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Anti-Semitism Reported at Foothill College

By Davka

Editor: A Foothill College student recently wrote Davka about anti-Semitism on his campus. Christopher Ojeda's letter was inspired by an incident that occurred on the California junior college campus where Prof. Leighton Armitage was interviewed in the campus newspaper speaking of a Jewish conspiracy to control America and also comparing Jews to Nazis. Ojeda, a Mexican-American who converted to Judaism, told us about anti-Semitism at Foothill College. To read the Armitage interview, paste the following link into your browser then read page 9 of the Sentinel:

Powell Blames Arafat for Impasse in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts

By David Gollust (VOA-State Department)

Secretary of State Colin Powell Thursday put blame for the impasse in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts squarely on Yasir Arafat, who he said was aware of those who are committing anti-Israel acts of terror but has failed to move against them.

In Senate testimony, Powell insisted U.S. peace efforts are intensive. He said that unless Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia can wrest control of security forces from Arafat and move against terrorism, U.S.-led efforts to get progress on the international "road map" to Middle East peace would be frustrated.

In testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Powell leveled some of his sharpest criticism to date of Arafat, who he said has failed to move in any "systematic or definitive" way against radical factions that he knows are behind suicide attacks against Israel.

"I put the blame squarely on Chairman Arafat for his unwillingness to speak out, use the moral authority as a leader that everybody says he has, not just to occasionally give a statement condemning this, not only to condemn this kind of activity, but take action against those organizations that he knows is committing those acts," he said. "And if he would show that kind of effort, that kind of commitment, then we could stand the occasional attack that takes place because we know that the Palestinians have become a partner in going after the perpetrators of these attacks."

Powell said he understood the frustration among Palestinians about Israeli policies, including settlements, detentions and the route of its controversial security barrier in the West Bank. But he said those problems couldn't be allowed to "serve as an excuse" for suicide attacks or other acts of terror.

Under questioning from Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, Powell acknowledged that the United States' standing in the Muslim world has been hurt by a lack of progress toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But he insisted the administration is doing a great deal to try to advance peace efforts even though President Bush did not mention the subject in his State of the Union message last month.

"It is a matter of utmost urgency for us, because we fully understand that this conflict, between the Palestinians and Israelis, is the source of a great deal of the anti-American feelings that exist in that part of the world, and does affect what we're doing in Iraq," he said. "And I would do anything to find a magic bullet to solve this one. But the problem is the same problem that has been there for the three years that I have been working in this account. And that is terrorism, terrorism that still emanates from Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other organizations that are not interested in peace, not interested in a state for the Palestinian people. They're interested in the destruction of Israel."

Powell said he would send another U.S. diplomatic team to the region "in the next week or so" to seek a better understanding of plans by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for, among other things, dismantling Israeli settlements and whether they might be useful in getting peace efforts moving. He said the immediate goal of U.S. diplomacy was to help arrange a meeting between Sharon and Qureia and said he hoped that could happen soon as a catalyst to get the sides "to engage more fully."

Israel on High Alert as Palestinians Vow Revenge for Gaza Raids

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel is on high alert for possible attacks by Palestinian militant groups who are vowing revenge for Israeli raids in the Gaza Strip Wednesday in which 15 Palestinians were killed and scores more were injured. Israel's Army Radio said troops have been put on high alert throughout the country in anticipation of possible revenge attacks by Palestinian militants.

The militant group, Hamas warned of bloody attacks to come in retaliation for Wednesday's Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. One Hamas leader told Israel Radio the group had sent out the word to its cells in Gaza and the West Bank to prepare to strike at Israelis everywhere. Hamas spokesman Abdelaziz Rantisi said Israelis would pay a heavy price.

Israeli forces clashed with armed militants in two separate raids Wednesday in what turned into the bloodiest day of operations in recent months. In eastern Gaza City, 12 Palestinians were killed, while another three were killed in Rafah, near the Egyptian border. The military said the raids were designed to crack down on militant cells preparing to launch attacks against Israeli targets.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said if peace talks with the Palestinians fail, he was prepared to disengage unilaterally by removing almost all the Israeli settlements from Gaza. Some analysts said Israel will want to show toughness prior to any pullout to make sure Palestinian militants do not see such action as a victory. Some saw Wednesday's operations in Gaza as part of a muscle flexing exercise.

Swine: Secret Weapon Against Islamic Terror?


A suggestion that has been made repeatedly since the start of the Oslo War is about to be adopted by Israel's police force. According to a report by Maariv, the plan calls for the insertion of bags of pig fat in public buses and other central locations in the hope that it will deter Islamic terrorist suicide bombers aiming for martyrdom from detonating themselves there.

The suggestion is based on the fact that Islam regards the pig as an unclean animal and Muslim law bars any Muslim who touches a pig before dying access to heaven. One of the basic motives for Islamic suicide terrorists is the assurance that as a 'shahid' or martyr, their place in paradise is guaranteed as they die in 'holy martyrdom' for the sake of Islam.

Although the idea has been vocally suggested for years, and was practiced in various forms by the British before 1948, the Maariv report said that the police just recently "thought of the idea," but wanted to obtain rabbinic assurance that the plan would not upset observant Jews.

Rabbi Eliezer Moshe Fisher, of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, issued his official ruling on Wednesday saying, "There is no halachic (Jewish legal) ban on using bags of lard in buses and other places" when saving lives is concerned. The Jewish legal permit says that bags of lard may be placed in any place that might be a target for suicide bombings, such as schools, shopping malls, railway stations and any other crowded area.

The rabbi also said that if the police do not use pig fat in buses, tens of thousands of Torah-observant Jews would arm themselves with spray guns filled with liquid lard, which they would then spray on terrorists as the need arises.

Deputy Defense Minister MK Yaakov Edri (Likud) came out in support of the new idea. "If bags of pig lard will prevent zealous Muslim terrorists from carrying out attacks, I'm all for it."

According to the Moskovski Komsomol newspaper, Russian security have been burying Chechen terrorists wrapped in pig's skin ever since the siege on a Russian theater last year. Reportedly, the actions have become a deterrent amongst Chechen Muslims but have done nothing to deter nationalist terrorism.

Residents of Gush Katif have tried the formula in the past, inserting pig fat in the body of terrorists that have attacked their homes. Residents told Arutz-7 that a "right-wing kibbutz-nik" had supplied them with the swine tissues. Arab MKs responded to a report of such actions with outrage.

Abdel Malek Dahamshe said, "The ethical inferiority and lowliness that the settlers have reached is intolerable. This is an act of first-degree desecration of God's name." MK Tzvi Hendel responded, "If these primitive murderers stuff their brains with nonsense about Paradise and who-knows-how-many virgins waiting only for them, then they certainly believe in the other nonsense that being buried with pigskin blocks their way to Paradise."

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