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Jewish Agency Chairman Comments on Situation in France


Following a call from French Chief Rabbi Joseph Sitruk that Jews refrain from weapon a kippah visibly outdoors, Jewish Agency Chairman Sallai Meridor stated that 60 years after the events in Europe we once again find Jews might not walk about freely without fear. Meridor decried the situation in France, calling upon the European community to take a long hard look at current realities. Sitruk is advising Jews not to display their religion outwardly in the hope of avoiding being targeted in anti-Semitic attacks.

Ex-IDF Intelligence Chief Makes Case Against Geneva Plan


Gen. Yaakov Amidror, a religious Jew who headed IDF Military Intelligence, has condemned the Geneva plan in Ha'aretz. He noted a number of dangerous concessions proposed by Yossi Beilin and the other Israelis who helped formulate the plan, including the ceding of the Temple Mount, which he said clearly indicates that the "Jewish nation is giving up on the center of its national identity, and giving it to its competitors who claim ownership of the land."

Amidror also bemoaned the willingness to give up almost all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, especially the Ariel area, which "greatly increases the number of Israelis who will have to be evacuated or expelled from their homes... and leaves [Israel's] central region exposed to every threat."

The ex-intelligence chief wrote that the "unspoken" concession is that of "any security arrangements," noting that the two "isolated and worthless warning stations" called for by the Geneva plan are but a "wretched remnant of Yitzchak Rabin's demand for a military border on the Jordan River," and that the defense arrangements are even worse than those the PA agreed to during the Barak period.

Other points raised by Amidror: All of Israel's security demands have been traded for a foreign military force and declarations of cooperation. No Israeli force in the Jordan Valley or along Egyptian border to prevent terrorist infiltrations, or at crossings or seaports to prevent arms smuggling. No Israeli rights to act against terrorists. If the agreement falls apart, Israel will be in a much worse position than at present. Israel is at the mercy of international arbitrators regarding the number of Arab "refugees" who may "return" to Israel. An Israeli promise to memorialize the Arab villages that existed before 1948. The plan obligates Israel to withdraw even if Palestinian terrorism continues. Israel recognizes PA water rights, but not vice-versa. The PA is granted a territorial corridor between Judea and Gaza, via which it can transport tanks.

The Geneva plan allows for "Special Cemetery Arrangements" enabling Palestinian access to a cemetery in the German Colony neighborhood of western Jerusalem, on the central thoroughfare Emek Refaim St. Ten weeks ago, a Palestinian terrorist blew himself up at a cafe on that street.

In the meantime, however, the Supreme Court has nullified a ban by Israel's two broadcasting authorities on commercials on behalf of the Geneva document. Supreme Court President Aharon Barak headed a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the Geneva plan initiators and against the regulations disallowing commercials on political issues.

Istanbul Shaken Following Explosions That Killed 27

By Amberin Zaman (VOA-Istanbul) & Ha'aretz

At least 27 people were killed and more than 450 wounded in Istanbul Thursday when bomb-laden trucks slammed into the British Consulate and a branch of a London-based bank. Among the victims was British Consul-General Roger Short. The attacks come just five days after suicide bombers attacked two synagogues in the city, killing at least 26 people and wounding 200 more.

Shards of shattered glass and jagged pieces of metal could be seen strewn for hundreds of yards - scenes similar to those of Saturday's synagogue attacks. Eyewitnesses say they saw a smoldering mountain of rubble seven feet high in front of the British Consulate, where a police booth once stood. A policeman at the scene said he saw a green pick-up truck pull up in front of the consulate just minutes before the attack.

Turkish interior minister, Abdulkadir Aksu, said there were similarities with Saturday's suicide bombings of two Istanbul synagogues. A group with links to the al-Qaida terror network claimed responsibility for those attacks. A man calling the semiofficial Anatolia news agency claimed that al-Qaida and the militant Islamic Great Eastern Raiders' Front, or IBDA-C, jointly claimed responsibility for attacks.

Turkish authorities established the identities of the suicide bombers at the synagogues as Turkish citizens who had links with a local Islamic terrorist organization called Hezbollah. The group has no connection with its Lebanese namesake, but reportedly received training and equipment from Iran.

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Thursday that Turkey will defeat terrorists and he deplored the timing of the attacks, during the Islamic month of Ramadan. "Those who bloodied this holy day and massacred innocent people will account for it in both worlds," he said. "They will be damned until eternity."

Jewish Talk Show Host Targeted by U.S. Islamic Group


A controversial Islamic organization in America is campaigning against the popular Jewish radio psychologist, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, for what they term an "anti-Muslim tirade" on her program this week. Schlessinger, whose syndicated call-in talk show is listened to by 12 million Americans, "crossed the line from legitimate commentary on terrorism to Islamophobic bigotry," accused the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

The comments, on Dr. Laura's program Monday, came in response to a mother who asked whether her 16-year-old daughter should take part in a Catholic high school class's field trip to a local mosque. The visit was part of a "moral themes" class that aimed to help students learn how "Muslims are treated" in the United States.

Schlessinger told the mother, "This is a class on morals. What is the point of going to a mosque? ... You're joking, of course... How many Americans have tortured and murdered Muslims? I think you ought to stand up against this class and this teacher. This is despicable. You tell him you are willing to go to the mosque only if it is one that has done its best to rout out terrorists in its midst instead of complaining.

"I am horrified that you would let her go. I am so sick and tired of all the Arab-American groups whining and complaining about some kind of treatment. What culture and what religion were all the murderers of 9-11? They murdered us. That's the culture you want your daughter to learn about?"

In a statement, CAIR said last year it asked Schlessinger to clarify her claim there is a "Muslim plan" to take over the world. The group's communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, said, "Dr. Laura's anti-Muslim tirade demonstrates a level of hostility toward Islam that should be of concern to her program's audience and sponsors."

"It has been our experience that one-on-one interactions with ordinary American Muslims are the best way to dispel Islamophobic stereotypes and promote religious tolerance," Hooper said. "It is a pity that Dr. Laura would interfere with that learning process by dissuading a student from visiting a mosque."

However, CAIR itself has helped cast doubt on Muslim groups that purport to be mainstream promoters of peace and tolerance, reports WorldNetDaily. CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association For Palestine, or IAF, identified as a "front group" for the terrorist organization Hamas, according to two former heads of the FBI's counter-terrorism section.

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