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Israeli High Court Nullifies Ban on Sale of Pork


A nine-justice Supreme Court panel nullified Monday local laws forbidding the public sale of pork, ruling that the non-kosher product may be sold in certain areas. The judicial panel, headed by Chief Justice Aharon Barak, ruled unanimously that Tiberias, Karmiel and Beit Shemesh are advised to legislate permission to sell pork in accordance with the will of the townspeople. The ruling came in response to a three-year old suit by MK Marina Solodkin - currently Likud, but originally of the Russian-immigrant Yisrael B'Aliyah party - challenging the laws against public sale of pork.

Jewish Settlers Seek Payout to Leave Gaza, West Bank

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli officials say they have received requests from dozens of Jewish settlers about possible compensation for agreeing to leave Gaza and the West Bank. Last week, the Israeli government approved a plan to evacuate settlers from parts of the territories by the end of next year. Officials say some Jewish settlers are ready to break ranks with their leadership and voluntarily leave Gaza and the West Bank in return for financial compensation.

A spokesman for the Yesha Council, which represents the settler movement, confirmed that he knew some Jewish residents in the territories were investigating the possibility of a payout. At the same time, a spokesman for the settlers in Gaza said most of the estimated 7,500 Israelis living there had signed a declaration refusing to leave or to negotiate compensation.

The issue comes to the fore after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon won the backing of his cabinet this month for his plan to withdraw troops and settlements from Gaza and some parts of the West Bank by the end of next year. Israeli officials say residents who agree to leave voluntarily would receive an average of $300,000, enough to pay for a family home or a large apartment in many parts of the country.

Lawyers for the settlers seeking compensation have been encouraged to start negotiations with Israel's Justice Ministry. Meanwhile, the issue of evacuating settlements continues to divide Israeli politics.

Al-Aqsa Commander Eliminated by Israel

By & Ha'aretz

Khalil Marshoud, the Fatah al-Aqsa Brigade Commander in the Balata area was eliminated by Israel Monday evening in an offensive surgical strike in the Nablus area. Marshoud was killed in the vehicle he was traveling in along with a second terrorist. A helicopter gunship fired air-to-surface missiles at the vehicle. IDF officials report he was linked to along list of terror attacks.

Marshud was responsible for multiple terror attacks in Israel, security forces told Israel Radio. The Balata camp is a stronghold for the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat's Fatah movement. Army sources said the decision to assassinate Marshud was reached after numerous attempts to arrest him had failed, leaving no other alternatives to thwart the terror activities in which he was involved.

Foiled Hamas Bomb Attack in Jerusalem

By & Ha'aretz

Government officials report that Hamas was planning a major terror attack in Jerusalem, to strike out at a synagogue in the ultra-Orthodox Mea She'arim neighborhood or in the Prime Minister's Office. A powerful bomb was to have been detonated via a cellular telephone.

The terrorist in custody, Hussan Nablusi, 48, is a resident of Jerusalem's Old City. He was working with Hamas terrorists based in Shechem and the bomb to be used in the attack was to be left in a bag near the village of Bir Naballah, on Jerusalem's northern border. Nabolsi, employed by a Jerusalem firm that accesses government offices, was to have brought the explosive device into the Prime Minister's Office compound in his company vehicle.

Nablusi, who drove a mail truck and was employed by an Israeli company, had a permit to drive his vehicle into various government compounds, including the Prime Minister's Office.

Under questioning, Nablusi said he had planned to secret the bomb among the printed materials he was due to deliver. He told investigators that he planned to detonate the bomb using a mobile phone rigged to work as a remote control once he was 200 meters away. Nablusi was arrested two weeks ago, after security services received intelligence information linking him with a plan to blow up a synagogue in Mea She'arim. A gag order on the case was lifted Monday.

Immediately upon arrest, Nablusi led security services to two vegetable traders from an area north of Jerusalem, who brought the intended device into Jerusalem hidden in their produce. The traders admitted having brought the bomb into Jerusalem, and led investigators to the location of the hidden 33-pound bomb on Saturday.

Decision in Israeli Bribery Case Expected This Week

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel's attorney general is expected to formally announce his decision later this week, but media reports indicate he is likely to not seek an indictment against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on charges of bribery stemming from a failed real estate project. The decision would be a political boost to Sharon's otherwise flagging political fortunes. The official decision has yet to be announced, but Israeli media say Attorney-General Menachim Mazuz is likely to close the bribery case against Sharon for lack of sufficient evidence.

The threat of indictment has been hanging over Sharon since January, when real estate tycoon David Appel was indicted for trying to bribe the prime minister in what has become known as the Greek island affair. The case goes back to the late 1990s and involves hundreds of thousands of dollars that Appel allegedly paid to Sharon's son, Gilad, to help promote a tourist project on a Greek island. Sharon was foreign minister at the time. Appel has proclaimed his innocence, and Sharon also has denied repeatedly that he was involved in any wrongdoing.

State Prosecutor Edna Arbel recommended months ago that Sharon be formally charged, and the attorney general's office has been looking into the case. Were Sharon to be indicted, he would likely be forced to resign. But, a decision by Mazuz to drop the bribery charges would give the prime minister a badly needed political boost. The bribery scandal has been hanging over Sharon's head amid growing dissension within his own party and defections due to his controversial disengagement plan.

Egypt Steps Up Anti-Israel Activity


An increase in Egyptian anti-Israeli rhetoric and actions was registered in March and April of this year, according to a report prepared by an Israeli intelligence agency. INN correspondent Haggai Huberman notes that the Egyptian parliament initiated a proposal to rename a street in Cairo - the street on which is located the Israeli Embassy - after none other than Hamas arch-terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. What's more, the building in which the Embassy is located was to be called after Yassin's successor, Abdel Aziz Rantisi. Both Yassin and Rantisi were killed in Israeli strikes in a four-week period in March/April of this year. The Alexandria City Council recently approved the renaming of two streets after Yassin and Rantisi.

Egyptian opposition parties recently announced a boycott of Israeli and American goods, while a court in Egypt vetoed the establishment of an Egyptian-Israeli friendship society. Voices in the parliament have been heard in favor of canceling the peace agreement with Israel, expelling Israel's ambassador, and banning Israelis from entering the country.

Two movies are currently being filmed in Egypt with a strongly anti-Israel motif. One of them is entitled simply, "I Hate Israel," and purports to explain why the Arab world hates Israel. The other features a young Egyptian whose car accidentally strikes the dog of the daughter of the Israeli ambassador - who then decides to freeze relations and the peace process between the two countries.

The Egyptian press has also become more anti-Semitic, judging by the incitement heard on the airwaves and seen in print. The screening of the film "The Passion," for instance, was commonly reviewed as an anti-Jewish political film; comparisons were frequently drawn between the behavior of the Jews towards Jesus then and their conduct in Judea, Samaria and Gaza now. Anti-Semitic expressions appear not only in opposition newspapers, but in government organs as well.

The establishment paper Al-Ghoumoriya featured, on April 8, an article showing that terrorism is a "Jewish creation," and that Jews have forever been terrorists. "The Passion" producer Mel Gibson, the article states, stands together with the Arabs in portraying the Jews in this light. "The Jews fought against Gibson," another writer states, "because they knew that his film would portray the mass killings and slaughter that Israel perpetrates every day."

Gearing Up for the Ingathering of French Jewry


The Jewish Agency has announced a major push to rally French Jews to make aliyah (immigration to Israel). Over the coming months, hundreds of shlichim (aliyah emissaries) are to arrive at Jewish areas in France to assist and encourage Jews to come home to the Jewish State. The Jewish Agency is calling the operation "Sarsel T'chilah (Sarsel - a Jewish neighborhood of Paris - first)".

The drive to bring tens of thousands of Jews from France to Israel was launched after a meeting last weekend with Immigration Minister Tzippy Livni, Director-General of the Prime Minister's Office Ilan Cohen, and Jewish Agency Chairman Sallai Meridor. The officials heard from the head of the Agency's Paris office, Menachem Gur-Ari, of a recent survey of French Jews showing that about 6% (30,000 out of 500,000) expressed the desire to move to Israel. Gur-Ari claimed that this was largely due to fears of rising anti-Semitism and a general concern for the safety of their children. Efforts will focus primarily on areas with large Muslim populations.

The Director of the Jewish Agency's Aliyah center in France, Olivier Rafowicz, told Ma'ariv, "The atmosphere for aliyah is ripe in France. It has been growing as of late. If in 2001, less than 1,000 immigrated to Israel, this year we expect over 3,000. We know of more and more Jews who are thinking of leaving France."

Roger Cukierman, President of the Jewish council CRIF that officially represents French Jewry, is unhappy with the initiative. He told Ma'ariv that Israel is "bypassing our community leaders, and I intend to express my objections to the Israeli ambassador... The French government is doing its best to overcome anti-Semitism and now is not the time to create a conflict with French authorities."

Cukierman's son, however, does not agree. Eduard Cukierman, who moved to Israel 20 years ago, said today, "I would like to ask my father, the leader of the Jewish community of France, when will he [say] that the time has come to immigrate to Israel? Only when a Jew is murdered in the streets of Paris?"

Bush: A One-Term President?

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

President George W. Bush, like his father, George H.W. Bush who, during his presidency cursed the Jewish nation has sentenced himself to become a one-term president. I've heard many pro-Israel Jews claim that this President Bush is "one of the best friends Israel has." I agree, he smiles pleasantly when he delivers his orders for Israel to dismantle and follow his Road Map to perdition. Somewhere near the start of this George Bush presidency, I saw similar traits that his father exhibited and I forecast then that he would likely be a one-term president.

Recent polls indicate that Bush ranges between neck-and-neck with John Kerry while other polls show him several points behind. I do not look forward to a Kerry presidency and I had hoped that the younger Bush would continue on - insofar as he pledges to fight global terrorism. Regrettably, Bush fell back into the old mode of his father by attempting to appease Saudi Arabia and the other Arab Muslim oil nations by initiating the dismemberment of the Jewish State of Israel.

But, Bush introduced his Road Map in his June 2002 speech - which was dangerously revised by the Arabist U.S. State Department, together with the anti-Israel U.N., the anti-Semitic European Union and Russia (whose history is red with Jewish pogroms). Since the Quartet re-invented the Road Map, with no object from Bush, the pressure from the White House and the State Department has increased exponentially. The need for a political win in the Middle East to offset the losses in Iraq become more important than preserving the Jewish State of Israel.

The weak leadership in Israel started to bend and finally broke under the unending threats from the Bush Administration to re-partition the tiny Jewish State of Israel on its way to extinction. The pro-Arab U.S. State Department has been working toward this goal ever since the Land of Israel was partitioned by the U.N. in 1947 (against the strenuous objections by the State Department). The day Israel falls (G-d forbid) be assured that champagne will literally flow down the halls of the State Department.

Bush, following his father's lead in practice, allowed State to unleash its anti-Israel dogs to attack the Jewish State with every tool and propaganda mechanism in its large inventory. Washington has long known that neither Israel nor the U.S. could pacify the Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists or the supporting Arab Muslim nations.

If they did not really know before 9/11, followed by the American and allies attack against the Taliban in Afghanistan and then in Iraq against the monster, Saddam Hussein - they must certain know it now. There is no pacification of Islamist/Jihadists - no matter what you offer them by way of appeasement, including the deaths and wounding of Americans fighting to save them from tyranny and even the sacrifice of Israel.

America learned that the 56+ years the Muslim terrorists have been fighting Israel was not just a single aberration of Islam's hostility to Jews. Now they've learned that also includes the Christian West. They experience it daily in Iraq as Muslims from all over the Arab world came through Syria to join Iraqis in killing American soldiers - daily. They are also killing, bombing, ambushing the civilian construction workers who are trying to restore electricity, water, security and other civil services to the Iraqi people.

The headlines today (June 14th) read: "In Race to Give Power to Iraqis, Electricity Lags: U.S. Falls Short of Goal for Reviving Output". This outrageous story appears the same day 13 civilian construction workers (including one American, one Brit, 2 French) were car-bombed to death. (1) This was the day after 13 Iraqis; including 4 Iraqi police officers were blown up in separate car bombs in Baghdad.

American good-will attempts to appease them through winning their hearts and minds by providing these services simply do not work to prevent their Muslim Terror attacks against "The Great Satan" (their name for America). Now the Bush Administration is desperately trying to find a way out and, like his father, is perfectly willing to offer up Israel as a sacrifice. The Muslims call Israel "The Little Satan."

Knowing all this about Arabs, Muslims, radical Muslims, Islamists, Jihadists - Bush has turned on Israel as his own political solution - using force against her weak leadership to create a false win of the Bush Plan to democratize the Middle East. So, he took the only democracy and advanced civilization in the Middle East - the only country in world who votes with America consistently in the U.N. and begins to force her dissolution. He was determined to create what he knows will inevitably be an international terror state for the Arab Muslim Palestinians which would show the hostile Arab nations that he was their friend and collaborator. He was going to not only shrink Israel beyond her present vulnerable, minuscule size but, would ensure that the only productive people in the Middle East (the Jews) were forced from their ancient homeland.

Thus began a landslide of threats to the weak government of Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon. The threats were credible since Israel relies upon her "friend and ally" for spare parts, trade and hopefully a vote against the corrupt United Nations as a voice of reason against the always hostile Europeans so closely allied with the oil-bearing Arab/Muslim nations.

With all that in mind, I repeat the oft-stated injunction of HaShem (G-d): "I will Bless those who bless you; and Curse those who curse you."

The Bush dynasty has cursed the Jewish nation and allied themselves with Israel's most dedicated Arab and Muslim enemies. I ignore the self-serving gestures, smiles and nice speeches used for political cover to persuade his Christian Right Coalition and Jews that Bush is a friend of the Jewish people and nation. It's not what they say (or how nicely they say it) but, it's what they do. I do recall the reported phone conversation between the elder Bush and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia wherein Bush assured the Saudi King, "...not to worry. My son will take care of you." And so he has.)

Presently, Bush and Sharon are ethnically cleansing the land that G-d promised to the Jewish people. May they and theirs be cursed to wander homeless as they have cursed the Jews. Let no man raise their hand against these consummately dangerous people, for they are 'tamei' (unclean).

We do not know how they and the nations who are gathering against Israel (as predicted) will be punished. They are now in before the Universal Court and will be judged. I only regret that the punishment must be shared by good people who stand near them. We read now in the Torah about the traitor, Korach, who challenged Moses and G-d, Himself in the desert - only to have the earth open its mouth and swallow Korach and all who stood near him. A Universal ruling is long overdue for the nations and the peoples who have cursed the Jews and the Jewish nation.

At the end of 'Shacharit' (Jewish morning prayers) there is a closing line of thought: "Do not fear the sudden terror, nor the destruction of the wicked. Contrive a scheme but, it will be foiled. Conspire a plot but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us."

In righteous anger, I have often reminded HaShem of the nations and the leaders who have savaged the Jewish people and His Promise of just retribution. I've spoken to Him about the capitals of Germany, France, Iran, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.... I've spoken to Him about the kings, prime ministers, dictators and presidents - ALL of whom deserve to be eliminated in a plague or, at least, to suffer great pain on this earth. I even included the non-Jewish Jews who are betraying the Jewish people. Perhaps G-d is listening and will keep His Promise of cursing all those who curse His anointed people.

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