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Israel Faxx, April 30, 2004, Vol. 12, No. 81


Israeli Biological Computer Destroys Cancer


Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel have developed a prototype biological computer that identifies and diagnoses cancerous cells and then releases medication to destroy them, Israel21c reported today. The results, published in Nature magazine, were presented by the head of the research team, Professor Ehud Shapiro, at a conference in Brussels entitled "Life, a Nobel story."

Don Canaan, editor of Israel Faxx has been suffering with the flu for almost a week. Sunday, too exhausted to take the time to cull the usual news, he included some interesting Commentary from Lamarr Jones. Then, in answer to the Question: "Is anyone out there listening?" we have been receiving some most interesting commentary.

Today we'd like to address Kenneth Swerdlow's comment:

"Christians eat up everything pertaining to end times. The best part of reading the Israeli fax is watching 'checks and balances' in action.

If Jewish people are feeling the same way as Christian people, then indeed the messiah's return is closer at hand than most realize.

Just beware that the messiah that the Jewish nation is waiting for "peace, safety, acceptance from other countries" is not the same that will sit on the throne of the 3rd temple. I am so anticipating the laying of the cornerstone that my checkbook is out and waiting for the incredible opportunity to participate at least financially in the final construction of our long awaited temple"

Indeed, Mr. Swerdlow, there are many Jews who feel the same as you feel as a Christian. We Jews, refer to ourselves as Jews because we are the remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Judah. The 10 "lost tribes" of Israel had vanished from history when they unsuccessfully allied with the Assyrians against the warnings of the Prophets.

Those of us, Jew and Christian alike, who see the hand of G-d in today's events stand amazed at those who seem so blind to the way history is repeating itself and IN OUR VERY LIFETIME. The Jewish people today are a very diverse group, as, I'm sure, are those who identify as Christians. Our mutual famous forefather, received the name "Israel" only after he had 'fought God and prevailed'. (This is the translation of the name Israel.)

The modern nation who just celebrated its 56th "birthday" could have been called Judah, but there is special significance in the name Israel.. We will undoubtedly admit that there is probably no group of people who argue more with G-d...we win the name Israel over and over...Yet this group, as diverse as it is, stubbornly insists upon identifying itself as a "nation" in the Holy Land, or scattered among the nations.

At press time, editor, Don Canaan, is improving, yet still feels too tired to get the edition out in, I, Frances Cohen, (retired teacher, never published) volunteered to put together some relevant articles. If they seem rather "out of form" please forgive my "unliterary license"

If, as so many of us, you haven't an idea what a Jewish community in Gaza looks like and what its residents are fighting for you just must see: A short movie in English about Gush Katif ( a Jewish community in Gaza) can be seen at <>. A different movie, in Hebrew, can be seen at <>.

Al Qaeda Tape: If We Had Chemical Weapons, Tel Aviv and Eilat Would be Gassed

By Agence France Presse

An audiotape attributed to alleged top Al-Qaeda operative Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi claimed Al-Qaeda planned to destroy the Jordanian intelligence headquarters, but not in a chemical attack as charged by Amman. A plan was destined to "totally destroy the building of the Jordanian intelligence services" with "raw materials which are sold on the market," said the tape made available on the Islamist website

The tape, the authenticity of which could not be verified, rejected the "lies" concerning a planned chemical attack by the terror network in Amman. "The Jordanian security services have lied in claiming to have foiled a plan to kill innocent Muslims," said the speaker, said to be Zarqawi.

He charged the "evil Jordanian services" with "fabricating (the affair) of the chemical bomb. If we had such a bomb -- and we ask God that we have such a bomb soon -- we would not hesitate for a moment to strike Israeli towns, such as Eilat, Tel Aviv and others," he said.

"We have scores to settle with this (Jordanian) government which will turn children's hair white," he also claimed, warning of a "bitter future" for the Jordanian government. Jordan announced on Monday it had foiled a plot by Al-Qaeda to hit the capital with chemical explosives, which could have killed tens of thousands of people.

Officials said the plot involved attacking the intelligence department in Amman, using trucks loaded with 20 tons of chemicals that could have killed 80,000 people and injured 160,000 others within a nearly one square mile area. Plans were allegedly also made for attacks on the headquarters of the prime minister and on the US embassy, which are also located in west Amman.

Evacuation/Expulsion Order Trailing in the Polls


Latest polls now show that the anti-withdrawal forces in the Likud have a clear lead over the pro-disengagement camp. A Yediot Achronot poll shows that 47% of the Likud members will vote against, while only 39% will vote in favor. Ma'ariv shows a smaller gap: 45% against, 42% in favor.

A third poll, carried out by Dr. Yitzchak Katz of the Brain Base institute, finds that the objectors, who were trailing a week ago by 12%, now lead by a 47%-43% margin. Commentator Crystal said: "A dramatic turnaround of 16% in one week - I can't remember such a thing since Begin and the nuclear reactor." Fewer voters than last week said they plan to vote - 63%, as compared to 68%, and a higher proportion among those who object: Last week, of those who planned to vote, 41% opposed the evacuation, while today it is up to 51%, with 6% undecided. Most people - 58% - think that Sharon need not resign if his plan is rejected by the Likud membership on Sunday.

In rare interviews with the media - apparently the result of the latest polls - the Prime Minister threatened that turning down his plan would lead to the toppling of the government. He repeatedly called those who oppose the unilateral retreat "the extreme right-wing," and said, "Whoever is for me, must vote in favor of this plan" - although he stopped short of saying it was a vote of confidence in him or that he would resign if he lost. Sharon said that a rejection of the expulsion plan would impair our relations with the U.S. and would be a victory for Arafat and Hamas.

P.A. Bid to Unilaterally Determine Israel's Borders


The Palestinian Authority, not satisfied with receiving all of Gaza and the Jewish homes there, is now threatening to reap another benefit from the disengagement plan: A unilateral diplomatic grab of all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Ynet reports that the PA delegation in the United Nations is attempting to advance a UN resolution that would render the PA, and not Israel, responsible for the population of the territories liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War - including the Old City of Jerusalem. This is seen as an attempt to unilaterally determine the final borders of a final-status agreement - and a response to the famous letter of "promises" from U.S. President George Bush.

PA sources told Ynet that this is their unilateral response to Israel's unilateral steps, as well as to the "geographical and territorial facts on the ground" presented by Israel.

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