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Wigs No, Navy Yes


During the past few weeks the dominant news about Israel/Indian relations have dealt with the use of human hair wigs manufactured in India. But now a different perspective has emerged. According to the IDF's website, "This morning two war ships from the Indian Navy docked in the Haifa harbor, despite the stressful security situation a friendly relationship has been established between the two armies. The ships are about to dock during the next 5 days, which will be used for Indian navy and Israeli navy officials, and also for mutual visits on the navies' ships." Israel and India have recently finalized the sale to India of advanced Falcon radar planes in a multibillion-dollar deal.

Israeli Troops Withdraw from Key Neighborhood of Rafah Refugee Camp

By VOA News

Israeli troops have withdrawn from one key neighborhood of the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, lifting a six-day siege and allowing residents out of their homes to again move about freely. Some Israeli troops remain deployed in other parts of southern Gaza.

The IDF said its withdrawal and the easing of its closure around Rafah is part of an overall redeployment, but is also designed to ease conditions for Palestinians living there. As Palestinians ventured out of their homes freely for the first time in six days, most went in search of water, food and other basic supplies.

Palestinians said Israeli troops have not only demolished dozens of homes in Rafah, but also have destroyed power lines, torn up streets and sewage pipes and flattened cars during their week-long incursion.

Residents of the Brazil neighborhood also accused soldiers of destroying their small zoo. They say soldiers set some of the animals free and killed others. The military insisted the soldiers did their best to protect the animals as they moved through the area. Some residents recounted how their families had been in their houses while Israeli bulldozers began knocking down walls. Others told of seeing their fields, hothouses and crops destroyed by the military.

The military said the incursion was necessary to flush out Palestinian militants and to stop the flow of weapons being smuggled into Gaza through underground tunnels from neighboring Egypt. A few tunnels were uncovered and more than 40 Palestinians were killed and scores more injured in the weeklong operation. The incursion also sparked widespread international criticism, including from the United States, and prompted sharp criticism from within Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's own cabinet.

At the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Justice Minister Josef Lapid said images of an elderly Palestinian woman searching through the rubble of what had once been her house reminded him of his grandmother. Lapid is a Holocaust survivor and his comments sparked outrage from other ministers who accused him of implying that the military's actions in Gaza were comparable to the actions of the Nazis. Lapid insisted he was making no such comparison, but he said the demolition of Palestinian homes must stop because it was not humane and was against Jewish values.

Sharon insisted he would go ahead with his plan to withdraw Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip along with the soldiers that protect them. Members of his Likud party voted down his original plan. The prime minister now says he will present a revised plan to his cabinet for debate and possible approval next Sunday.

Israeli media report that revised plan is likely to include a phased withdrawal from Gaza, to begin with the initial removal of only three, isolated settlements.

Thousands joined a funeral procession Monday for 16 people killed during the offensive. In Rafah, thousands marched in a funeral procession Monday; just hours after Israeli forces left some Palestinian neighborhoods.

Sharon´s New Plan Calls for Egyptian Forces in Gaza


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will meet Tuesday with the head of Egyptian Intelligence, Omar Suleimon. The meeting follows Sharon's announcement Sunday that he is hoping for Egyptian - as well as European and Jordanian - cooperation as he "unilaterally" withdraws from Jewish Gaza.

Sharon gave more than a hint of this last week when he said in the Knesset that his new plan would require "certain changes" in the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement that forbids an Egyptian military presence near Israeli areas. In fact, Egyptian forces in Gaza would be only some 40 miles from Tel Aviv.

The idea has come up before. Ma'ariv reported in February that Sharon proposed the idea in meetings both with top Israeli military leaders and with Egyptian officials; neither were reportedly very enthusiastic about the idea.

Now, however, Egypt appears to be more forthcoming. Following a series of intensive Israeli-Egyptian meetings on the topic, Suleimon said that Egypt is "willing to grant significant security aid to the Palestinian Authority in order to guarantee security in the Gaza Strip after the disengagement. But Egypt wants an official Palestinian consent to the Egyptian function."

Palestinian Terrorists Killed Two P.A. Children; Israel Was Blamed


Arab gunmen killed the two Palestinian Authority children who were killed last week during a protest in Gaza -an incident for which Israel was roundly censored throughout the world.

IMRA ( reported that an official IDF source, confirming a May 21 Ha'aretz story, said that the two children were murdered not by Israeli tank fire or an Israeli-initiated explosion, as had been widely assumed, but rather by Palestinian terrorists. The Israeli army has photographs of the incident, but the IDF source explained that the pictures have not been released because information derived from the photographs would "compromise security in the field at this time."

Buried deep inside his article, Amir Oren of Ha'aretz wrote that the killing of the two children took place shortly after "the procession with armed men in its midst set out in the direction of the [Israeli] forces." At a certain point, "[when Arab] men obeyed the calls over the loudspeakers to turn themselves in to the IDF authorities, they were confronted by members of the terror organizations, who opened fire on them and killed two children. A senior officer in Gaza reported yesterday that the IDF have in their possession pictures of this incident, of Palestinians killing their children."

P.A. Opens Gaza Armories To Arm Terrorists

By Gamla News Service

Israel Television Channel Two Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari reported that according to a senior Israeli security official, the Palestinian Authority has opened its armories in Gaza to distribute weapons to the various illegal Palestinian militias - Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigade etc. to battle against the IDF.

With the exception of Preventive Security's armory, the armories of all the various PA security forces, including the civil police, were opened to the terrorists to arm them. Yaari noted that the very same Palestinian police forces that are supposed to be strengthened by international contributions were transferring weapons to the terrorists that they are ostensibly to be strengthened to fight against.

New on Mossad's Wanted List: Bus Driver and Waiter

By Ha'aretz

Israel's Mossad intelligence agency has a new wanted list - want ads for its many employment opportunities, including openings for a bus driver and an English-speaking waiter. For the first time since its inception, the vaunted spy organization has mounted a permanent Internet site.

The new site offers dozens of employment positions for engineers and technicians in such fields as electro-optics and mechanical engineering. The Mossad is also looking for multi-lingual personnel, among them a waiter with conversational English, and a bus driver. A Mossad site seeking intelligence-processing officers was put up temporarily in 2002.

The current site,, produced by the Government Advertising Bureau, outlines the organization's history and includes an address by Mossad chief Meir Dagan on the organization's objectives. The site assures prospective job applicant that the "information you provide is confidential and will not be conveyed to anyone else".

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