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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax0902.txt
Phone Cards Wanted to Allow Jewish GIs to Phone Home
Israeli Missile Attack Kills 2, Wounds 25 in Gaza
Pollard in Court on Tuesday
Foreign Minister: Israel Won't Deal with Arafat
Sunlight Surgery newsletter: 3fax0903.txt
Israel Increases Security for Government Ministers
Mofaz: Arafat May be Forced into Exile
Hamas Leader Calls Upon the World to Rein in Israel
Judge Asked to Reopen Pollard Israeli Spy Case newsletter: 3fax0904.txt
Palestinian Official Says Abbas May Quit Without More Power
Air Force Auschwitz-Birkenau Flyover newsletter: 3fax0905.txt
Abbas Tells Parliament to Support Him or Dismiss Him
IAF Pilots Perform Fly-Over at Auschwitz Death Camp
Artist's Auschwitz 'Souvenirs' Spark Controversy newsletter: 3fax0908.txt
U.S. Objects to Israel's Arrow Deal with India
Arafat Names His Choice for Prime Minister
Israel Steps Up Security after Botched Attempt to Kill Hamas Leader
Male Impersonator Who Had Sex with Minors Escapes Jail Term
Lies They Told About Jonathan Pollard newsletter: 3fax0909.txt
Egypt Says No Gas Deal With Israel
Reports: Korei Accepts Palestinian PM Nomination
Sharon Begins Landmark Visit to India
Israeli Planes Over Auschwitz by Dr. Rafael Medoff (Commentary) newsletter: 3fax0910.txt
Explosion Rocks Jerusalem After Suicide Bombing Near Tel Aviv
Israel Offers Anti-Terror Technology to India
Hitler's Filmmaker Riefenstahl Dies at 101 newsletter: 3fax0919.txt
Note from Bush to be Placed in the Kotel
UN General Assembly to Discuss Israeli Threat Against Arafat
Dershowitz: Israel's Targeted Killings are Legal
U.S. Official: Iran Can Arm Missiles with Biological Warheads
Goose-Fattening Deemed Too Cruel newsletter: 3fax0922.txt
Palestinian Militant Groups Won't Join Korei Government
Two Protests: For Pollard and Against Peres newsletter: 3fax0923.txt
Iran Displays Missile Capable of Hitting Israel or US Bases
Arafat Offers Ceasefire with International Supervision
Reports: Israel May Free Arab Prisoners in Deal with Hizbullah newsletter: 3fax0924.txt
Simcha Dinitz Dead at 74
Thwarted Attack Against El Al Flight
Israeli Troops Kill Armed Palestinian
Bush Calls on Palestinians to Develop Democratic Institutions newsletter: 3fax0925.txt
Airplane Strays from Saudi Arabia into Israel
Sharon Confirms Hizbullah Prisoner Talks
Peace Now Survey Manipulates Findings
'I Care, And I'm Going'
A Look at Honey Consumption Before Rosh Hashanah
Israel Ranks Second in Global Chicken Consumption
Continental Moving to Accommodate Orthodox Passengers newsletter: 3fax0926.txt
Israel Grounds Pilots Who Signed Protest
IOM Resolves Claims of Nazi Forced Labor Victims
Jew Hating Academic Dead at 67
Arafat Pockets 580 Million Pounds Sterling newsletter: 3fax0929.txt
Continental Moving to Accommodate Orthodox Passengers
Islamic Jihad Claims Negohot Shooting Attack That Killed Two
Arafat Loyalist Named as New Palestinian Security Chief
Iranian FM Warns Israel Not to Strike Nuclear Facilities
Weizmann Scientist's Cancer Diagnosis Technique Gets FDA Clearance
Israel Ranks Second in Global Chicken Consumption newsletter: 3fax0930.txt
Public Servants Launch Strike to Protest Planned Budget Cuts
Outgoing Palestinian Minister Criticizes Intifada Violence
Barghouti Uses Closing Arguments at Murder Trial to Condemn Israel
Jewish Mother Re-United With Son
Dershowitz Accused Of Plagiarism
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