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Creation or Evolution?
UN Envoy Urges Israel to Accept Syrian Offer to Resume Peace Talks
Likud Leaders: Sharon Has Turned His Back on Jabotinsky
Sharon to Take Part in the "March of the Living"
Holocaust Victims´ Bank Accounts Nearing Legislation Phase
Introducing: The Lowest Spot on Earth newsletter: 4fax1202.txt
Israeli Briefs
Jailed Palestinian Militant to Seek Presidency
Israel Urged to Resume Talks with Syria
Al-Qaeda Statements Increasingly Focused On Israel newsletter: 4fax1203.txt
Anti-Halachic Marriage Bill Defeated
Israeli and Palestinian Politics in Uncertainty and Disarray
Sharon: Israel to Halt Military Action Against Palestinians if Calm Continues
Fatah´s Farouk Kadumi: "Two States" Just a Temporary Solution
World Bank Tells Israel to Employ PA Arabs
BBC poll: Nearly half of Britons never heard of Auschwitz
Leumi to Offer Credit Card Not Useable on the Sabbath newsletter: 4fax1206.txt
Does Saudi Arabia Have Nuclear Weapons?
Egypt Frees Businessman Accused of Spying for Israel
IDF Places Missile Battery Near Haifa
Rabbi Lau to European Jews: The End Is Near
Socialist Kibbutz Joins with Capitalist Wall Street
Israel's "4th of July" Chanukah
Kissinger Proposes an Imposed Solution with Land Swaps
The End of Bad Breath - Israeli Scientist Discovers Cause and Cure newsletter: 4fax1207.txt
A Look at Chanukah Tradition
Sharon Optimistic About Peace Prospects in Post-Arafat Era
Shinui's Parting Anti-Religious Shot
Israeli MK to Head Delegation of Jews to Libya
Teen Indicted For Not Trying to Prevent Girlfriend's Suicide newsletter: 4fax1208.txt
$10 Million Offered for Information on Arad
Israel, PA May Have Agreed on Basis of Peace Deal
Israeli Arab Caught Spying For Iran
Israeli Soldier, Six Palestinians Killed in Gaza Fighting
Knesset Grants Citizenship to SLA Vets, Families newsletter: 4fax1209.txt
Sanhedrin Members Enter Temple Mount Above the Western Wall
Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
Israeli Officials and US: Yesha Headed for Destruction
Intelligence Report: Hizbullah Active in Israel for Four Years newsletter: 4fax1210.txt
Likud Supports Resolution on Coalition Talks with Labor
Israel Urges International Effort on Iran
Rabbis: Plant Meets Kosher Standards
Kill, Kill, Kill newsletter: 4fax1213.txt
Help Grow the Shoah Victims' Name Database
Massive Attack on IDF in Gaza
More Indications that Gaza is Only Sharon´s First Step
French Jews Protest Anti-Semitic TV
Israeli Technology to Enable In-Flight Cell Phone Usage
Attention eBay Bidders: Zionist Flavor Cafe For Sale
Law Firm Representing Terror Attack Victims newsletter: 4fax1214.txt
IDF Strikes In ´Limited´ Response
Syria Blames Israel For Damascus Blast
Katzav Proposes "Diaspora Knesset"
France bans Hizbullah satellite TV as anti-Jewish newsletter: 4fax1215.txt
U.S. Denies Contacts with Hamas
Abbas Urges End To Armed Palestinian Uprising
Egypt, Israel Ink Trade Deal with US
North American Aliyah Has Arrived
Rabbi Ordered to Pay NIS 1.18 Million for Botched Circumcision
The Ancient Jewish Community of Iraq newsletter: 4fax1216.txt
Hamas Cancels Anniversary Rally
Four IDF soldiers, One Civilian Wounded in Gaza Strip Shooting
Warning Issued Against Arab Scam
New TV Channel Will Teach Hebrew newsletter: 4fax1217.txt
Carter to Head U.S. Poll Watching Team
Gaza Spokesman: Sharon Speech Reminiscent of Oslo
Lieberman: Transfer Arab Areas of Jerusalem to Palestinians
Missionary Nursery Discovered
Bill Seeking Appointment of Non-Jewish IDF Chaplains newsletter: 4fax1220.txt
Annual Report on Holocaust Denial Cites PA's Abu Mazen
Israel Agrees to Release 170 Palestinian Prisoners
Bush Expects Israeli-Palestinian Accord in 2005
Peres: 'I'm Number 2-Or Elections'
Germany Cooling its Welcome to ex-Soviet Jews
Jewish Stories for a Lost Tribe of Israel newsletter: 4fax1221.txt
Blair Says No Wreath Laying Ceremony
Jewish Settlers Meet on Resistance to Gaza Withdrawals
Jewish Law Takes Precedence Over Israeli Law
Peres´ New Title To Cost 30 Million Shekels
U.S., Holocaust Survivors Reach Deal on Nazis' 'Gold Train'
44% of Americans Favor Curtailing Some Muslim Liberties newsletter: 4fax1222.txt
Court Fines Man NIS 425,000 for Refusing to Divorce Wife
Adir Zik: Wake Up! It's a Border, Not a Security Fence
Settlers Slammed for Orange Stars to Protest Pullout
200,000 Israelis Have Emigrated Since 1990
Keeping the Land of Israel Close to Your Heart newsletter: 4fax1223.txt
3 Palestinians, 1 Israeli Killed in Continuing Violence
Israeli Arabs Planned Suicide-Bombing ´Honeymoon´
Head of Germany's Jews Criticizes Immigration Row
Tourism to Israel is Up
Negev To Bloom With Trains newsletter: 4fax1227.txt
Biblical Relic is a Fraud
Israelis Stranded in Indonesia Tragedy
Israeli Cabinet Adopts Measures to Support Palestinian Elections
Small Israeli Settlement in Gaza Agrees to Voluntary Evacuation
IDF Student Cadet Expelled for Political Views
ADL Head Tells Knesset to "Play Down" Aliyah
Tnuva to Market Non-Kosher Meat
Israel and the PA to Launch Joint Tourism Campaign
A Technical Gold Mine in the Israeli Desert newsletter: 4fax1228.txt
Women In Green: Put Sharon on Trial
Israel Releases 159 Palestinian Prisoners as Part of Deal with Egypt
As Toll Mounts, Fears Grow for Israelis Missing in SE Asia
Holocaust Survivor Sisters Moving to Israel newsletter: 4fax1229.txt
Mohammad Abbas Calls for "Palestinian Right of Return"
Palestinian Minister Calls for U.S. Election Observers
Frantic Search for Israelis in Southeast Asia
Civil Disobedience Begins
Kaddoumi Promises More Terrorism to Eliminate Israel newsletter: 4fax1230.txt
Israeli Benevolence Toward Other Peoples is Not Fairly Conveyed
Sri Lanka Rejects Israel's Rescue Team
North Americans Keep On Making Aliyah
Anti-Semitism and the United Nations newsletter: 4fax1231.txt
ARMDI Dispatches Urgently Needed Medical Supplies to Sri Lanka
Pius XII Told Churches Not to Return Holocaust War Babies
Senior Israeli Official Says More West Bank Settlement Dismantling Coming
Number of Muslim, Christian Arab Volunteers in IDF Growing
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