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Shin Bet Chief Warns 150-200 Jews "Awaiting" Sharon's Death


Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter has told members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee that there are between 150-200 Jews who are "awaiting" the death of Prime Minster Ariel Sharon. He added while most live in Judea and Samaria, a small number live in Gaza. His remarks resulted in sharp reactions across the political spectrum. Likud MK Ehud Yatom, a former senior Shin Bet official, called for the detention of persons deemed a threat, adding there is no difference between Jewish and Arab terror.

Hizbullah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanese Border, IDF Planes Fly Over Beirut

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem) &

Israeli warplanes have flown over the Lebanese capital, following a day of clashes between the Israeli army and Hizbullah terrorists inside south Lebanon. Witnesses and security officials say Israeli warplanes flew at low altitudes breaking the sound barrier over Beirut. The Lebanese army responded with anti-aircraft fire at the jets.

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli helicopter gunships and artillery traded fire with Hizbullah near the Lebanese border town of Eita al-Shaab. Two Israeli soldiers and a Hizbullah fighter were killed. Each side blamed the other for provoking the fighting. The clashes came a day after a senior Hizbullah militant was killed in a Beirut car bombing that Hizbullah and Lebanese President Emile Lahoud blamed on Israel. Israel denied involvement in the killing.

The Israeli army confirmed that the Hizbullah had killed the two soldiers, one of them an officer. The army said the two soldiers were fixing an antenna at their military base, when the Hizbullah snipers, who opened fire on them, spotted them. They said Israeli military helicopters and tanks returned fire, hitting at least one Hizbullah position, from which the sniper fire was initiated. Hizbullah then fired anti-aircraft shells into Israeli territory, causing some damage to property but no injuries.

The violence between Israel and the Hizbullah is the most serious in recent months. The Israel-Lebanon border has remained relatively quiet since Israel withdrew its troops from southern Lebanon in May 2000, ending an 18-year occupation of the area. Since then there have been sporadic clashes in which some Israeli solders and Hizbullah fighters have been killed, but the violence has not escalated into any major military confrontation. The total number of Israeli soldiers killed in such fighting has risen to 13.

Major U.S. Christian Denomination Backs Divestment From Israel


Leaders of the largest Christian Presbyterian denomination have officially equated Israel with apartheid-era South Africa and voted to divest from Israel, according to a report in the New York Forward. The decision by the Presbyterian Church was approved 431 to 62 in a vote at the 216th annual General Assembly of the church, which has a membership of 3 million and a foundation and pension fund of $7 billion.

According to the Forward, the Protestant group is the largest organization or institution to join the divestment campaign against Israel. They are also the first Christian denomination to join the divestment campaign being waged on campuses and elsewhere against the Jewish State. The church also voted to continue funding "messianic congregations," which target Jews for conversion.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the Presbyterian decision. "We were offended and distressed by the actions of the Presbyterian Church USA at your most recent General Assembly pertaining to Jews and Israel." said ADL director Abraham Foxman. "Specifically, we cite the vote to continue funding the Avodat Yisrael Church [a church in Philadelphia that targets Jews for proselytization], and other missionizing churches targeting Jews, and the "overture" or resolution calling for divestiture from Israel."

The Presbyterian Assembly also voted overwhelming to condemn Israel's construction of the separation/security fence and to officially disavow Christian Zionism as a legitimate theological stance.

Israeli Technology Brings Mobility to the Immobile


ReWalk, an Israeli company, has created a product that can restore upright mobility for paraplegics, quadriplegics and others with trouble walking, according to a report in BioIsrael.

The device uses motors and sensors to enable people without the ability to move lower limbs to carry out routine motor functions such as standing, walking and climbing stairs. The ReWalk is a light, wearable brace support suit, which comprises DC motors at the joints, rechargeable batteries, an array of sensors and a computer-based control system.

"We aim to end the 200-year monopoly of the wheelchair," said Dr. Amit Goffer, the CEO and founder of the company that is developing ReWalk - Argo Medical Technologies. "The device promises to restore the dignity of disabled persons, enabling them to work and improve their general health and quality of life, as well as significantly reduce medical and other related expenses."

The product is still in the prototype stage but Goffer told BioIsrael that upon completion of fund-raising the company could have a product on the market within four years. Goffer is also the founder of Odin Medical, the developer of a mini-MRI imaging device, which enables brain surgeons to conduct real-time brain scans in the operating room. Goffer hopes that ReWalk will enable many people with disabilities to regain mobility and enable them to enter or return to the workforce, as well.

Yesha Jews "Settling" the Blogosphere


Residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are turning to 'blogging' to tell the world why they have chosen to live on the front lines, writing about politics, passions, and the drama of everyday life in 'Yesha.'

With Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declaring that "There will be no Jews in Gaza by 2005" many Jewish residents of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) are fed up with being labeled "obstacles to peace" in the press. A group of Yesha residents has decided to bypass the traditional public relations methods aimed at getting a message across to the media, opting instead to document the ups and downs of life in Yesha in full view of anyone in the world with an internet connection - at

Blogs - a contraction of the word 'web-log'- are increasingly becoming the source of first-hand information for places, ideas and communities not given sufficient coverage by traditional media sources. "The best way to describe it is to say it is a 21st century diary. Blogs are primarily informal 'logs', stream-of-consciousness records of the author's experiences, thoughts and feelings, which they publicly share on the web," says Yoel Ben-Avraham, the founder of 'Yesha Speaks Out', a blog intended to show Jews and non-Jews throughout the world what life in Judea, Samaria and Gaza is really like for the Jews who have chosen to settle there.

In recent years, the advent of blogging technology - which enables real time web publishing without knowledge of technical HTML code - has made the implementation of Ben-Avraham's plan eminently do-able. "In the 'early days' of the Internet until perhaps as late as two or three years ago, it would have required a significant investment in people and resources to create a site similar to Yesha Speaks Out. It is the maturation of technology that makes it possible to create a multifaceted site capable of publishing material by dozens of contributors for a modest investment."

Ben-Avraham, a father to six, made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) at the age of 21 after converting to Judaism. He lives in the Samarian community of Shilo with his wife Sharon and six children - one of whom serves as an officer in the Paratroopers.

Prior to his conversion, Ben-Avraham worked as a photojournalist for a Canadian press syndicate. He now works as an Information Technology and Technical Training professional with clients in Canada, the United States and Israel. Recent events caused Ben-Avraham to become even more motivated to create a comprehensive blog, which would provide 'the real story' straight from the Jews of Yesha.

(Editor's Note: Israel Faxx maintains a blog commentary page, which can be accessed from our website at

Army Introducing Pre-boiled Eggs


The Israeli army's food division of the Technology & Logistics Branch has announced it will be introducing pre-boiled hard-boiled eggs, ready to eat.

The food experts explain a new process will permit the boiling of large quantities of eggs that are then peeled by an automated process and placed into salt water that prolongs their shelf life. The eggs will arrive in military kitchens ready to eat. The new eggs are expected to save many hours of preparatory work in army kitchens ahead of breakfast.

The eggs will arrive in buckets of 250, and will have a shelf life of one month. The eggs will be ready to eat and may be warmed if preferable. Quantities of the pre-boiled eggs will be limited to 20% of a base's fresh egg order to ensure that too many eggs are not served.

Israeli Women Lured into Sex Trade Abroad

By Ha'aretz

The Justice Ministry, police and voluntary organizations are looking into the possibility that Israeli women are being recruited to work abroad as prostitutes. The suspicion has arisen from advertisements published in the Russian- and Hebrew-language press, and from reports from women and their families.

The Isha L'Isha organization, whose name translates to Woman to Woman, told police last week about a girl who had planned to fly to London but changed her mind and remained here. However, she told the group that her friend who had gone there at the end of June found that the work conditions were very different from those she had been promised.

Sarai Aharoni of Isha L'Isha spoke to one such girl by telephone after she had been treated very violently. She said the Israelis are put up in shoddy quarters, not in luxurious houses as promised. Their movements are restricted, they are under video surveillance and their telephone calls are monitored. They get one or two clients a day and their photographs are on the Internet.

Aharoni said that Israeli intermediaries with the intention of serving Jewish clients take the women to London. "We call on Israeli women not to be tempted and not to answer these ads," Aharoni said, adding that some of the women are veteran Israelis and others are new immigrants. The girl who changed her mind was told she would earn 70 pounds for every client but in fact they receive far less.

An ad was published recently in a Haifa-region local newspaper in Russian, inviting women aged 18-35 to work in a club in London. Last year Rita Haikin, who is in charge of combating the white-slave trade at Isha L'Isha, sent the police similar ads.

Haikin herself called one of the numbers and presented herself as a new immigrant with financial problems. She said the woman who answered told her she would have two or three clients a day and they would ensure her good health. "She told me to come for a photograph. I told her I'm ugly but she said it was not important and I should come because I would earn a lot. She said I might even find myself a businessman there. She sounded very convincing."

Last year another ad appeared in a daily Hebrew paper offering a strip-tease course at a Tel Aviv sex club. Those who excelled, the ad promised, would be sent abroad, says Yehudit Ilani, director of Ta'ir, which operates a center for victims of sexual abuse.

Ilani asked someone to telephone the number in the ad, and she was promised work in London as a stripper and that she would earn 400 pounds per day. The man who answered the call - an Israeli, judging by his accent - asked the applicant for the size of her breasts and said she must provide a photo.

Ilani recently met a young woman who said she had been approached by a woman in a Tel Aviv club who offered her work in a Miami club and arranged a passport and ticket for her. The girl's father became suspicious about the job and convinced her not to go.

"The government is in constant contact with the non-government organizations that have raised fears about Israeli sex slaves... and the relevant authorities will act," the ministry spokesman responded. The police are also employing detectives to look into the case.

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