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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax0801.txt
No Automatic Citizenship
Sharon Left the Pollard Petition at Home
Non-Muslims Banned From Visiting Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Israel Solicits Bids for New Settlement Construction
Riot Rocks Israeli Prison
Do You See the Camel? newsletter: 3fax0804.txt
Israeli Arab Summer Camp Promotes Hate
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Claim Sunday Attack
Detained Palestinian Militants to Remain in Arafat Compound
Appeal to Supreme Court Against Citizenship Law
Planes Must Be Equipped with Bulletproof Cockpit Door newsletter: 3fax0805.txt
Israel Publishes Names of Militants Slated to be Released from Prison
Warnings Again: Rockets Liable To Threaten Tel Aviv And Jerusalem
Love at First Sight Gets Second Chance in Israel
Planes Must Be Equipped with Bulletproof Cockpit Door newsletter: 3fax0806.txt
Israeli Authorities Detain Security Fence Protesters
Official: Reports on Possible U.S. Reduction of Israeli Aid 'Premature'
Israel: al Qaeda Active in Palestinian Areas
Israeli Intelligence: Iran Could Have Nuclear Weapons by 2005 newsletter: 3fax0807.txt
Israel Frees More Than 330 Palestinian Prisoners
Court Says No To Jewish Entry To Temple Mount newsletter: 3fax0808.txt
Cuban Jews Make a First Trip to Israel
Suicide Attack Thwarted
Police Hold Back Parliamentarians from Visiting Temple Mount
German Publisher Halts Book in anti-Semitism Row
Two Americans Missing In Israel newsletter: 3fax0811.txt
Police Shocked - 5-Year-Old Seen with a M-16 on an Ashdod Street
Israeli Warplane Bomb Hizbullah in Lebanon
Israel to Continue Building Security Fence, Despite U.S. Opposition newsletter: 3fax0812.txt
Ukrainian Skinheads Beat Israeli Teenager
Israel Warns Syria on Lebanon Border Security
The Passion: New Mel Gibson Movie Prompts Controversy Long Before Release
Jewish Visits to Temple Mount are Likely to Resume in Week newsletter: 3fax0813.txt
Hamas Claims Responsibility for One of Two Suicide Bombings
Border Tensions with Israel are Easing, says Hizbullah
New Israeli Device Enables Patients to Diagnose Heart Attack from Home newsletter: 3fax0814.txt
Israeli Troops Destroy Home of Suicide Bomber
Perhaps Arafat is Behind Recent Terror Attacks
P.A. Again Encouraging Suicide Bombings
Pollard´s Cases To Return To Court Once Again newsletter: 3fax0815.txt
Israeli Arab Couple Welcomes Quadruplets
Senior Palestinian Militant Killed in Hebron
Argentine Judge Issues Arrest Warrants in 1994 Jewish Center Bombing
Three Women Claim Man Knowingly Infected Them with AIDS newsletter: 3fax0818.txt
She Captured Eichmann
Israeli Transfer of West Bank Towns to Palestinian Control Postponed
German Publisher Stops Printing Book Charged with Being Anti-Semitic
Amr: 'Pragmatic Solution' will be Found to Right of Return newsletter: 3fax0819.txt
Warning: Israel Stands Alone Regarding Right of Return
Jewish Agency 'Conquers' Eilat
Diet Watermelons
Iran Sends a Warning to Israel
Tel Arad National Park newsletter: 3fax0820.txt
At Least 21 Dead in Jerusalem Bus Bombing
U.S. Consulate Drivers Claim More Than Right Of Way
Israeli Pilot's Helmet Found in Iraq newsletter: 3fax0821.txt
Sharon to Visit India in September
Sharon Approves Israeli Strikes
Holy Site in Jerusalem's Old City Re-Opened to Non-Muslims
Riot In Megiddo Prison
Despondent Mom Creates Eilat Power Outage newsletter: 3fax0822.txt
17 More Iraqi Jews Come, Only 11 Left
Palestinians Threaten Retribution for Israeli Strike
Suicide Attack in Haifa - Thwarted Just in Time
Israeli Pilot's Helmet Found in Iraq newsletter: 3fax0825.txt
Report: Police do Nothing to Stop Trade in Women
Palestinian Leaders in Power Struggle
Gaza Militants Fire New, Longer Range Rocket into Israel
4 Dead In Israeli Missile Strike In Gaza
If an Alien Dropped in Tonight newsletter: 3fax0826.txt
One Is What One Says
Arafat Appoints New Security Advisor
Hamas Official Says More Than 'Road Map' Needed to Bring Mideast Peace
Hamas Vows Revenge for Latest Killing
Air Force to Commemorate Liberation of Death Camp newsletter: 3fax0827.txt
Waqf Employees Temporarily Banned from Temple Mount
Israeli Attack Kills 1, Wounds Dozens in Gaza
Israel Seizes 2 Wounded Palestinians in Raid on West Bank Hospital
Israel Prepares for Possible Prisoner Exchange with Hizbullah
Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Splits with Wife, Nava
Ghanaian Living in Israel Indicted for Spreading AIDS newsletter: 3fax0828.txt
Black Hebrews Receive Permanent Status
Arafat Calls on Palestinian Factions to Reinstate Ceasefire
Registration Now Open for Free Trips to Israel
European Union Wants to Use NATO Against Israel
Soldier Arrested After Attempting to Commandeer a Bus newsletter: 3fax0829.txt
Police Set Restrictions on Friday Temple Mount Islamic Prayers
Rockets On Ashkelon
Palestinian Officials: Israeli Strike Kills Hamas Member
Muslim Claim to Jerusalem Rests on Wobbly Verse
How We Remember
Moving to a 5-Day School Week
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