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Temple Mount Wedding


Netaya Fruman, the son of Rabbi Menachem Fruman, the rabbi of the Gush Etzion community of Tekoa, was married Thursday on the Temple Mount. Rabbi Fruman, his son and daughter-in-law went on the Mount with the group of Jewish visitors during an authorized visit to the holy site. In compliance with the request of the bridegroom, Rabbi Fruman agreed to conduct the Kiddushin wedding ceremony on the holy site, even though he personally is opposed to Jews visiting the location of the Holy Temples since were are all in a state of spiritual impurity. The actual modified chuppah and wedding feast took place in Tekoa last night.

Israel Says World Must Do More to Stop Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the international community has not done enough to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and he warned that Israel would take its own measures to defend itself. In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Sharon said there was no doubt that Iran was trying to obtain nuclear weapons and was doing so by "deception and subterfuge."

He said international efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions have not been sufficient. Sharon called for increased pressure and supervision of Iran's nuclear program and said the issue should be brought before the U.N. Security Council for sanctions to be levied against Tehran.

In the interview, Sharon denied that Israel was waging a campaign against Iran, but said there was also no doubt that Tehran presented a direct threat. He cited as evidence Iran's successful development of the long-range Shihab-3 rocket, which could reach Israel. He also said Iranian officials have made it clear they seek the destruction of the Jewish state. Sharon said Israel would take steps to defend itself against the Iranian threat but he did not elaborate.

Public Call: Don't Carry Out Illegal Orders!


A statement signed by more than 150 public figures called upon IDF soldiers and police officers to refuse to carry out orders to expel Jews from their homes. The statement, published in Thursday's B'Sheva newspaper, stressed that such orders were patently illegal and effectively negate the right of Jews to live anywhere in Israel.

Among the signatures are those of Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's father, Professor Ben-Tzion Netanyahu; the minister's brother Ido Netanyahu; Education Minister Limor Livnat's brother Noam Livnat; and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's legendary comrade-in-arms from the 1950s-era Commando Unit 101, Meir Har-Tzion.

The statement reads, in part: "We declare that expulsion and uprooting are national crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as manifestations of despotism and capricious evil aimed at negating the right of Jews - just because they are Jews - to live in their land.

"We call upon the officials that were commanded to prepare the infrastructure for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homeland, and to all the officers, soldiers and police as well, to listen to the voice of their national and personal conscience and not participate in actions which will sully it and for which they will feel sorry for the rest of their lives.

"We appeal to the intended targets of the expulsion orders not to cooperate with the expulsion apparatus, not to accept compensation, and to actively oppose the destruction - though without attacking fellow Jews, even as they come to destroy [your] homes. We call upon the government of Israel not to give the police and IDF these flagrantly illegal orders, which are forbidden to give and forbidden to fulfill, and to thus prevent an irreparable split within the nation and the IDF."

U.S. Court Nixes Enforcement of Law for 'Jerusalem, Israel'


The U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. has found that United States consular offices in Israel need not register the birthplace of an American citizen born in Jerusalem as "Jerusalem, Israel," but merely as "Jerusalem." The reasoning is tricky.

Ari and Naomi Siegman Zivotofsky of Beit Shemesh filed suits, demanding that Jerusalem be listed as belonging to Israel, on behalf of their infant son, and by Dan and Jocelyn Odenheimer of Efrat on behalf of their minor child. The suits, filed against the Department of State and Secretary of State Colin Powell, were rejected Wednesday by District Judge Gladys Kessler. The plaintiffs said they would appeal.

Both plaintiffs challenged Powell's failure to implement Section 214(d) of the 2003 Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Pub. L. 107-228, which requires the Department of State to list an individual's place of birth as "Jerusalem, Israel" upon request. The law states, "For purposes of the registration of birth, certification of nationality, or issuance of a passport of a United States citizen born in the city of Jerusalem, the Secretary shall, upon the request of the citizen or the citizen's legal guardian, record the place of birth as Israel."

Kessler ruled that the plaintiffs have no standing to demand that this law be implemented because they have "sustained no injury in fact." She wrote that the "mere existence of a statute does not negate the requirement that the party seeking review must himself have suffered an injury." Plaintiff A. Zivotofsky later commented to Arutz-7, "Though I'm not a lawyer, this does seem bizarre; basically, the judge has rendered the law meaningless."

Kessler also rejected the suit based on the grounds that it is a "non-justiciable political issue" and that the U.S. "does not recognize any sovereign over the city." She explained that the status of Jerusalem is "a hotly contested issue, one that has consumed policymakers in the United States and the Middle East for the past 50 years... Pursuant to the policy [that Jerusalem's final status has not yet been determined], United States citizens born in Jerusalem are identified on their passports with only their city of birth; no country of birth is listed, because the United States does not at this time recognize any sovereign over the city."

Russian Terror-Victim Children to be Treated in Israel


As many as 10 children severely wounded in last week's terrorist school attack in Beslan, Russia will be flown to Israel for medical treatment. The Michael Cherney Foundation has allocated more than 250,000 shekels towards the project, and the Israeli and Russian Health Ministries are cooperating in facilitating the process.

It is not yet known precisely how many or which children will be flown to Israel, but preparations are being made to fly the first group to Israel by next week. Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem, however, has already been asked to accept a young girl who was seriously hurt in one eye during the attempted rescue operation. Prof. Shmuel Shapira of Hadassah said, "In the past four years alone, we have treated almost 3,000 terror victims. We have amassed great experience in this area, and so when we saw the extent of the catastrophe in the school in Beslan, we thought that we could also help."

The Russian Embassy in Israel is making most of the arrangements. The plan is for the children and their mothers to be flown to Israel, with the Cherney Foundation funding all medical and other expenses from the moment they land in Israel.

Iran Rewards Judo Champion for Refusing to Fight Israeli

By VOA News

Iran has given world judo champion Arash Miresmaeili a $125,000 reward, saying he sacrificed a gold medal at the Athens Olympics by refusing to fight an Israeli. State television showed Miresmaeili at an award ceremony Tuesday receiving the same sum as Iranian weightlifter Hossein Rezazadeh, who won his second straight Olympic super-heavyweight gold medal in Athens.

An Iranian sports official said Miresmaeili would have won the gold medal if he had competed, but that he had "followed the policies of the country" by refusing to fight against an Israeli. When Miresmaeili was originally drawn against Ehud Vaks, Iranian officials said he would not fight the Israeli. The Iranian was eventually scratched, because he was too heavy to make his weight division.

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