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Prison Authority will Not Permit Amir Wedding


Prison Authorities said that a request by Yigal Amir to wed would be denied. Amir, convicted of the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, asked permission to wed. Since his conviction, he has been in isolation, never seeing other prisoners, with only a small number of persons permitted to visit. Amir plans to marry Dr. Larisa Trimbobler, a divorced mother of four with a PhD in philosophy. According to reports, the two exchanged letters over the past year. Following her divorce, the two made the decision to request permission to wed and have a family.

Sharon: Syria Talks Would Mean Golan Withdrawal

By VOA News

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has told members of his country's parliament that peace negotiations with Syria would ultimately result in Israel's withdrawal from the Golan Heights. He did not elaborate on his remark, which came in a meeting Monday of a Knesset committee.

Sharon has said in the past that he opposes a pullback from the strategic heights that Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 war. A spokesman said a lawmaker at the meeting asked Sharon if it would be a good time to accept Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's offer of talks. Israel Radio said some members of parliament interpreted Sharon's comments as a warning against an early resumption of negotiations with Syria.

In a newspaper interview last month, Assad said he wants to resume talks where they broke off in 2000 - with Israel offering to withdraw from most of the Golan Heights. Israel has said there should not be any conditions on new negotiations.

Israeli Soldier Killed in Hizbullah Attack at Lebanese Border

By VOA News

One Israeli soldier was killed and another wounded when Lebanon's Hizbullah terrorist group destroyed an Israeli military bulldozer Monday. The Israeli army said a rocket hit the bulldozer while it was clearing explosives that had been planted along the Lebanese border. The army says the bulldozer was on the Israeli side of the divide.

But Hizbullah said the bulldozer had crossed into Lebanese territory, "violating" the border. The militant Islamic group claims it got a direct hit on the vehicle.

The chief of Israel's northern command, Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz, called the incident "very serious" and indicated that retaliation is being considered. He went on to blame Syria for backing Hizbullah.

Earlier, Hizbullah had said it fired on Israeli jets flying over southern Lebanon. The group said the Israeli planes flew over the middle parts of southern Lebanon, violating Lebanese air space. Residents reported that the planes broke the sound barrier over the port city of Tyre. Israel has flown regular sorties over Lebanon since withdrawing its troops from the southern part of the country in 2000.

Female Terrorist Adulteress Atone by Murdering Jews


"Hamas took advantage of our compassion," said IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon "when it sent a female suicide terrorist disguised as a cripple, and the ones to pay for it now will be the Palestinian population."

Yaalon made the remarks when he visited Erez Crossing in northern Gaza, where four security personnel were felled last Wednesday by the murderer. She cried and begged to be allowed through a checkpoint, and then capitalized on the moment when a guard took pity on her and detonated her explosives amidst a group of Israelis.

In her pre-suicide video speech, the woman - a mother of a year-old baby and a 3-year-old toddler - smilingly boasted of her long-time dream to "become a martyr" for her people. "It was always my wish to turn my body into deadly shrapnel against the Zionists and to knock on the doors of heaven with the skulls of Zionists."

It now, appears, however, that she was not as ideologically-inclined as it appeared - and that in fact her act was simply a quadruple murder designed to "solve" her own personal family problems. After the bombing, AP reported, the murderer's family refused to speak to reporters, a rarity in these cases, and did not set up a mourning tent for her. Israeli security officials have been quoted as saying that she was in fact an adulteress who was forced to carry out the attack to restore her family's honor. As has been widely documented, Muslim women in the PA and elsewhere who are accused of adultery are not infrequently killed by their relatives in what is known as "honor killings."

It was further reported that the terrorist's illicit lover recruited her and gave her the suicide bomb belt. PA security officials said her husband drove her to Erez to carry out the attack.

PA sources denied the reports regarding the motivation, and continued to give assurances that she was religiously motivated. Hamas, however, showing flexibility in meeting the needs of the times, has reportedly adapted its traditional position against the use of woman suicide bombers, and permits such murders in two cases: when the woman is more likely to successfully carry out the assignment, or when she is need of "atonement" for having committed family-related sins.

Photographic Proof: Allies Could Have Bombed Death Camps

By & The Guardian

Photographs taken by British pilots in 1944, at the height of the Holocaust, reveal the truth of the long-time Jewish claim that the Allies could have bombed the railroad tracks leading to the Nazi death camps - and even the gas chambers themselves.

The archives of some five million photos are being made available on a new Internet site ( Some pictures show a clearly-identifiable plume of smoke rising from a crematorium in Auschwitz, while others show smoke rising from burial pits where bodies that were unable to be taken to the crematoria were burned.

"One thing is certain," says Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum director Avner Shalev. "These photos show once again, in a most chilling manner, that which was known before: The Allies were able to reach the death camps, fly over them, photograph them - and bomb them."

British sources said that the tremendous amount of photographs that were taken made it difficult to analyze all of the relevant ones. The Allied intelligence services apparently chose the ones that were of immediate military importance.

Shalev added that it was in mid-1944 when the destruction of at least 437,000 Hungarian Jewish men, women and children was at its peak. Yad Vashem archives already have pictures taken by American and South African pilots of the death camps, including some which show the smoke of dead Jews rising skyward. In many cases, an analysis of the time and date of the picture, together with information on the various transports of Jews that arrived at the camps, can produce an accurate picture of the precise origin of the transport eternalized in the photo.

At the time the Nazi authorities, knowing their defeat was in sight, ordered a steep increase in the tempo of extermination. Crematoria were overwhelmed and temporary burial pits were fired. Those due to be taken to the gas ovens had to queue for a day in woodland near one crematorium, so the ashes of earlier victims fell on them as they waited. The resolution of the possibly unique aerial image is so good that inmates can be seen on roll call.

The British public knew little about the death camps and liberating them was not an allied war priority. Gassings continued at Auschwitz for five months after the picture was taken. The camp was not liberated and the extent of atrocities not disclosed until Jan. 27 1945.

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