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Shin Bet Chief Concerned Over Non-Conventional Warfare Reaching the PA


Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter has expressed concern over the possibility that non-conventional weapons may have been smuggled into the PA. He explained such a reality would change the balance of power with Israel. Examples cited by the senior official included anti-aircraft weaponry and missiles containing non-conventional warheads. Dichter also raised the issue of growing concerns for the prime minister's safety from left-wing radicals, such as the International Solidarity Movement, which he stated works to assist the PA.

Israel Rejects UN Vote on West Bank Barrier

By VOA News

Israel has vowed to continue building its controversial West Bank security barrier, despite a U.N. General Assembly resolution calling for Israel to dismantle it. Senior advisors to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the U.N. General Assembly has no right to demand that Israel tear down the barrier.

Sharon's foreign policy advisor Dore Gold, Israel's former Ambassador to the United Nations, said, "What is more important than the 150 countries that voted at the United Nations General Assembly last night (Tuesday) are the thousands of Israeli fatalities from Palestinian terrorism over the last two years. We are in a situation where we are facing a wave of suicide bombers, 150 suicide bombings were attempted against Israel, and therefore Israel has every moral right in the world to put up this barrier to protect its citizens, even under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter."

Gold's stand contrasted with the Palestinian Minister for Negotiations, Saeb Erekat, who praised the U.N. resolution and said there must be more action to ensure that Israel is forced to adopt it. "This is an historic resolution and we urge the international community to have the Israeli government comply. The wall cannot stand and we hope that the international community will exert every possible effort to have the Israeli government comply with this resolution, because at the end of the day you are either for international law or against it. There is nothing in between."

At this stage, Israel is under no obligation to act, as resolutions of the U.N. General Assembly are non-binding. The Palestinian delegation is therefore considering bringing the matter before the U.N. Security Council. Israeli officials said if the Palestinians do take such action they hope that the United States and other nations will use their veto powers to prevent the most powerful body at the United Nations from adopting any similar resolution.

The Bush administration has dismissed the U.N. resolution. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the non-binding U.N. resolution is one-sided and fails to recognize the need to solve the dispute politically. "We don't believe that the U.N. resolution is the appropriate way to go," he said. "The appropriate solution is to follow the road map to get to the political solution that has been outlined."

All 25 European Union countries voted in favor of the resolution. However, U.N. General Assembly resolutions are advisory in nature, and do not force nations to act according to their recommendations.

Kibbutz Miracle: Mother and Children Saved as Rocket Lands in Their Bed


A rocket fired towards the western Negev Wednesday exploded through the roof of a house and landed on a bed in which were sleeping a mother and two children - and no one was hurt. "It's simply a miracle," said the local police commander. "There's no explanation how four people escape such a thing without a scratch."

The father later told the story to Ynet: "I was sleeping upstairs with two children, and my wife was sleeping downstairs with our 10-year-old son at her side, a one-month-old baby in her arms and another child in another bed in the same room. At 5:50 I heard a tremendous boom, and the entire house shook. I ran down, and when I entered the room, I couldn't understand what was going on. There was a burnt smell.

"My wife came out right away with the baby, and I went into the smoke and took out the other two. We were all in shock at first. The 10-year-old had pieces of plaster fall on him. My wife was burnt in her hand from the Kassam, because it penetrated the roof and got stuck in the middle of the bed - in the empty space between her and my son lying next to her. When she woke up from the blast, she put out her hand to my son - but she touched the Kassam instead and was lightly burned. She is a real heroine. I thank God for saving my family."

Monkey Hits Stride After Near-Death Experience

By CBC News Online

A five-year-old monkey at Safari Park, an Israeli zoo near Tel Aviv, started walking exclusively on her hind legs after recovering from a serious illness.

Natasha, a black macaque, almost died of severe stomach flu about two weeks ago, said officials at the zoo. She had difficulty breathing and her heart wasn't functioning properly. However, her condition stabilized and she was released from the zoo's clinic.

Workers at the zoo said that's when she started walking upright exclusively. Monkeys usually alternate between upright walking and moving on all fours. A zoo veterinarian said he's not sure why she has altered her behavior, speculating that the illness could have caused brain damage. Other than walking upright, the vet says Natasha's behavior has returned to normal.

Jewish Settlers Outraged With Sharon Plan

By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst (Commentary)

LET ME SAY IT AGAIN! Ariel Sharon, a master strategist, is setting the stage for a mass round-up of anyone considered influential who is protesting his "Disengagement" (read: dismemberment surrender) Plan."

Using the GSS (General Security Services) as has been done before for political purposes, clearly Sharon is setting the stage for Administrative Detention which mean jailing anyone Sharon considers suspicious. As for those who wish God would intercede and take Sharon as He did Korach, well, even the Thought Police cannot stop people from thinking dire thoughts.

Can Sharon's GSS sow terror by arresting 100 (or 100,000) or more men, women and children who only want to live freely in their own homes? Will he do this to push his "Plan?" I think he will try. So, don't be surprised at a staged incident that will trigger a round up of Jews. (Sounds familiar?) Does anyone hear Eichmann chuckling?

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