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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax1103.txt
Arabs attack Jews on Board Jordanian Royal Air Flight
59 Percent of Europeans Say Israel is Threat to Peace
Israel Readies for General Strike
Israel Eases Some Restrictions on Palestinians' Movement
Plans to Bring 19,000 Falash Mura Home to Israel newsletter: 3fax1104.txt
Worker Arrested for Spitting on Rabin Memorial
Iran's Nuclear Program is Key issue as Israeli Leader Visits Moscow
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Injures Israeli Soldier
Israeli Court Blocks Planned Strike
Hizbullah TV Airs 'Jewish Plan to Dominate the World' newsletter: 3fax1105.txt
Israeli Arrested for Hacking Mossad Website
Sharon Adviser Wants Arabs to Wave Flags and Take Loyalty Oaths
Arafat Extends Emergency Cabinet
Rabbi Ravitz Released from German Prison in Time for Shabbat
Berlin Fires General Who Praised Anti-Jewish Speech newsletter: 3fax1106.txt
Israeli Call-in Show - "Science and Genesis"
Kissinger: Sharon Could Make 'Astonishing' Concessions
Sharon to Seek Approval for Israel-Hizbullah Prisoner Swap
Israel Lifts Military Blockades Against Most West Bank Cities
New Blow to Much-Delayed German Holocaust Memorial newsletter: 3fax1107.txt
Arab Children's Gang Terrorizes Jewish Kids in Lod
Dalia Rabin Shouts at Right Wing MK at Memorial Service
Live From Israel: Top Secret Weapons Test
Natural History Museum Displays Artifacts of Ancient City Petra newsletter: 3fax1110.txt
Mossad Director: Hizbullah Deal Encourages More Kidnappings
Israel Approves 400 Terrorist Prisoner Swap with Hizbullah
Broadway Play Honors Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir newsletter: 3fax1111.txt
Netanyahu: Invest in Israel Now
Lebanese Terrorist Dirani: I Never Tortured Ron Arad
Nazi Gas Maker IG Farben Declares Bankruptcy
Holocaust Heroine Gets Poland's Highest Honor
Demographic Scare Called a Scare newsletter: 3fax1112.txt
AP Omits Israel in List of Terror Attacks
German Firm Says Israel Baby Food Lacked Key Vitamin
IAEA: Iran is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons
Israelis Can Now Adopt Children from India newsletter: 3fax1113.txt
Remedia Executive Questioned for 10 Hours
Israel, Palestinian PMs Extend New Efforts Toward Peace
American Jewry Criticized
Itim, Israel's News Agency, Folds
Yad Vashem Responds to Italian Poll Revealing Widespread Holocaust Denial newsletter: 3fax1114.txt
Israel Presents U.N. with Resolution on Behalf of Children
Sharon, Qureia to Meet Next Week
U.S. Court Rejects Pollard's Petition for Right to Appeal
Itim News Agency Resumes Operation newsletter: 3fax1117.txt
Mossad Warned of Possible Attack in Turkey
Turkey, Israel Investigate Istanbul Synagogue Bombings newsletter: 3fax1118.txt
30,000 ´birthright´ Participants Coming Back
Turkey Probes Possible al-Qaida Role in Synagogue Bombing
Mediator Hopeful for Palestinian-Israeli Ceasefire
Mossad Chief: Nuclear Iran is Worst-Ever Threat to Israel
Israeli Pupils Send Books to San Diego Jewish School newsletter: 3fax1119.txt
Mossad: 40 Global Terror Alerts
Turkish Officials: Synagogue Bombers Likely Turkish Nationals with al-Qaida Links
Two Israelis Killed Near Jerusalem
'Savior Angel' Pushes Car from Railroad Track newsletter: 3fax1120.txt
Gunman Wounds Tourists at Israel-Jordan Border
Israel Pushes UN to Stand Firm on Iran Nuclear Program
French Rabbi: Wear Baseball Caps, Not Kippot, in Public
Echoes of the Holocaust in Germany newsletter: 3fax1121.txt
Jewish Agency Chairman Comments on Situation in France
Ex-IDF Intelligence Chief Makes Case Against Geneva Plan
Istanbul Shaken Following Explosions That Killed 27
Jewish Talk Show Host Targeted by U.S. Islamic Group newsletter: 3fax1124.txt
Religious Council Employees Threaten to Strike
Israel Threatens Strikes on Iranian Nuclear Targets
Fatah Faction Claims Responsibility for Killing Israeli Guards
EU Buries Anti-Semitism Report Because It Blames Muslims newsletter: 3fax1125.txt
Israeli Check Bounces
Sharon's New Plan Draws Internal Criticism
Mussolini: World Should 'Beg Forgiveness of Israel'
Israelis Build DNA Transistor: Are the Borg Next?
Kosher is Better All Around newsletter: 3fax1126.txt
IAEA Expected to Condemn Iran for Hiding Nuclear Secrets
Talks Between Israel, Palestinian Leaders Face Obstacles
Swiss Gov´t Funding Beilin Plan, Buying Coverage of Ceremony
Netanyahu's Vision: Eilat-Ashdod Bridge
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