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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax1201.txt
An E-Mail Letter to Help Israel
Unofficial Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan to be Signed Monday
Sharon Peace Initiative Faces Opposition from Israeli Army
Israeli Company Developing Alzheimer's Vaccine newsletter: 3fax1202.txt
Rabbis: Support for Geneva Agreement "Treasonous"
Israel Raids West Bank as Unofficial Peace Accord Discussed
Israeli AIDS Patients Still Suffer Humiliation newsletter: 3fax1203.txt
AG: "Traitor" Label is not a Criminal Offense
FM Shalom: We are Waiting for Syrian Actions
'Geneva Accord' Draws Mixed Reactions from Israelis, Palestinians
Technology That Assembles Itself newsletter: 3fax1204.txt
Israeli Security on Worldwide Alert
Israel Arrests Palestinians Planning to Bomb School
Powell Invites New Ideas for Middle East Peace
Vote on Bill Punishing Recalcitrant Husbands
Book Review: Love Story Set Amid Israeli-Palestinian Conflict newsletter: 3fax1205.txt
Palestinians Discuss Ceasefire
Labor MK: "U.S. Position on Pollard is Vindictive, Stubborn and Inflexible"
Antibiotics to Treat Genetic Disorders newsletter: 3fax1208.txt
Reservists to be Discharged from IDF at Age 40
Palestinian Factions Fail to Reach Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement
Olmert's Call For Withdrawal From Palestinian Areas Sparks Controversy
MK Eldad Acts to Prevent Temple Mount Arafat Burial newsletter: 3fax1209.txt
Yassin: Jewish State in Europe, Not in Israel
Hamas Planned Attacks in North America
Experts Ponder Impact of Failed Palestinian Ceasefire Talks
Egyptian Library Pulls Protocols; Lies About It
AG Orders probe into Street Nudity Promo newsletter: 3fax1210.txt
Demographer: Holy Land Has Non-Jewish Majority
Sharon: Israel May Soon Remove Some West Bank Settlements
Israel to Cooperate with World Court Over Security Barrier
Mother of Seven Carried Bomb Belt For Attempted Attack newsletter: 3fax1211.txt
Israelis Win Oud Competition in Egypt
Jewish Cemetery Desecrated at Auschwitz
Court Sets Precedent Obligating Alimony in Civil Marriages
Israel's First Eskimo Soldier newsletter: 3fax1212.txt
Six Palestinians Killed in Gaza Clash
Three Killed in Attempt on Life of Underworld Kingpin
French Report Backs Ban on Veils, Kippot and Crosses
Survey: Germans Annoyed About Holocaust Guilt newsletter: 3fax1215.txt
"The Kotel is Part of al-Aqsa"
Palestinians Mark 'Black Day' of Saddam Capture; Hamas: U.S. Will Pay
Sharon to Reiterate Support for Palestinian Sate newsletter: 3fax1216.txt
Israel to Launch its Second Commercial Satellite
Israel has Strong Claims Against Saddam
Sharon Ally Doubts Israel PM Can Win Support for Uprooting Settlers
Israel Reveals Weapon That Shoots Around Corners newsletter: 3fax1217.txt
Father Tries to Exhume Son's Body
Israel Had Plans to Kill Saddam
Foreign Jews Buying Fancy Homes in Israel newsletter: 3fax1218.txt
Iraqi Infant Dies following Surgery in Wolfson Hospital
ADL Poll: 43 Percent of Americans Believe Israel is Threat to World Peace \
Pat Robertson Warns Israel Against Allowing Palestinian State
Israel Denies Report of Secret Sharon-Saddam Meeting Following Arrest
Saddam's Novel - Be Gone, Demons! newsletter: 3fax1219.txt
Sharon Urges Palestinians to Make Peace
Lapid Decries/Advocates Transfer of Arabs/Jews
92 Percent of Israelis Likely to Light Chanukah Candles newsletter: 3fax1222.txt
Palestinians Fighting Against U.S. in Iraq
Lifting of U.S. Ban Places Israel in Saudi Arabian Danger
Israeli Official Suggests Possible Mass Evacuation of Jewish Settlers
Israel Arrests Senior Hamas Member, Demolishes Gaza Buildings
Israel Welcomes Libya's Renouncement of WMDs newsletter: 3fax1223.txt
Menorah in Saddam's Palace
Iran Warns Israel Against Possible Attacks
Palestinians Assault Egyptian Foreign Minister at Jerusalem Mosque
Thieves Vandalize Masada Fresco newsletter: 3fax1224.txt
Israel Internet Use is Up
Eight Palestinians Killed as Israeli Tanks Move into Gaza Refugee Camp
Intifada Adds to Reasons Why Christians are Leaving Bethlehem newsletter: 3fax1225.txt
Muslim Cleric Names First Child 'Saddam Hussein'
PA: Israeli Instigation Behind Attack On Maher
Arab Intifada is a European Proxy War on America
Chanukah Miracle for Holocaust Survivor Siblings newsletter: 3fax1226.txt
Iran Warns Israel against an Attack
Four People Killed in Petach Tikva Suicide Bombing
Israeli "Steadicopter" Requires No Pilot newsletter: 3fax1229.txt
Amos-2 Launched
Iranian Leaders to Victims: Better That You Die Than We Accept Israeli Help
Israeli-Palestinian Group Launches Antarctic Expedition
Israel to Consider Syrian Bid to Restart Peace Talks newsletter: 3fax1230.txt
Shalom Calls for Immediate Revocation of Arafat's Nobel Prize
Jewish Settlers Vow to Stay in Occupied Territories
Samaritans Fight to Survive newsletter: 3fax1231.txt
Using Garlic to Fight Cancer
Israel Changes Route of West Bank Security Barrier
Israeli Troops Raid Nablus
Arab Knesset Member Compares IDF Soldiers to Nazis
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