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Ministers who Oppose Gaza Plan will be Fired


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Thursday that any minister or deputy minister who votes against the Gaza Disengagement Plan on Tuesday will be dismissed. The announcement was a clear message to Likud Ministers Landau, Katz, and Deputy Minister Ratzon, as well as NRP Minister Orlev.

Palestinian Anti-Tank Missile Just Missed Israeli School Bus


Arab terrorists fired an anti-tank missile Thursday afternoon at a school bus traveling near the Jewish town of Morag, in the Gaza region. In what was described as a "miracle," the missile totally missed the bus. Simultaneously with the missile strike, the terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons. There were no injuries to Israelis in the attack.

Terrorists have carried out similar combined ambushes in the past, which have proved quite fatal. Most notably, two combination attacks on a passenger bus near Emanuel (in 2002 and 2001) in the Shomron, and another on a school bus from Kfar Darom (in 2001) killed 19 people, many of them children.

IDF forces prevented an apparent enemy infiltration into a Jewish community Wednesday night. Two armed terrorists were detected near the security fence in proximity to Kibbutz Nahal Oz, located on the Green Line side of the Gaza fence. Soldiers fired at the would-be infiltrators, killing them.

In another success against Arab terrorism in Israel Thursday, IDF soldiers at the Kalandia checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, stopped a Palestinian Authority resident armed with a knife and acid. He admitted that he intended to stab a soldier and spill the corrosive agent on his victim. The would-be attacker was transferred to security services interrogators for further questioning.

Two other Arabs were arrested by Israeli security forces for attempting to take two Jews captive near the community of Adei-Ad, in the Binyamin region. One of the intended victims managed to place an emergency call when a group of Arabs tried to kidnap them. The accomplices of the arrested kidnappers apparently fled the scene. IDF forces arrested six other PA residents suspected of terrorist activities. Arrests were made in the Shechem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem districts. Suspects in custody include PFLP and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Top Hamas Military Wing Official Killed in IAF Strike in Gaza

By Ha'aretz

Senior Hamas military wing official Adnan Al-Ghoul, 46, and his deputy, Imad Abbas were killed in an Israel Air Force missile strike in Gaza City on Thursday night. Al-Ghoul was responsible for assembling a number of explosive devices used in suicide bombings in Gaza, and had masterminded the development of homemade Kassam rockets and anti-tank missiles. Israel tried to target Al-Ghoul and top Iz a Din al-Kassam militant Muhammad Def in 2001, but the two escaped.

Hamas spokesman Musher Al-Masri confirmed that Adnan al-Ghoul, a founder of the group's military wing and its No. 2 leader, was killed. "It's a new crime committed by the Zionist occupation government against one of the leaders of the Palestinian resistance," he said.

The air strike took place north of Gaza City as dozens of people left a nearby mosque following evening prayers. Upon news of Al-Ghoul's death, thousands of angry Hamas supporters took to the streets in several refugee camps, calling for revenge and chanting anti-Israel slogans. Al-Ghoul had been involved in Palestinian terror groups for more than 20 years, starting off in Fatah, and later joining Islamic organizations. For years he received wages from Palestinian security services.

The IDF issued a statement describing Al-Ghoul as a "leading Hamas figure" responsible for the deaths of dozens of Israelis. It said he had produced Kassam rockets, which have killed three people in recent months, masterminded at least two suicide bombings, and developed anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

Palestinian Cabinet minister Saeb Erekat condemned Thursday's killing, which he said "reflects the determination of the Israeli government to continue the path of military solutions rather than negotiations." Earlier Thursday, a Kassam rocket was fired at the Negev town of Sderot, for the first time since the end of a recent massive IDF offensive aimed at halting rocket fire on Israeli targets. The rocket fell in an open area on the outskirts of the town, and there were no injuries.

Government Medal Excludes Gaza


Knesset member (National Union) Prof. Aryeh Eldad has sent a letter to Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation officials asking why an Israel Navy medal released with a map of Israel does not include Gaza.

Eldad questioned if the government medal is intended to reflect the political aspirations of the current administration, and would the agency contemplate releasing another medal should Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza Disengagement Plan suffer a defeat in next week's Knesset vote.

"Three Fathers" Seek Permit for Prayer Event at the Grave of Lily Sharon


The Three Fathers organization has sent a letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon seeking permission to hold a prayer event at the graveside of Lily Sharon, the prime minister's late wife.

The members of the organization all lost sons who fell in the line of IDF service. They wish to protest the prime minister's planned implementation of the Gaza Disengagement Plan, which will include exhuming graves from the Gush Katif cemetery. Reports indicate Sderot district police have approved the event, but the prime minister must also approve since the grave is located on private property.

An Arab Voice for Israel


The following are excerpts of remarks delivered by advertising executive Brigitte Gabriel at the Duke University Counter-Terrorism Speak-Out on October 14th. The gathering was meant to be a counterweight to the conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement held on the Duke campus the same week.

"I'm proud and honored to stand here today as a Lebanese speaking for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. As someone who was raised in an Arabic country, I want to give you a glimpse into the heart of the Arabic world. I was raised in Lebanon, where I was taught that the Jews were evil, Israel was the devil, and the only time we will have peace in the Middle East is when we kill all the Jews or drive them into the sea.

"When the Muslims and Palestinians declared Jihad on the Christians in 1975, they started massacring the Christians, city after city. I ended up living in a bomb shelter...It was Israel who came to help the Christians in Lebanon. My mother was wounded by a Muslim's shell and was taken into an Israeli hospital for treatment. ...They treated my mother before they treated the Israeli soldier lying next to her. They didn't see religion, they didn't see political affiliation; they saw people in need and they helped.

"For the first time in my life, I experienced a human quality that I know my culture would not have shown to their enemy. ...I spent 22 days at that hospital. Those days changed my life." The full speech can be read at

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