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Microsoft Removes Nazi Symbols & Star of David from Office Israel Faxx News Services

Microsoft has issued a tool to remove two swastikas from its Office 2003 product. The company said the Nazi symbols were included accidentally. The tool also removes a Star of David, which Microsoft said was in close proximity to the swastikas. The tool was included with a recent update for Office 2003. It is also available as a standalone download, at:;[LN];833404

Israel, On Trial By World Court, Buries Its Dead

By & Xinhuanet

In an ironic turn of events, the international trial against Israel's self-defense against Palestinian terrorism began Monday, precisely as Israeli families continued to bury their dead from the latest murderous attack.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague, Holland, began hearing arguments on the mostly-completed 450-mile barrier of fences, ditches, watch posts and - for 3-5 percent of it - concrete walls that Israel is erecting in and around Judea and Samaria.

The U.N. General Assembly requested the hearing, expected to last three days, and both Arab and Jewish groups have sent hundreds of protestors to The Hague to present their cases. The Arabs of the PA claim the barrier is a land grab and a form of apartheid preventing them from accessing their lands freely. Israel says, first of all, that it saves lives, and that if it were not for Palestinian terrorism, there would be no need for the fence. It further maintains that the barrier is not permanent, that it affects both Jews and Arabs on both sides, and that it is not in the jurisdiction of international bodies to tell Israel how to protect its citizens.

The Israeli position can be summed up as "Life is more important than quality of life," as Jerusalem City Councilman Nir Barkat, an eyewitness to Sunday's murderous attack, said shortly afterwards.

Israeli officials in The Hague, while not hosting an official Israeli delegation - Israel decided that sending one would be a recognition of the ICJ's right to hold the hearing - are busy coordinating the thousands of Jews and Israelis who came to protest the hearing. The Israeli officials in Holland received another shock Sunday when they learned that one of the eight victims in the murderous bus bombing in Jerusalem, Yehuda Chaim, was the brother of one of their co-workers, the wife of the Israeli economic consul in The Hague.

Thousands of Jews and Christians from Israel and around the world protested Monday morning in the square opposite the ICJ in The Hague. At the center of the protests was the shell of bombed-out Egged bus #19, displayed by representatives of the Israeli ZAKA organization; 11 Israelis were killed on that bus when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated himself aboard it last month. Other protestors each held aloft a large picture of one of the 927 terrorist victims of the past 40 months; eight others held black signs symbolizing the eight who were murdered Sunday. The names of each and every terrorist victim were read aloud.

The newly widowed wife of one of Sunday's victims, Yehuda Chaim, wrote an open letter to the judges of the ICJ. Published on the front page of Israel's largest paper, Yediot Achronot, it asked them to enable other families in Israel the simple right of "getting up in the morning without bereavement, without gravestones." Excerpts:

"Today you will sit there in The Hague and will hand down a judgment. Today, I am burying my husband - my heart that has been split in two. I am not a politician. I turn to you as someone who has lost her husband, whose heart has stopped - and as someone whose tragedy a partition fence could have prevented... People will come into your courtroom today to speak, to accuse. Into my home will come people to comfort me - but I will not be able to be comforted. At night, you will return home and kiss your spouse, hug your children - while I will remain alone...Don't judge my country, don't prevent it from preventing further victims. I am burying my husband; don't you bury justice."

"This wall is not about security. It is about entrenching the occupation and the de facto annexation of large areas of the Palestinian land," the chief Palestinian delegate, Nasser Al-Kidwa, told the tribunal. The construction of the barrier "confirms the attitude of the occupying power. They want to annex territories, to partition, divide the territory and make it difficult for the people to live there," Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League, said on the fringes of the hearing.

In its written submission, Israel said the General Assembly referral to the court is "absolutely silent" on the issue of violence. "It is a travesty and reflects a great prejudice and imbalance within the requesting organ." Like Israel, the United States argued in a written brief that the court could inadvertently undermine the road map peace process and urged the 15 judges to refrain from taking a stand.

On Monday evening, the head of the Arab League threw an olive bran to Israel. Amr Moussa said the Arab world was ready to make peace with Israel if it met its obligations, such as abandoning the separation barrier. He reiterated a Saudi-backed plan approved by his organization in 2002 calling for a comprehensive peace with Israel. "We are ready to live in peace in the Middle East with the state of Israel provided that the state of Israel will respect its obligations."

New Book Claims Israel Possesses 82 Nuclear Warheads

By Ha'aretz

A book recently published in the U.S. claims Israel has 82 nuclear warheads, a figure which is substantially lower than previous estimates of about 200 nuclear devices. The book, excerpts of which appeared Monday on the Drudge Report Web site, quotes a secret report handed to the American administration when President George W. Bush entered office.

The book itself, written by former Washington Times Pentagon reporter Rowan Scarborough, is titled "Rumsfeld's War" and deals with the image of the U.S. defense secretary, also quoting various intelligence assessments handed to him when he took office. One such report, classified as "secret," lists the nations possessing nuclear weapons and assesses their projected future capabilities.

According to the chart shown in the report, Israel currently has between 60 and 80 nuclear warheads, a number that would increase to between 65 and 85 by the year 2020. The report also names Iran as capable of producing between 10 and 20 warheads by 2020. The report states that Israel "will maintain an arsenal of about 80 nuclear devices." The classified assessment quoted in the book was said to have been prepared by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

Vanunu: I Have No More Nuclear Secrets

By Ha'aretz

Mordechai Vanunu denies that he knows additional secrets about Israel's nuclear capability. Vanunu, in conversations with his brothers Meir and Asher at Ashkelon's Shikma Prison, denied that he has the ability, or intention, to disclose additional nuclear secrets, He is serving an 18-year sentence for divulging information.

Vanunu's denial represent his first response to reports that security officials and prosecutors have been discussing the possibility of placing restrictions on him when he finishes his jail term in two months. Vanunu told his brothers he has been cut off from his former place of work at the Dimona nuclear reactor for 20 years, and that he does not have any information beyond what was published in the British Sunday Times.

Vanunu denied a report published last week in Yediot Achronot suggesting that he intended to divulge additional nuclear secrets. In this report, a former Shikma inmate said that he heard Vanunu express intentions to disclose classified information as soon as he was released; the former inmate also said that he heard Vanunu express satisfaction following Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis. Responding to this report,

Vanunu told his brothers: "It's all fabricated." Meir Vanunu, who traveled to Israel recently from his home in Australia, told Ha'aretz that he suspects security officials are behind a systematic effort to circulate reports to denigrate his brother, and to prepare the Israeli public for the possibility that post-prison restrictions will be slapped on him.

Vanunu told his brothers that after his release, he would leave Israel immediately and try to settle in the U.S. and study at a university. Other options include moving to Norway, where a university conferred on him a few years ago an honorary doctorate, or to Italy, where he lived for a few months and converted to Christianity, before he was kidnapped by Mossad agents in Rome in 1986 and returned to Israel.

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