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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0105.txt
Quote of the Day: Sharon to Soldiers
Sharon Orders Removal of Two Illegal Settlements
Israel Denies New Golan Heights Settlement Plans
Infant Born on the Begin Highway newsletter: 4fax0106.txt
Chinese Caught Trying to Bug Israeli Embassy
Sharon: Israel Would Dismantle Some Settlements in Peace Deal
Israeli Official: Barrier Could Cause International Isolation
Israeli Army Base for Rent
"Dr. Laura" Criticized by Holocaust Scholars newsletter: 4fax0107.txt
Government Prepares to Uproot 28 More Outposts
Eichler: Israel Has Non-Jewish Majority
Ex-Mossad Chief Halevy: PA Aims For One-State Solution
Sharon's Office Plays Down Reports of Diplomatic Contacts with Libya
Israel Pushes Tourism with Tape to U.S. Protestants newsletter: 4fax0108.txt
Orthodox U.S. Rabbi: Eating Kosher May Protect Against Mad Cow
Turkey Offers to Mediate Between Israel, Syria
Libya, Israel Downplay Reports of Diplomatic Contacts
Telemarketer Hires Hundreds of New Olim newsletter: 4fax0109.txt
Barak: A Deal with Syria Means Leaving the Golan Heights
Syria's Weapon of Mass Distraction
Report: Iran Renews Flow of Weapons Via Syria to Hizbullah.
Israeli Politicians Push for Resumption of Talks with Syria
Salesman Arrested for Theft of Mikveh Funds newsletter: 4fax0112.txt
Transfer is Not a Dirty Word
Sharon: Palestinians Have Themselves to Blame for Security Barrier
Sharon: No Statehood for Palestinians Without Israeli Support newsletter: 4fax0113.txt
Sharon Pledges to Seek Approval Before Separating Israel from Palestinians
Palestinian Officials Reject U.S. Demand to Repudiate Terror
Assad Rejects Katzav's Invitation to Visit Israel
Palestinian Editor: Zionists Behind anti-Semitic Attacks newsletter: 4fax0114.txt
New School for Kosher Chefs Opens in Jerusalem
Bullets, Rockets and Bomb Belts
Three SS Officers Indicted In Italy
U.S. Investigators Blame Israeli Negligence for 1967 Attack newsletter: 4fax0115.txt
Israeli Foreign Ministry Launches Arabic Web Site
Israel May Further Restrict Access of Palestinian Workers
Annan: Israeli Policies No Reason for Anti-Semitism
Mel Gibson Film 'Passion' to Debut on 2,000 Screens newsletter: 4fax0116.txt
WHO: Bird Flu May Become Bigger Than SARS
Israeli High Court to Consider Legality of Security Barrier
Israel Seals Gaza Strip
Helping Israel From Abroad newsletter: 4fax0119.txt
Israel to Dismantle Some Outposts, Allows Palestinians to Return Work
Ambassador Mazel's "Performance Art"
IDF General: Destroying Yesha is a 'Mission Impossible'
Druze Religious Leader Commits to Noahide 'Seven Laws' newsletter: 4fax0120.txt
Prison Authority will Not Permit Amir Wedding
Sharon: Syria Talks Would Mean Golan Withdrawal
Israeli Soldier Killed in Hizbullah Attack at Lebanese Border
Female Terrorist Adulteress Atone by Murdering Jews
Photographic Proof: Allies Could Have Bombed Death Camps newsletter: 4fax0121.txt
Cellular Antennae and Cancer
Israel Strikes Southern Lebanon
Israelis, Palestinians Scale Antarctic Summit
Soldier Gets 56 Days in Jail for Jaywalking newsletter: 4fax0122.txt
Sharon Could Face Bribery Charges in Land Deal
Newspapers Fined for Violating Censor's Restrictions
Police Probe Death of Two-Year-Old Following Tonsil Operation
Mathematicians Dissect a Miracle newsletter: 4fax0123.txt
Bank Leumi Accused of Holding on to Holocaust Accounts
Israeli Troops Kill Youth in Gaza
Foreign Ministry Supports Plan to Send Remains of Bus to Hague Court
New Egyptian Hit Song Blames U.S. For 9/11
One Miracle Proven, Another in the Offing? newsletter: 4fax0126.txt
One in Seven Britons Says Holocaust is Exaggerated
Israel, Hizbullah Agree on Prisoner Swap
Saudi Peace Initiative Reported: Arab States to Absorb Refugees
Irate Motorist Fires at Traffic Camera newsletter: 4fax0127.txt
Libyan Leader Works the PR Circuit
Hamas Makes an Offer to Israel for a 10-year Ceasefire
Israel Prevents Suicide Bombing Planned for Tel Aviv
Kerry & Dean's Anti-Israel Sentiments
'State of Palestine' Under Islamic Sharta Law newsletter: 4fax0128.txt
5 Jews Taken into Custody for Trying to Pray on the Temple Mount
Senior Israeli Official Denies Effort to Reach Deal with Settlers
From PLO Terrorist to Lover of Zion newsletter: 4fax0129.txt
Knesset Hopes Hatikva Stays Unchanged
Israel to Exchange 400 Prisoners for Businessman Held by Hizbullah
At Least 9 Palestinians Killed in Gun Battle with Israeli Soldiers
Lesson in PR From the Palestinians
Anti-Israel Propaganda On Cable TV, Newton, Mass. newsletter: 4fax0130.txt
Palestinian Terrorists Murder 10 in Jerusalem Bus Explosion
Reporter's Notebook: Gruesome Scene on Perfectly Normal Day in Jerusalem
Because, If You Don't Cry, Who Will?
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