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Ohio State University Hosts Terrorist Conference

By Israel Faxx News Services

Ohio State University in Columbus will host the Third National Palestine Solidarity Conference November 9-12. Efforts to remove the conference entirely or marginalize it have thus failed. A great deal of pressure from Jewish organizations and individual donors to OSU have failed to persuade President Karen A. Holbrook to change her mind that the spewing of hatred and support of terrorism fall within the constitutional protection of the right to Free Speech.

Sharon: Iran is 'Main Threat' to Israel


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon urged European MPs meeting in Jerusalem Monday to exert pressure on Iran, charging that the country was the "main threat to Israel" and seeks to "obtain weapons of mass destruction."

He also told the 150-strong assembly gathered at the Knesset that he appreciated Europe's efforts in convincing Iran to let nuclear inspectors review its controversial atomic activities, but urged caution. "Iran constitutes the main threat to Israel as it publicly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel... Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran is maybe the greatest danger for us."

Sharon also charged that "Iran is sponsoring Palestinian terrorism, is active in the Arab Israeli population and in Lebanon through Hizbullah," referring to the Lebanese Shiite militia that forced Israel out of southern Lebanon in May 2000 after a 22-year military occupation.

"Hizbullah has 11,000 rockets with a range capable of reaching northern Israel," he said, hours before the militant group fired a barrage of artillery at Israeli military positions in a disputed border area, causing no casualties. Israel responded by shelling the outskirts of southern Lebanese villages.

Sharon also said that Iran, via Hizbullah, was "operating with the military arm" of Fatah, Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's party. "They get money, weapons, they get even instructions... Hizbullah should be added to the European Union terrorist list." Hizbullah is already on a State Department list of international terror organizations

Threat of Missile Attacks Diverted El Al Toronto Flights


Details of the two separate surface-to-air missile attack threats, that diverted the same El Al aircraft twice as it flew both to and from Los Angeles via Toronto, were reported by the Canadian press Sunday.

Canadian security officials told the Calgary Sun that the planes were advised to land in Montreal and Hamilton due to a "serious and legitimate" threat against the El Al jet involving a shoulder-fired missile attack on the tarmac that was to be launched from the Toronto area. The official said a heat-seeking surface-to-air missile was to be used in the attack. The police were tipped off by a phone call originating from within the Toronto area as well. Canadian police are trying to trace the phone call but are unsure whether it was made from a pay or cellular phone.

The Canadian mounted police are tracing the origins and destination of a German-made rocket launcher, found by Canada Customs officers among 14 caches of weapons, entering the country at a Canadian postal plant between April 2001 and March 2003. The weapon is designed to be fired from a person's shoulder and can be outfitted with heat-seeking missiles.

Israeli officials trace the threat to Al-Qaida, and link it to a pattern of attacks on aircrafts using shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles. The planes were diverted to Montreal and then to Hamilton, where the Canadian mounted police escorted the passengers to Toronto.

Israel to Provide Services to Settlement Outposts

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem)

The Israeli government has agreed to provide basic services to eight settlement outposts in the West Bank, despite earlier promises to remove illegal outposts as part of the Roadmap peace plan.

Israel's Defense Ministry has confirmed that eight outposts will get electricity, water, school and kindergarten services, and a security fence. Basic services and security are provided to Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, but not to small outposts that do not have government authorization to exist.

The order to provide services to the eight outposts was outlined in a letter signed by the defense minister's advisor on settlements, Ron Schechner. The daily newspaper, Yediot Achronot, calls the decision a whitewashing of illegal settlement outposts. Schechner told Israeli media the decision to provide services does not mean the outposts are legal or will stay there forever. He said that would be up to the politicians to decide.

During the initial phase of the internationally backed Roadmap for Peace, Israel was to dismantle dozens of illegal settlement outposts that have been set up since March 2001. A few, mostly uninhabited, sites were dismantled amid great publicity, but the process quickly stalled and new small outposts have sprung up.

Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said the Defense Ministry decision shows that Israel continues to defy the Roadmap and remains intent on extending its occupation of Palestinian land. The Israeli group Peace Now, which also monitors settlement activity, called the move a blatant breach of the road map.

Just last week, Israel announced it would take bids to build more than 300 apartments in existing West Bank settlements. Under the Roadmap Israel is to freeze all settlement activity, but Israeli officials have said the government will not move ahead with implementing the Roadmap until the Palestinians stop militant attacks and dismantle militant organizations.

Holocaust Hero Schindler Honored in Poland

By Reuters

The Jewish community in Poland honored German industrialist Oskar Schindler on Monday by putting a commemorative plaque on a factory where he employed Jews during World War II to save them from death in Nazi camps. Schindler, portrayed in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning film "Schindler's List," saved 1,200 Krakow Jews from deportations to death camps such as Auschwitz which Nazi German occupiers ran in Poland between 1940 and 1945.

"It seems to me I'm dreaming when I think I have lived to witness this moment," said Eugenia Manor, born Wolfeiler, one of the Jews saved by Schindler. "He saved not only us, but future generations, our children and grandchildren," the 77-year-old Manor told reporters during a ceremony to unveil the plaque.

The plaque, founded by the Jewish community in Krakow and students of the U.S. Albion College, was put on Schindler's old "Emalia" factory, which produced kitchenware for German troops fighting on the eastern front. The plaque bears an inscription from the Talmud: "He who saves one life saves the whole world."

Schindler managed to convince Nazi German authorities, often with bribes, that the Jews he employed must not be sent to concentration camps because there were useful in his factory.

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