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Arab League Against Plans for a Wireless Jerusalem


In a bizarre move, the Arab League condemned the Jerusalem Municipality's plan to turn Israel's capital into the world's first city with complete wireless Internet capability. Syria's official news agency SANA reported that the Arab League said the project to make Jerusalem wireless fidelity-enabled (WiFi) threatens the Arab identity of the city. The Arab League said that the project aims to impose a project that will serve the Israeli interests under the pretext of encouraging foreign investments.

Mass Prayer at Western Wall Precedes Gaza Expulsion Protest


A prayer rally filled the Western Wall plaza Sunday evening as thousands of worshippers cried out to God to protect the Jewish people from terrorism and expulsion from parts of Israel.

As late-afternoon golden sunlight bathed the Western Wall plaza, the throngs of worshippers sang Psalms responsively. Loudspeakers propelled the sound of King David's poetry through Jerusalem's old city and the surrounding hills.

The recitation of Psalms was punctuated by the blowing of rams' horns, symbolic of the Jewish people calling out to the Creator - followed by the sounding of silver trumpets, which were traditionally sounded each day at the Temple and in times of trouble.

Sharon Accuses Right-Wing Foes of Inciting Civil War

By VOA News, & Israel Faxx News Service

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has accused right-wing opponents of his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip of trying to incite civil war. Speaking at the start of his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Sharon aimed his criticism at settlers and ministers who he said have threatened violence in recent days and have urged soldiers to disobey orders to carry out the pullout.

Some settler groups last week also warned of possible civil war, if Sharon goes ahead with his plan to unilaterally close down all Jewish settlements in Gaza, and withdraw most Israeli forces from the Palestinian territory.

"The key is in the hands of the Prime Minister," said Knesset member Aryeh Eldad (National Union). "If he refrains from trying to uproot Jewish communities, there won't be a threat of a civil war." Sharon, however, is on the offensive: "They won't scare me," he told his advisors, who "leaked" this to the media. "I wont let them divide the nation... I call upon the [Yesha] residents to stop this thing."

Sunday morning, at the Cabinet session, Sharon banged on the table and stridently declared, "We are witness to a grave campaign of incitement, with calls for a civil war. I view this with great gravity. ...I call upon the Defense Minister to employ all the necessary measures to stop the threats on IDF officers."

Sharon was referring to an incident that allegedly occurred two weeks ago in Gush Etzion in which a security officer who supervised the evacuation of an outpost in the Shomron was either threatened or otherwise made to feel unwelcome.

Nationalist camp leaders issued a public declaration two days ago in which they made no mention of a civil war. The declaration, signed by increasing numbers of public figures, stated, "We declare that the expulsion and uprooting are a national crime and a crime against humanity." It also called upon all those involved in the "ethnic cleansing of the Jews from their homeland" not to take part in these acts, and upon the Government of Israel not to issue these "blatantly illegal orders that must not be given and must not be fulfilled," and to thus "prevent an irreversible split in the nation and the army."

Eldad said that if a civil war erupts, the responsibility would be on Sharon's shoulders: "If it happens, he will be remembered in Jewish history as the one who caused it." He added that in 1995, when Yitzchak Rabin was Prime Minister, then-MK Sharon said, "A soldier must fulfill orders. But if he feels that the order given him is against his conscience, then he personally - it's not a matter of rebellion - he personally must stand before his commander, explain to him, and be willing to bear the consequences."

A group of West Bank and Gaza residents have established an Internet site to publish their description of their lives and experiences. The blog is published on the Internet at It is a kind of public diary that permits painless publishing and makes it easy for the reader to leave comments or send feedback to the author.

The weblog publishes stories, essays, open letters and photo essays that tell of residents' day-to-day experiences, thoughts and feelings on current events and their aspirations and dreams for them, their children and the Jewish People. The blog can be found at It is a kind of public diary that permits painless publishing for the writer, and makes it easy for the reader to leave comments or send feedback to the author.

Yad Vashem Receives Lists of Holocaust Victims' Names

By Ha'aretz

Two European organizations dedicated to commemorating the Holocaust recently transferred lists containing tens of thousands of names of victims who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem.

The effort is part of a drive to collect the names of all the Jews who were killed during the Holocaust, and officials at Yad Vashem said the lists are likely to include many unfamiliar names. More than three million names have been collected thus far.

The Auschwitz Museum will transfer a list of 68,000 names of prisoners who were subject to forced labor at the camp and later died or were murdered. According to estimates, two thirds of these prisoners were Jewish. The Museum of Deportation and Resistance of Mechelen in Belgium will transfer a list containing 25,000 names to Belgian Jews who were deported to death camps.

German Nazi officials involved in the expulsion and murder of Jews composed the two lists. The names were transferred during a conference on documentation of the Holocaust held in Jerusalem last week.

The main archive of names of Holocaust victims is comprised of about 2.2 million documents from victims' relatives. The archive manager, Alexander Abraham said that he believes the new lists will contain many names not included in the Yad Vashem archive as well as new details about the victims.

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