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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0602.txt
Queen of Sheba was First; Now Ethiopian PM will Visit Israel
Egypt Supports Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza
Bedouin Majority Foreseen in Negev
Canada Closes Its Doors To Pro-Israel Advocate
Supreme Court Sends Conversion Hot Potato Back To Government
Gerer Wedding Stops Traffic in Jerusalem newsletter: 4fax0603.txt
N.Y.C. Water Story Hits Front Pages, but Vegetables are Kosher
Southern Gaza Palestinians Begin Rebuilding
Former Chief Rabbi Calls for Abolishment of Religious Marriage Law
New Law Allows Solitary Confinement of Divorce Dodgers
New Home in Samaria For Ohio's Banned 10 Commandments newsletter: 4fax0604.txt
Turkish Prime Minister Strongly Criticizes Israel
Israel: Vanunu's Lawyers Ask Court to Lift Legal Restrictions
Former Israeli Soldiers Mount Exhibition of Photos, Videos from Hebron
Reviving Jewish Life in Southern Spain newsletter: 4fax0614.txt
Organ Donor = Free Life Insurance?
Sharon Gives Orders To Hasten Evacuation newsletter: 4fax0615.txt
Israeli High Court Nullifies Ban on Sale of Pork
Jewish Settlers Seek Payout to Leave Gaza, West Bank
Al-Aqsa Commander Eliminated by Israel
Foiled Hamas Bomb Attack in Jerusalem
Decision in Israeli Bribery Case Expected This Week
Egypt Steps Up Anti-Israel Activity
Gearing Up for the Ingathering of French Jewry
Bush: A One-Term President? newsletter: 4fax0616.txt
Palestinian Rock-Thrower Killed by IDF
Turkey's PM: Israel to Blame for Rising Anti-Semitism
Corruption Charges Against Sharon Dropped
New Treatment Developed in Israel Helps Body Fight Cancer
Israeli Study Shows Smoking Poisons Saliva
Chief Rabbi: Conversion of Adopted Child Ends Right of Birth Mother
Unemployment Insurance for the Self-Employed newsletter: 4fax0617.txt
Juvenile Terrorists Apprehended in Balata
Israel's Future Government - In Exile
Sharon: I am Following in Begin's Footsteps
What Will Happen to the Jews of Gaza?
U.S. Jews Buying Israeli Apartments newsletter: 4fax0618.txt
Bush Reneges on Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
Israel Seizes Suspected Teenage Suicide Bombers
Palestinian PM Welcomes Egypt's Help with Post-Israeli Gaza
Hungarian Nazi Victims' Wallets are Found
Civil Marriage Proposal is Far from Final newsletter: 4fax0621.txt
Sharon Says Trench Plans Not Final
Rabin: 'All Right. But No Kissing'
Report: Israel Operating Hundreds of Agents in Northern Iraq
Palestinian Authority, Armed Groups Prepare for Power-Sharing in Gaza
Israel Moves to Expand Diplomatic Relations in Arab World
French Ex-Prime Minister Calls Balfour Declaration 'Historic Mistake' newsletter: 4fax0622.txt
Eight 'Dangerous' Dog Breeds Banned from Entering Israel
64% of Israeli Jews Support Encouraging Arabs to Leave
Israel Moves to Relocate Jewish Settlers in Gaza
Peres Calls for Return to Pre '67 Borders
Thai Worker Killed In Palestinian Terror Attack newsletter: 4fax0623.txt
Report: Israeli Agents Training Kurdish Commandos
Palestinians Wary of Egypt's Role in Gaza
Netanyahu Denies Statements in Clinton's Book
IDF Raids Photo Exhibit of Soldiers Who Served in Hebron
Tenth Yahrtzeit of Lubavitcher Rebbe newsletter: 4fax0624.txt
Sharon Plans to Confine Arafat in Ramallah 'for Next 45 Years'
Turkey Concerned Over Israeli-Kurdish Cooperation
Ralph Nader: Israel Has America In Its Pocket
Israel to Play Major Role in Safeguarding Athens Olympics
Buried Menorahs Found at Auschwitz newsletter: 4fax0625.txt
Intelligence Chief Confirms Clinton's Version of Golan Talks
Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq
IDF Forces Preventing Terrorism
Palestinian PM Agrees to Egypt's Demands for Security Reforms
Pilgrimage for Israel's Lovelorn and Pious newsletter: 4fax0628.txt
Arafat Calls for Cease-Fire With Israel During Olympics
Terrorists Carry Out Tunnel Attack, Shoot at Rescue Workers
Naomi Shemer: 'Jerusalem of Gold' Composer, Dead at 74
Ben Gurion: There are Limits to Jewish Rights newsletter: 4fax0629.txt
Psychologists Dispatched to Sderot Kindergarten
IAF Missiles Strike Gaza High-Rise, Destroy Metal Foundry After Palestinian Rocket Kills 2 Civilians in Sderot
Sharon's Economic Incentives to Settlers newsletter: 4fax0630.txt
Woman Gives Birth at 64
Two More Rockets Strike as Sharon Visits Sderot
Australian Holocaust Survivor, Dr Marius Loeffler, Searches for Birth Mom
An Interesting Genealogy Project
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