interest
Rice Says Israel Must Be Split; PA Parts Must be 'Viable (Territorially Contiguous); Israel Must Withdraw from More than Gaza and Samaria
IDF Intelligence Head: Any PA Cooperation Merely a Ploy
Suspect in Custody in Killing of 10-Year Old Arab Girl
A Shabbat Observant Refrigerator from Sharp
Abu Mazen Returns to Russian Alma Mater
New Language Points to Foundations of Human Grammar newsletter: 5fax0203.txt
Police Identify 3,000-Year-Old Skeletal Remains
Sharon, Abbas to Meet in Egypt Next Week
Israel's Attorney General Nixes Government Plans to Expropriate Palestinian Land
Pines-Paz Blasts 'Racist' Citizenship Legislation
ADL Calls on CIA to Hand Over Files on Suspected Nazis newsletter: 5fax0204.txt
49 Years Later - A Presidential Pardon is Granted
Israel Approves Palestinian Prisoner Release, Troop Pullout from Jericho
Some Gaza Settlers Willing to Forfeit Israeli Citizenship
Eichmann-Capture Details Released for Publication
Israeli Innovative Bandages Saving American Lives in Iraq newsletter: 5fax0207.txt
PA: Ze'evi's Murderers to Be Released
Rice Urges Israel to Take Hard Decisions for Peace
Eichmann's Men Worked for CIA After War
Anti-Semitic Commercial pulled from Czech TV
'Savta, You Have a Sister!'
Dramatic Rise in Aliyah from North America and Western Europe newsletter: 5fax0208.txt
Stalactite Cave at the Avshalom Reserve
Israel, PA to Announce Mutual Cease-Fire at Sharma Summit
Interior Ministry to Expel Prostitutes Who Testified Against Pimps
I Fear for America newsletter: 5fax0209.txt
Mofaz Warns the War Hasn't Ended Yet
Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Reach Cease-Fire Agreement
Palestinian Television: How to Destroy Israel
Reestablished Sanhedrin Convenes to Discuss Temple Mount newsletter: 5fax0210.txt
Forbes: Israeli Web Site "Best Innovation in Years"
Cautious Optimism Follows Latest Mideast Summit
Sharon Vows No Referendum on Pullout
Jerusalem Marks Heroism, Tragedy of 'Italian Wallenberg' newsletter: 5fax0211.txt
Abbas Fires 3 Top Palestinian Security Officials in Shakeup
Cease-fire Explodes with Dozens of Mortar Shells and Rockets
Soap Said to be Made from Jews in Holocaust Found in Israel
Hitler's Nazi Retreat Becomes a Vacation Resort
Israeli Couple Reveals the Secrets of Love Chemistry newsletter: 5fax0214.txt
Amir Asks Court to Permit Him to Hug his Wife
Palestinian Militants Agree to Cease-Fire with Israel
IDF to Start Handing Over Yesha Cities to PA Forces
Vice President Of Israel Bar Blasts Expulsion Law
Are Israel Police Setting the Stage for Brutality?
Gush Katif Farmer: "How Do You Uproot One Million Plants?" newsletter: 5fax0215.txt
Sharon Fears Rightists May Vandalize His Wife's Grave
Israel Hands over Palestinian Remains, Prepares Prisoner Release
Hizbullah Lifts Pay for Suicide Attacks to $100,000
Knesset Member Elon Launches New Book Bridging Christians and Jews newsletter: 5fax0216.txt
Israel: Troops Kill Two Armed Palestinians Near Settlement
Israel Condemns Russia's Missiles Sale to Syria
Transfer of Arabs Enjoys Strong Support
Saudi Defense Minister: Bin Laden Sent by the Jews
Egyptian Paper Slams Sharansky Book newsletter: 5fax0217.txt
Egypt's Last Queen Dies in Cairo
Syria, Iran Plan Common Front
Knesset Passes Key Gaza Pullout Bill
Knesset Member Uzi Landau: "Sharon Plans Altalena-Type Actions"
State Attorney to Consider Case of Righteous Gentile newsletter: 5fax0218.txt
Israel Allows 16 Palestinian Deportees to Go Home
Bush: Israeli Apprehension Over Iran Justified
Abbas Orders Execution of Arabs Accused of Helping Israel
Arab Billionaire Offers to Buy Evacuated Gaza Settlements newsletter: 5fax0221.txt
500 Terrorists to Be Released by Israel on Monday
Cabinet Votes: 25 Communities to be Destroyed in Gaza, West Bank
Residents File High Court Suit Against Expulsion Plan
Cool, Smooth Schwartz is Channel 2 'Ambassador' newsletter: 5fax0222.txt
10,000+ Troops to be Deployed to Evict Jews in Gaza and Shomron
Bush sets Goal of Peace in Middle East
The Bush Vision: Uproot Jews So PLO Can Have Contiguous State
What Sharon Omitted to Tell Ministers Before They Approved Evacuations
Undercover Police Agent Responsible for Right-Wing Incitement newsletter: 5fax0223.txt
Yigal Amir´s Brother Says Army Rejecting Him
Ten Arab States May Open Embassies in Israel After Pullout
Elderly Holocaust Survivor Behind Threatening Letters
Man Thrown Out for Wearing a Star newsletter: 5fax0224.txt
Actors In Kissing Scene Chased From Western Wall
Gov´t Considers ´Only´ Destroying Synagogues After Withdrawal
Legendary Fighter Har-Tzion" 'Sharon Has Gone Crazy'
Israeli Device Increases Odds of Conception newsletter: 5fax0225.txt
Chabad Anti-Disengagement Rally Broadcast Worldwide
European Union Drops Plans to Ban Nazi Symbols
Palestinian Parliament Approves New Government of Reformers and Technocrats
Freed Terrorist Arrested Again newsletter: 5fax0228.txt
Saturday Holiday in Iraq Called 'Zionist Plot'
Sharon Warns Palestinians Must Take Action Against Terrorists
Cabinet Approves 'Big Brother' Unit
Threat of Neo-Nazi March Hangs over German War Ceremony
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