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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax1001.txt
Two More Pilots Sign Rebellious Letter
Sharon Presses on with Security Fence
U.N. Investigator Calls Israel's Security Wall an 'Act of Conquest'
Israeli Troops Destroy Home of Palestinian Militant
Arafat and 13 PA Leaders Sponsor Soccer Tournament Honoring Terrorists newsletter: 3fax1002.txt
680.000 Senior Citizens in Israel
Israeli Cabinet Approves Extension of Security Barrier
Israel Captures Top Islamic Jihad Leader
U.S. Seeks to Revoke Citizenship of Former SS Guard newsletter: 3fax1003.txt
Palestinians Ask World Leaders to Help Stop Israeli Barrier
Chief Rabbi Meets With Iranians
Egyptian Experts: Relations with Israel Deteriorating 25 Years After Camp David Accords newsletter: 3fax1007.txt
Memorial Services Tuesday to Mark Yom Kippur War
Bush: Israel Can Defend Itself, But Should Avoid Escalation
Palestinian PM: We Will Not Confront Militants
Pigs Can't Fly But Can Detect Terrorists newsletter: 3fax1008.txt
Assad Accuses Israel of Attempting to Provoke a War
Sharon Warns That Israel Remains Ready to Strike at Enemies
Background: Israel's New Dread is a Spreading of war to Syria newsletter: 3fax1009.txt
Haifa Terrorist Crossed Security Fence
Israel Increases Security, Citing New Threats
New Book Recalls 2002 Bethlehem Siege newsletter: 3fax1010.txt
Is Report of Arafat's Death Premature?
Palestinian Emergency Cabinet Fails to Win Parliament's Support
Israel to Continue Expelling Palestinian Militants
Terrorism Does Not Keep Pro-Israel Christians Away
Ex-Nazi Officer Asks Italian Officials for Pardon
Letter From the Women in Green newsletter: 3fax1013.txt
Thousands Express Interest in Galilee Housing
Israel Foils Attack on Jewish Settlement in Gaza
Israel, Syria Exchange Warnings Over Recent Israeli Air Strike
Report: Israeli Subs Have Nuclear Capabilities
Ron Arad was Paralyzed to Prevent Escape newsletter: 3fax1014.txt
Man Fails in Bid to Swim from Cyprus to Israel
Iran Warns Israel Over Reports of Planned Air Strike
Israelis, Palestinians Draft Unofficial Peace Proposal; 2% of Israel Proper to be Given to PA
U.N.: Israeli Military Operation Leaves Hundreds Homeless
Tens of Thousands at Western Wall newsletter: 3fax1015.txt
IDF Orders Expulsion of 15 Palestinian Detainees from West Bank to Gaza
'Homeless' Arabs in Rafiach Paid $1,000 a Month
Qaddafi: 'Arabs are Completely Useless' newsletter: 3fax1016.txt
Israel Assists in Evacuating U.S. Citizens
Bush Blames Palestinian Authority for Death of Three Americans
Terrorists Were Intending to Hit U.S. Convoy
P.A. Hatred for U.S. newsletter: 3fax1017.txt
Women's Groups Ask You to Call Bush
Palestinian Police Arrest 3 in Gaza Bombing
Federman Petitions to be 'Deported' to Gaza
Dead Sea Tourist Projects Threatened by Receding Waterline newsletter: 3fax1020.txt
Jewish Arab Scout Delegation Traveling to Buchenwald
Palestinian Gunmen Ambush Israeli Army Patrol, Killing 3
Israel Calls Up Hundreds of Reservists to West Bank, Gaza Strip Duty
Chirac Thwarts EU Condemnation of anti-Semitism
1,208 Austrian Jewish Nazi Victims Receiving Nursing Care newsletter: 3fax1021.txt
Sharon: Arafat 'Obstacle to Peace."
Israel Carries Out Fifth Strike in Gaza
Free Jerusalem: Heroes, Heroines and Rogues Who Created the State of Israel
The Israeli Labor Strike Syndrome newsletter: 3fax1022.txt
Palestinians Vow Revenge for Israeli Airstrikes
Malaysian PM Reiterates Controversial Comments About Jews newsletter: 3fax1023.txt
Elderly Husband Kills Hospitalized Wife
Report: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Sign Nuclear Agreement
Egypt Insists Israel Raze Security Barrier
EU Funds Sesame Street Show to Teach Mideast Kids Peace
Swiss Banks to Provide Data on Holocaust-Related Accounts newsletter: 3fax1024.txt
Senior Citizen Released by Police Following Mercy Killing
El Al Jet Diverted from Toronto Due to Terrorist Threats
Bodies of Alleged Palestinian Collaborators Displayed in West Bank
Israel Plans New Apartments in Settlements
Israeli Soldiers Inherit Second-Hand U.S. Army Underwear
Auschwitz Visitors Warned Against Thieves newsletter: 3fax1027.txt
Iranians Plan Attack vs. British Jews
Syrian Foreign Minister Threatens Israel
Palestinian Shot Dead Trying to Enter Jewish Settlement in Gaza
German Holocaust Memorial Halted newsletter: 3fax1028.txt
Ohio State University Hosts Terrorist Conference
Sharon: Iran is 'Main Threat' to Israel
Threat of Missile Attacks Diverted El Al Toronto Flights
Israel to Provide Services to Settlement Outposts
Holocaust Hero Schindler Honored in Poland newsletter: 3fax1029.txt
El Al Denies Covering the Flag
Israel Sees Hizbullah Attack Coming, Threatens Retaliation
Rabbis Support Pigs for Israeli Security
Most Israelis Skip Local Elections But Israeli Arabs Don't
Neo-Nazi Makes Stand in Idaho Town
Arafat to Retire to Florida; Claims Lands are Held by Jewish Retirees newsletter: 3fax1030.txt
Denmark Marked Holocaust Valor
Israel May Ease Restrictions on Palestinians
New Israeli Processor Computes at Speed of Light
Changing the Face of the Country - Literally
Mideast Peace Failures Affect Ordinary Arabs and Jews newsletter: 3fax1031.txt
Rerouted El Al Flight was Targeted by al-Qaeda
Sharon: Israel Ready For Negotiations At Any Time
Message from Iran Says Tehran Seeks Talks with Israel
Historian: Nazi Army Included 150,000 Men of Jewish Descent
Hebrew U. Spielberg Jewish Film Archive Expands to Internet
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