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Supreme Court: Tow the Car if the Alarm Does Not Stop


The Supreme Court today approved a petition seeking to instruct police to have a car towed away at the owners' expense if a burglar alarm sounds for over 20 minutes. A request to permit police to break into the car to stop the alarm was turned down. Attorney Naftali Orner filed the petition, a private citizen who told the High Court he is no longer willing to tolerate the endless wailing of car alarms.

Israeli PM to Present Revised Gaza Withdrawal Plan to Cabinet Next Sunday

By VOA News

Israeli officials said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would complete his revised plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip this week and present it to his cabinet next Sunday.

Sharon had been revising the plan since his Likud party rejected the proposal in a party referendum on May 2. The new plan reportedly calls for a withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank Jewish settlements in stages instead of all at once.

At Sunday's cabinet meeting, Justice Minister Yosef Lapid criticized the Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, saying the images reminded him of his grandmother whom the Nazis persecuted. Lapid's comments outraged other cabinet ministers.

Study: 27% of Teens Don't Think They'll Remain in Israel

By Ha'aretz

Some 27 percent of Israeli teenagers do not think they will remain in Israel, compared to 13 percent of adults, according to a recent survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute. Nearly half of Israeli teenagers do not feel they are "part of the country and its problems," compared to a quarter of adults, the survey found. Nonetheless, there were no differences in the "Israeli pride" index, which recorded four out of every five respondees as proud to be Israeli.

The survey, entitled Democracy Index-Teenage Positions, is part of the institute's annual Democracy Index, and its findings are being published here for the first time. The complete survey, which comprised 1,200 adults and some 600 teens, will be presented to President Moshe Katsav next week.

The study also found that 43 percent of the teens support either refusal to serve in the territories or refusal to eject settlers, compared with 25 percent of those aged 18 and older, according to the study. "The teenagers' support for refusenik positions is a warning light that demands attention," said the surveyors, Prof. Asher Arian, Pazit Ben-Nun and Shlomit Barnea.

The survey found that teens are more supportive than adults of refusenik positions of all kinds. While 75 percent of adults said a soldier must not refuse an order to evacuate settlers, only 57 percent of teens agreed with that statement. A slightly smaller gap was found regarding the refusal to serve in the territories: 71 percent of adults compared to 57 percent of teens said soldiers cannot refuse on grounds that they object to Israel's policy toward Palestinians.

Age was also a substantial factor when it came to implementing these positions in practice: Only 8 percent of adults, but 13 percent of teens said they would act unlawfully were the Knesset and cabinet to pass a resolution contrary to their views on security matters.

Israel Develops Large Unmanned Airplane

By Israel Faxx News Services reports that Israel's air force is developing an unmanned air vehicle the size of a fighter jet. The UAV has been dubbed Eitan and has a wingspan of 26 meters and a takeoff weight of four tons. This weight is about four times the size of the largest UAV now in the Israel Air Force.

The state-owned Israel Aircraft Industries has developed the Eitan. The Eitan was meant for automatic takeoff and landing. The twin-tailed UAV will be powered by a turboprop engine and meant for long flights. Details of the Eitan were published in the Israel Air Force Journal.

So far, IAI has built two prototypes of the Eitan. The air force magazine said the UAV was in the advanced stages of development. "This aircraft, with its advanced avionics, is on a level similar to that of systems that operate on fighter-jets," Lt. Col. Boaz, responsible for UAVs in the air force, told the Journal. "The system will operate with complete autonomy and allow the operator to focus more on performing the mission and less on flying the air platform."

Industry sources said the Eitan would be a multi-purpose UAV that could carry out reconnaissance and attack missions. One of those missions, they said, was the ability to locate and destroy mobile ballistic missile launchers.

Beware of 'PALESTINE' (Commentary)

By Dafna Yee

The graphic novel (adult comic) series, 'PALESTINE,' which is published in paperback, represents a series of diatribes by Joe Sacco, a Queens, N.Y. resident, who uses the medium in the same way that the classic Nazi propaganda cartoonists of the 1930s did. His work is as dangerous and insidious as the Nazi cartoons, Der Sturmer. If this man and his writings can't be stopped, they must be fought against.

Ironically, his comics are getting critical acclaim in mainstream publications such as "Entertainment Weekly," and he publishes his material on a Guggenheim Grant. Yet his work is practically unknown to most people, Jews as well as non-Jews. Even watchdog organizations such as CAMERA (The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) haven't yet taken any notice of it in their newsletter. Meanwhile, he is misusing the media to further the 'Palestinian' terrorists' movements.

Sacco is a person who refuses to acknowledge that he is supporting terrorists by completely denying reality. Whether or not you have a high tolerance for filth and a strong stomach (a fair warning: Sacco's comics are literally nauseating), you must take this farther. You can learn more about this potent threat to both Israel and to journalism by browsing the website of his publisher, Fantagraphic Books:

Although his drawings have little artistic merit, they nevertheless represent a potent force. Sacco draws stereotypical "Jews," usually in Israeli uniform, performing all manners of barbarous acts against the "poor innocent Arab Palestinians." Indeed, most of his Jews have identical features, while his Arab characters are all individualized.

He relates supposedly true stories of decades-long misery that he claims have been told to him by Arab witnesses. All concern supposed acts of Israeli aggression and subjugation. Remarkably, he has managed to gather his story material without any knowledge of Arabic and without the services of a translator. Then he embellishes his allegedly representative drawings with highlights from his imagination.

Sacco's 'PALESTINE' claims to be reporting hard journalism in comic book form. Don't let your actions stop at reading this article. Please grit your teeth, and actually tackle Sacco's works so that you'll be informed of the danger that he represents. Sacco claims to have acquired a journalism degree (he doesn't say where or when) although he doesn't follow fundamental rules of journalism that concern the need to verify facts and details before they appear in print or even cite his sources. He doesn't even need editorial approval before publishing his filth.

After seeing for yourself what is happening right now, do something more. At the very least let other people know about this pervasive method of distorting the truth. Media propaganda means lives are saved or lost; this is especially true in Israel. Don't be silent and wait for this to go away. The British statesman Edmund Burke once said, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Don't be one of those good yet passive people. Don't let the terrorists win

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