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Schwarzenegger Reconsiders Visit to Israel


Aides to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are indicating the governor is reconsidering a planned visit to Israel following an American State Department travel advisory. The State Department in a statement said, "In the aftermath of the killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a Hamas spokesman has threatened revenge against Israel and U.S. interests. U.S. citizens are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness."

Hamas Threats against Leading Rabbis


Intelligence community officials have informed prominent rabbinical figures that terrorists target them and they are instructed to act accordingly.

Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar have been informed by intelligence community officials that they are potential targets for terrorists and must take the appropriate precautions. Also on the list are Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, and leading Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, as well as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. This poster appeared Thursday on the web site.

Some of the rabbis have already made changes in their schedule in compliance with intelligence and security officials' recommendations such as Rabbi Yosef, who has canceled some of his public Torah lectures. Hamas is indicating it may be attempting to strike against a religious leader following Israel's elimination of Ahmed Yassin, a so-called "religious leader."

Increased Force to be Deployed for Temple Mount Prayers


Police commanders have decided to increase the deployment of troops in and around Jerusalem's Old City, particularly the Temple Mount, to coincide with Friday Islamic prayers. It was also decided to impose restrictions, barring entry to any male under the age of 45 and/or holding an Israeli identity card. No restrictions are being imposed on female worshipers.

Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy warned that the Temple Mount was a "volcano about to erupt." He said if Gershon Solomon and his Temple Mount Faithful organization goes onto the holy site, bloodshed would result that would spread to all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza as well as outside the borders of the country.

Addressing a Supreme Court hearing dealing with a request by the Temple Mount Faithful to be permitted to ascend the holy site, Levy stressed that just the news of Solomon's imminent visit would be enough to stir the pot and result in widespread violence. Israeli Police remain opposed to Jews going onto the Mount and praying, fearing the Islamic community's response.

Palestinian Charity Sues British Jewry Over Terror Slur

By Ha'aretz

Interpal, one of the largest Palestinian charitable funds in Britain has filed a libel suit against the Jewish Board of Deputies, the umbrella organization of British Jewry, demanding the organization apologize for referring to the fund as a terror organization.

Six months ago, the Board of Deputies published on its web site a report that described Interpal as a terrorist organization. Interpal calls itself an "independent charitable organization providing support to the poor and needy Palestinian people."

The Board of Deputies report followed a U.S. decision published in August 2003 banning Interpal activity in the U.S. on grounds of suspicion of helping Hamas. The U.S. classified Interpal as a "specially designated global terror organization." The British commission responsible for nonprofit organizations opened an inquiry that led to a freeze on Interpal activity in Britain.

The case was closed in September 2003 and Interpal resumed activity after the commission reached the conclusion there was no evidence-linking Interpal to Hamas. The commission's report said the U.S. did not provide any evidence of the accusations leveled against Interpal.

Security sources told Ha'aretz the FBI had reservations about exposing classified intelligence material or handing over documents to the British commission, for fear it would be leaked to hostile elements.

Israel is furious about the decision to allow Interpal to continue operations, and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom demanded at meetings with British officials that they shut down the fund. The British said they couldn't take action because the commission is an independent agency, not subordinate to the government.

Mideast Morality Play.

By Mike Levine (Commentary)

The scene: The Great Spirit world. The players: Mohammed, Moses, and Jesus. The time: This past Monday morning.

Moses: What do you think God will do with him? Mohammed: I hope he'll be merciful.
Jesus: This will be a tough call.
Mohammed: Yes, but he wasn't totally bad you know. Moses: He murdered so many of my people. Mohammed: Yes, but it was war.
Jesus: I know, but suicide bombers? Using women, even children as bombs? Mohammed: I never could understand that. To tell you the truth, I never told him to do that. Moses: Hard to understand. After all, he himself was the father of eleven children. Jesus: What? I though he was paralyzed below the waist! Mohammed: Didn't I always tell you JC, you can't keep a good Muslim down? Moses: Enough with the jokes. There's nothing funny about having to decide what to do with a man's eternal soul. Jesus: You guys know the rules.
Mohammed: Ah, can't we give the old cripple a break? Moses: Did you really think he deserves one? He murdered indiscriminately. Did you ever hear a word of repentance or sorrow? Did he ever give any of his victims a break? Mohammed: But he was a devout man. His last earthly act was praying to God in the Mosque. Moses: That's true. Why don't we go to the Library of Light and look up his last prayer. Mohammed: Good idea. We'll make our decision after we hear what he prayed to God. Jesus: Put it up on the big screen and let's take a look. Mohammed: Ok guys, here we go.

On the big screen Sheik Yassin is seen sitting in his wheel chair surrounded by men on their knees, heads bent touching the carpet. His eyes are turned heavenward, hands extended, palms turned upward in supplication. His voice is very soft. He speaks very slowly. His eyes shine with the light of faith and devotion.

Yassin: Allah, oh merciful and benevolent one, I ask for your help to do your sacred work, as it is written in your blessed Koran, to kill the Jews, to find them behind every tree and behind every rock, to gouge out their eyes, to send them to the fires of hell and bring them to justice. Give me the strength to teach the Islamic message to the young, to show them the path to Paradise, to make them good soldiers in the war against Jewish pigs and monkeys, to instill in their hearts the love of martyrs, to inspire them to sacrifice themselves for your sake and drive the perfidious Jews into the boiling seas. Amen.

Jesus: Phew, not very pretty is it?
Moses: No it's not.
Mohammed: Well, I guess we know where he must spend eternity, don't we? May Allah have mercy on his sick soul. Jesus: No way in hell!

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