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Russian Immigrant Poses as Illegal Worker


A 24-year-old Israeli, a former immigrant from Russia, hid his identity for one month after being arrested by immigration authorities in Eilat in the hope of being sent back to Russia, where his mom resides. The resident was not carrying identification papers at the time of the arrest and he subsequently told a court that he was an illegal alien from Russia. Only at the end of last week he told police that he is living here legally, giving them his identity number, resulting in his release.

Egypt to Train Palestinian Police Officers

By VOA News

Egypt has offered to train a new force of Palestinian police officers in preparation for Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Al-Ahram Daily newspaper reported Monday that Egypt has asked the Palestinian Authority to submit a list of 45 men for the training that will begin next month.

The newspaper said an Egyptian military delegation is currently in Israel to negotiate Gaza security issues. It said the two countries have agreed in principle that Egyptian border guards, rather than police, will monitor the border between Egypt and the Gaza strip.

Al-Ahram also reported that Cairo agreed to work with Israel only if four conditions were met - the pullout must be total, Gaza must have access to the outside world, Gaza and the West Bank must be linked, and Israel must pledge not to re-occupy the territory.

More Children Recruited For Arab Terrorism


Security sources revealed that during the last few months, at least three attempts made by Arab terrorists in Israel to use minors in attacks against Jews were foiled.

In one case, a group of 11-14-year-olds were caught smuggling weapons between Egypt and Israel. In another case, a 17-year-old Arab youth blew himself up in an attempted attack near the Arab village of Jinsafut, 11 miles east of Kfar Saba. And in yet another incident, three Arab youths aged 13-15 were stopped at an IDF checkpoint in Jenin on their way to carry out a shooting attack in the town of Afula.

The security sources said that the latest incidents are only a sample of the widespread use of children and minors in the terrorist war against Israel. Among the actions carried out by minors since the start of the Oslo War in September 2000, are: suicide bombings, riots, clashes with IDF soldiers, smuggling, reconnaissance, serving as spotters, digging tunnels, and more.

PA Television Broadcasts Revisionist History


A recent educational program on official PA TV claimed that the biblical Hebrews were actually Muslim Arabs and that Arab Canaanites built Solomon's Temple.

The program featured two senior Palestinian Authority historians who both went to great lengths to deny ancient Jewish history and erase any Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. Instead, the historians spoke of an "ancient Palestinian-Arab" history, creating a historical connection to the land that never existed.

"The central component of this Palestinian myth," said Itamar Marcus, of Palestinian Media Watch, "consists of turning the biblical [people of] Israel into Muslim Arabs, while teaching that the Palestinians are the descendents of the biblical Canaanites, who are also turned into Arabs. With both the Canaanites and Israelites becoming Arabs and the religion of ancient Israel becoming Islam, the PA takes authentic Jewish history, documented by thousands of years of continuous literature, and crosses out the word Jewish and replaced it with the word Arab."

The TV broadcast consisted of some of the main points of the new PA revisionist "history:" The Hebrews of the Bible have no connection to the Jews today; The Hebrews of the Bible were Arabs; The Prophets of the Bible were Muslims; Biblical King Solomon was a Muslim Prophet; Solomon's Temple was not built by Israelites, but by Arab Canaanites; The Canaanites are the forefathers of the Palestinians; The Bible consists of legends based on what Jews imagined, and not on history; The Jews today are descendents of a 13th Century Khazar tribe with no history in the Land of Israel; The location of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a Zionist invention; and Zionism is racism.

To view part of the PA TV program, paste this URL into your Internet browser:

550,000 Forsake Foods, Medicine Due to Economic Hardship

By Ha'aretz &

Fourteen percent of Israelis aged 20 and over - an estimated 550,000 people - have forsaken food purchases in the past year due to financial difficulties, while half a million passed up on buying needed medications in 2003, according to a study commissioned by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The annual study also revealed that 46% do not manage to cover their monthly household expenses.

The CBS study - based on a poll taken among a sample of 7,200 Israelis aged 20 and over from all regions of the country - also found that 65% are in need of dental care yet 45% - over one million Israelis - did not seek treatment. Thirty percent of respondents do not have complementary health insurance because of the additional costs, while 54% of Israelis have also given up on clothes and shoe shopping.

The study further found that 14% of those polled say they "felt poor" in the last year and a similar number reported that in 2002 their phone or electric line was disconnected, and 59% gave up basic household renovations.

Thirty-eight percent of polled Israelis gave up heating and air conditioning in their homes due to lack of money and 37% do not believe their financial situation will change for the better. Chief statistician Prof. Shlomo Yitzhaki said the governments and the Finance Ministry have refrained from publishing critical data on social welfare since the 1970s, Israel Radio reported.

However, the poll also reported that Israelis are happy with their lives. The poll found that respondents demonstrated satisfaction and a general happiness. The study found that 81% of Israelis are happy with their lives, with 52% believing that the future would be even better.

It also examined the degree of religious identification, finding that 6% of Israelis considers themselves religious, 9% observant, 13% traditional-observant, 27% traditional-non-observant, and 46% secular. In the area of employment and family relations, 83% of those employed are happy with their jobs and 95% are happy with their family relationships.

A comparable poll carried out by Harris Interactive and featured in the Washington Times, found 59% of Americans to be happy with their lives.

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