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El Al Denies Covering the Flag


An El Al official has denied a Ha'aretz report that the national carrier in some cases is covering the identification marks on planes with a white sticker to make the aircraft more difficult to identify by terrorists on the ground.

The report cites concerns over mounting warnings of an al-Qaeda shoulder held missile attack. The report states that when questioned to verify the story, an El Al official issued a denial.

Israel Sees Hizbullah Attack Coming, Threatens Retaliation

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel's defense minister said Lebanese-based Hizbullah terrorists are planning a major attack in northern Israel and a top army general is threatening tough retaliation. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has intelligence to suggest an attack, but he also said that the army was ready.

Earlier, the top commander for the northern front, Maj. Gen. Benny Ganz, said continuing attacks by Hizbullah are a dangerous factor and could result in a very forceful reaction from Israel. Speaking on Israeli radio, Ganz said that if Israel were forced to respond to further attacks Hizbullah, the Lebanese government, and neighboring Syria would be to blame.

Hizbullah fired rockets and artillery rounds at several Israeli positions Monday in the disputed Shebaa Farms area along the Lebanese border. Israel responded with air strikes into southern Lebanon. Syria has troops in Lebanon and wields a great deal of influence over its smaller neighbor. Syria is also one of Hizbullah's main backers, along with Iran, and Israel accused Damascus of supporting other terrorist groups as well. It is a charge Syria denies.

Earlier this month, Israel struck at what it said was a terrorist training camp near Damascus. The raid followed a deadly suicide bombing in Israel's port city, Haifa. Syria's Foreign Minister Farouk a-Shara told the British Sunday Telegraph newspaper that Damascus would strike back if attacked again, and he singled out Israeli settlements in the occupied Golan Heights as likely targets. On Monday, Lebanon's army said it had worked out a strategy with Syria to confront "enemy threats."

Rabbis Support Pigs for Israeli Security

By & Ha'aretz

Setting aside an ancient Jewish prohibition against raising swine in the Holy Land, a number of prominent Orthodox rabbis have granted approval for a plan to deploy "watch pigs" to protect settlements in the West Bank, Yediot Achronot newspaper reported Tuesday.

Former Chief Rabbi Mordehai Eliyahu and Kiryat Arba's Chief Rabbi Dov Lior both offered Rabbinic endorsements to test wild pigs for use in bomb detection in Israel.

The pig, which is considered impure according to Jewish law, reportedly makes for excellent sniffers. One kibbutz in Israel is already producing bomb-sniffing pigs. The Gedud HaIvri, a volunteer group in Israel that deploys canines and dog handlers to help sniff out Arab terrorists, posed the initial question to the rabbis.

"Pigs have a sense of smell which is several times more developed than that of dogs," Gdud HaIvri Director Yakutiel Ben-Yaakov told the paper. "Special trainers whom we will bring from Israel and abroad will train them to patrol around settlements and to locate terrorists in hiding."

Pigs can also detect the presence of weaponry at great distances, and can be trained to walk toward a terrorist, thereby pointing him out, Ben-Yaakov was quoted as saying. The animal, considered unclean by Islam as well, can also act as a deterrent to Muslims who believe that touching a pig could keep them from entering heaven, he added.

Most Israelis Skip Local Elections But Israeli Arabs Don't

By Israel & Ha'aretz

The polls closed in small communities at 8 p.m. Israel Time with nationwide voter turnout in the local elections holding at 31%.

Of the 3,787,860 Israelis eligible to vote in local municipal elections, a record few of them cast their ballots. Israel's Arabs though, have shown up in overwhelming numbers to exercise their right to vote - something most Arabs of the Middle East don't have the opportunity to do.

A record 93 percent of Abu Ghosh residents cast their votes, with other Arab towns averaging over an 80 percent turnout. The overall nationwide turnout at 10 p.m. was 41 percent, which is a 20 percent decrease from local elections five years ago.

A notable exception was the city of Nahariya, which saw 70 percent of it 41,000 eligible voters cast ballots to elect their new mayor. Nahariya is home to 10,000 new immigrants and 6,000 senior citizens, both of whom had a large turnout at the voting stations, contributing to Tuesday's local record.

Neo-Nazi Makes Stand in Idaho Town

By Reuters

At age 85, white supremacist Richard Butler is making what might be one last stand - he is running for mayor of Hayden, the 9,000-population town where he has long been a flashpoint of controversy.

Butler, the former head of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, a group whose membership has dwindled to a handful, said now is the time for him to run but his opponents said he will only win a few votes in next Tuesday's election. They said that his anti-Semitic and anti-black views have brought disgrace to the town.

But Butler said, "This is the right time, because a lot of the people moving here are trying to leave the so-called racial diversity of California. We have to return back what made this nation great, and racial separation is one of those things. We're going to try for governor next time."

Arafat to Retire to Florida; Claims Lands are Held by Jewish Retirees

By Paul M. Frank

In a move that has significantly altered the political landscape of the Middle East, PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat announced his retirement and quickly moved to Boynton Beach, Florida.

Almost immediately, Arafat claimed 58% of the land owned by Coral Lakes, Majestic and Palm Isles. Arafat, however, got more than he bargained for when he attempted to occupy the Clubhouse at Coral Lakes. Members of the Yiddish Club and Hadassah, who were holding a joint meeting, met his military incursion with fierce resistance. Reports are still sketchy, but it appears that Arafat and his forces sustained serious casualties and had to abandon their attack when Hadassah members hurled Mah Jongg tiles at the Palestinian terrorists and members of the Yiddish Club hurled epithets, in Yiddish naturally.

The European Parliament quickly denounced both the Hadassah and Yiddish group's inflammatory use of Mah Jongg tiles and insults, and decided to consider a proposal to send peacekeeping troops to Coral Lakes to establish "safe zones" for Palestinians. Arafat is going to appear before the General Assembly of the United Nations to urge the passing of Resolution 843, making ALL Jewish settlements in Boynton Beach illegal.

Hanan Ashwari has been invited by 20 American universities to discuss the historic right of Palestinians to all the land now held "illegally by the Jews in South Florida." She says that the Jews have forced the Palestinians out since the 1940s, and the land rightfully belongs to them. She blames the Jews for converting the Florida swamps and the Ag. Reserve into settlements, housing senior developments and malls that have destroyed the historic evidence for Muslim/Palestinian existence in Florida since 1000 BCE, 1600 years before Mohammed.

Last report sighted Arafat and his guards in the Bed, Bath and Beyond store in a Boca shopping center looking for pink flamingo bed sheets. Be on the alert. The Palestinians are known to gravitate to both tennis and shuffleboard courts, and it is well documented that they have a predilection for ceramics, bridge and canasta.

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