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Olmert: Terror will Continue After Disengagement


Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, one of the major backers of the Prime Minister's unilateral "disengagement" plan, told Israel Radio that Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip "is not an answer to terror" and that "terror will continue" even after Israel retreats. However, even after Israeli withdrawal, Olmert said, "we will continue to fight terror everywhere, at all times, in the day and at night... in every corner and without any restriction." He added that Israel should withdraw even if there is no understanding with the United States regarding the plan.

Hamas Plots Knockout Blow with 800 Suicide Bombers DEBKAfile Special Report

No sooner had the tens of thousands of mourners dispersed after the ceremonies and demonstrations of strength marking the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin last Tuesday, March 22, in an Israeli missile attack, when a thousand Hamas top and middle-ranking activists dived underground. This was reported by DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources.

Since then, known Hamas operatives have maintained perfect telephone silence, their relatives are in the dark about their whereabouts and contacts are maintained only through trusted couriers. This situation presented the Hamas command center in Damascus with the problem of communicating urgent instructions to the men on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

The method finally hit on was to take to the airwaves. Last Friday, the Hamas liaison man in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, who managed the Mishaal-Rantisi compromise, was interviewed on Hizbullah Radio Nur. On the assumption that the Gaza contingent in hiding were listening in case of coded messages, Hamdan addressed the Hamas "military" wing, the Izz el-Deen al-Qasseem Brigades, directly - not in code but in plain language.

DEBKAfile monitored his statement, as follows: "The lone suicide martyr method has scored great achievements, but now, as we stand at the threshold of a decisive stage, we must resort to a tactic that brings us the desired results. Ideally, we would round up 70,000 to 80,000 martyrs and have them blow themselves up simultaneously in the enemy's urban centers and so finally vanquish him. But that is not realistic. One tenth or even one-hundredth part of that number should suffice to inflict a shock on a strategic scale. I therefore tell you not to hurry to exact revenge. We have to be sure our assault is concerted and perfectly orchestrated. Don't waste resources and manpower on small operations. No one is pushing you. Take all the time you need and then pick a date and hour that are most advantageous to our project."

Hamdan's words freely translated are a directive from Damascus HQ to Muhammed Deif, commander of the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam, to muster an army of several hundred suicide killers to reach the hubs of Israeli cities and blow themselves up at the same moment. The Damascus Hamas command reckons that, even if not all the massacres come off, Israel will not be able to withstand a shock and casualties of the magnitude projected.

Sharon to Seek Approval for Gaza Pullout

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Monday that he would seek cabinet and parliamentary approval next month for his planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. He said the plan would be put to the vote immediately after he returns from talks with President George W. Bush in Washington.

Sharon said his first step is to win the backing of Bush for his plan to withdraw troops and settlements from the Gaza Strip. The two leaders are scheduled to meet at the White House on April 14. Sharon said that on his return to Israel he would first put the withdrawal plan before his cabinet, and then ask at once for a vote in the parliament.

The Israeli leader spoke during a meeting of the Israeli parliamentary foreign affairs and defense committee. Sharon said he would form a new coalition on the same day if the cabinet refused to support the plan. But a spokesman for the prime minister said Sharon had made it clear he would not be forced to call an election over the issue.

Instead, the spokesman said Sharon's intention would be to remove members of the cabinet who voted against him and replace them with representatives from other political factions ready to support the Gaza plan. During his briefing to the parliamentary committee, Sharon also outlined areas of the Gaza Strip where Israel will maintain a military presence after a troop withdrawal from the rest of the territory.

He said that for the foreseeable future Israeli troops would continue to patrol the so-called Philadelphia Corridor along the Egyptian border to prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip. Sharon said that for security reasons Israel would also prevent the Gaza international airport from re-opening, and block the building of a Palestinian port on the Mediterranean.

The prime minister said Israel also intended to keep control of the northernmost part of the Gaza Strip, which has been used by Palestinian militants to fire rockets into the Jewish state.

Pat Robertson Attacks Judaism Through "The Passion"


With worldwide Jewry still reeling from Mel Gibson's stinging blockbuster film of graphic violence and gratuitous bloodshed which portrays the Jews as conspiring, blood-thirsty Christ-killers, the Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcast Network ( has launched a stunning assault on the Jewish faith.

"It is hard to believe that anyone would be using a vast media empire to attack Judaism at a time when Jewish communities are feeling intensely vulnerable. But, that's precisely what Robertson's organization is doing," says Rabbi Tovia Singer, the New York-based radio show host of Israel National Radio who was formally thrown off New York's WMCA for being "too Jewish." Singer is also the founder Outreach Judaism, a counter-missionary organization that fights against Christian missionaries.

A misleading article prominent on makes the claim that the Jews manipulate their Sabbath services so that temple worshipers reject Jesus. The article "The Passion According to Isaiah" claims that the weekly recitation of verses from the Prophets (Haftorah) in synagogues worldwide were specifically designed to avoid a passage in Isaiah which Christians interpret as a reference to Jesus.

"This is a serious charge against Judaism for which there is not a single shred of evidence to support it. The absurdity of this claim lies in the fact that the selections for the weekly reading of verses from the Prophets including those from Isaiah predate Christianity by two centuries. What motive did Jews have for preventing worshipers from converting to Christianity, when at the time the custom to read from the Prophets was created, Christianity and Jesus didn't even exist?" asked Singer.

The website asserts that a portion of Isaiah, used as a front piece to Gibson's "The Passion," was withheld from the ears of congregants because of what "Jews might think" of the passage. In essence, The Jews are charged by the 700 Club's founder for conspiring to manipulate the synagogue service in order to prevent uneducated Jews from believing in Jesus. "In fact," stated Singer, "only a very tiny portion of the Book of Prophets is even read in the synagogue."

"This preposterous claim not only slanders the Jewish faith, but is an affront to any Jewish organization that has presented Robertson any recognition," said Singer. "Most Jews do not realize that the ultimate goal of fundamentalists like Pat Robertson is a 100 percent Christian America, which is why he supports predatory cults that seek to destroy the Jewish faith. Doesn't he understand that militant Islam is a far greater danger to America than Judaism?"

"This unwelcome development is particularly shocking given that people like Robertson are zealously defending Mel Gibson's film against the charge of promoting anti-Semitism. Robinson's is collaborating with some of the most offensive organizations dedicated to attacking the Jewish faith while deceptively targeting vulnerable Jews for conversion to Christianity," said Singer.

While (60 Minutes commentator) Andy Rooney said God had spoken to him, saying "that both Pat Robertson and Mel Gibson strike me as wackos," Singer is more concerned with what danger their misleading and slanderous propaganda posses to the Jewish people. "If either Pat Robertson or Mel Gibson ever wish to be regarded as a friend of the Jews," declares Singer, "they must abandon their obsession with converting them.

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