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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0701.txt
Nader Calls Israel a "Puppeteer"
Israeli Court Orders Changes in Security Barrier
Vatican Lifts Secrecy from WW II Documents
Pollard Challenges Clinton newsletter: 4fax0702.txt
Arad Employees Protest
Israel Launches Air Strike in Gaza Town of Beit Hanun
Israeli Security Products Can be Found Around the World
Wiesenthal Demands German Crackdown on Nazi Rallies
'Saddam's WMDs are in Syria' newsletter: 4fax0706.txt
Sharon 'Sorrowed' Over Requiring Protection from Jews
Israel, Egypt Discuss Security Ahead of Gaza Withdrawal
Israeli Innovation Transforms Junk Food into Health Food newsletter: 4fax0707.txt
Channel 2: There is a Plot to Murder the Prime Minister
Powell Expresses Disappointment Over Israeli Record on Settlements
IAEA Chief in Israel, Sharon Sticks to Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity
Uganda Mulls Museum to Commemorate Entebbe Operation newsletter: 4fax0708.txt
Syria Confiscates Alleged Israeli Goods Bound for Iraq
Earthquake Registering 4.7 Rattles Israel
Free Iraq Says No to Relations with Israel
Netanyahu Inspired Iraqi President
Marlon Brando's Holocaust Connection
Athens 2004: NIS 500,000 Offer for Olympic Gold
A Traffic Ticket - And a Letter From Your Rabbi newsletter: 4fax0709.txt
Sharon Invites Labor to Join Israeli Coalition Government
Court: Fence Route Not Necessary for Security
IAEA Chief: Israel Agrees to Discuss Nuclear Issues
Catholic Church Equates Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism
Lapid: Wallenberg's Plight Does Not Interest Israel newsletter: 4fax0712.txt
New Immigrant from U.S. Says She Was Raped in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Bus Bombing Kills 1, Injures 31
Israeli Premier Orders Building of Barrier to Go On
Helping Singles March Two by Two - Home to Israel
Humor: School Teacher Terrorist Cell newsletter: 4fax0713.txt
Arafat Implies Israelis Bombed Tel Aviv
Anti-Semitic Attacks Surge in France
Israeli Leaders Meet to Discuss National Unity Government
Shrek 2 Temporarily Banned Until Pejorative Remark is Removed
Israeli Team Touts Stem Cell Breakthrough for Parkinson's Sufferers newsletter: 4fax0714.txt
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Arrest 3 in West Bank
U.S. Pressures Israel To Uproot Jewish Neighborhoods
Mideast Israeli Labor Party Approves Talks on Joining Government
Israel Redraws Part of West Bank Barrier Route
Health Care in Israel Costs Less Than Most of Western World
Jewish Heritage Museum Promotes Dialogue with Muslim Students
French Woman Admits Lying About Hate Crime
Iran: Israel, U.S. Behind Kidnappings of Foreigners in Iraq
Amnesty International Calls on Israel to Repeal Arab Marriage Law
The PA's Idea of Summer Fun for the Children
PLO to Participate in the 2004 Olympic Games newsletter: 4fax0715.txt
Israeli Plan Focuses on Arafat's Eventual Death
UN Chief Backs Envoy's Criticism of Arafat
Israeli Prime Minister to Begin Coalition Talks Sunday
Kerry's Brother Reassures Israel of Strong Support
Nearly 450 Jews Arrive Home newsletter: 4fax0716.txt
Israelis Devise Concealed Bomb Detector
Kerry Waffles on Pollard
Israel Set Up Singapore's Army, Former Officers Reveal
New Drivers Require an Escort for Three Months
High Court Pts a Price on Man's Promise to Marry newsletter: 4fax0719.txt
Clinton Invited to Play at Klezmer Festival in Safed
Violence, Political Turmoil Rock Gaza
Terrorist Arrived at Cafe - and Turned Back
Sharon, Peres in Israeli Coalition Talks
Cabinet OKs Extension to Controversial Citizenship Law newsletter: 4fax0720.txt
Sharon Call for Aliyah Sparks French Protests
U.S. Faults Arafat in Palestinian Political Crisis
Arafat Fires Relative as Head of Palestinian Police
Changing Fortunes Lead Soviet Jews from Israel to Russia
Israel's Herbal Sheagree Provides Satisfaction with a Sigh
Israel Creates a Super Tomato
Israeli Technology Offers Precise Translation For Your Desktop newsletter: 4fax0721.txt
Shin Bet Chief Warns 150-200 Jews "Awaiting" Sharon's Death
Hizbullah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanese Border, IDF Planes Fly Over Beirut
Major U.S. Christian Denomination Backs Divestment From Israel
Israeli Technology Brings Mobility to the Immobile
Yesha Jews "Settling" the Blogosphere
Army Introducing Pre-boiled Eggs
Israeli Women Lured into Sex Trade Abroad newsletter: 4fax0722.txt
Shin Bet Chief Concerned Over Non-Conventional Warfare Reaching the PA
Israel Rejects UN Vote on West Bank Barrier
Kibbutz Miracle: Mother and Children Saved as Rocket Lands in Their Bed
Monkey Hits Stride After Near-Death Experience
Jewish Settlers Outraged With Sharon Plan newsletter: 4fax0723.txt
Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed in IAF Gaza Strike
9/11 Report: Al Qaeda Planned Eilat Strike, Israeli Tackled Hijackers
Israel Questions EU's Role as Peacemaker in Mideast
Guards at the Olympics
Finder Returns Lost $6,500 to Two Sisters newsletter: 4fax0726.txt
Tourists Flock to Israel
Human Chain Stretches 56 miles to Protest Sharon's Disengagement Plan
Israeli Minister Warns Jewish Extremists Planning Terror Attack on Jerusalem Mosque newsletter: 4fax0727.txt
Thousands Congregate at Western Wall to Mark Tisha B'Av Fast
Fatah Threatens Revenge for Israeli Killing of Palestinian Militants
Israeli Court Says Convicted Nuclear Traitor Vanunu Remains a Danger
Israeli Researchers Solve Mystery of Lenin's Death newsletter: 4fax0728.txt
Jerusalem to Become World's First WiFi City
Israel Claims Hizbullah Has Rockets That Can Reach Tel Aviv
Qureia Retracts Resignation, Ending Showdown With Arafat
Jews Barred From Temple Mount While Mourning Destruction Of Temples newsletter: 4fax0729.txt
Israeli Report: Government Could Soon Pay Settlers to Leave Gaza
Iran: Israel Will Be 'Wiped Off Face of the Earth' If It Attacks
Palestinian Officials Say Arafat Must Deliver on Promises
Israeli Military Revises West Bank Barrier Route newsletter: 4fax0730.txt
Arrow Missile Downs Scud Over Pacific
Hizbullah Warns Against the Harming of Al-Aqsa
Israel to Probe if Vanunu Violated Release Terms
Israeli Algorithms Help You to Get Your Dates Straight
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