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Israeli Arab Couple Welcomes Quadruplets

By Israel Faxx News Services

Kafa Machmid, a 32-year-old Israeli Arab mother of 5, gave birth to quadruplets last week, Yediot Achronot reported. Kafa and her husband, Monir, found out about the existence of four separate embryos during the sixth week of pregnancy. Doctors recommended then that the parents only keep some of the fetuses to avoid complications. However, after consulting with family members, the couple decided to keep all four. Doctors from the Hemek Medical Center explained that giving birth to 4 healthy newborn - 3 boys and 1 girl - could easily be considered a medical wonder.

Senior Palestinian Militant Killed in Hebron

By Larry James (VOA-Jerusalem)

A senior official of the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad was killed by Israeli forces in a raid on the West Bank town of Hebron Thursday morning. A statement by Islamic Jihad said that Mohammed Sidr, it's leader in Hebron, had been killed by Israeli soldiers. It vowed to avenge his death and said Israel would pay a heavy price for the killing.

According to witnesses, the incident began when someone hiding in a building threw a hand grenade at the Israeli troops. The anti-tank missile the soldiers fired in response sparked a major explosion that destroyed much of the building where the militant was hiding. Bulldozers then moved in to knock down what remained of the structure. A man suspected of harboring the militant was arrested.

Sidr was one of the most senior militants on the Israeli wanted list. He is suspected of having been behind a number of attacks on Israelis, including an ambush in Hebron last November in which 12 Israeli soldiers and security guards were killed. He was also thought to have organized an attack a month later on the Jewish settlement of Otniel in which four settlers were killed.

Also on Thursday, Israeli troops in Nablus destroyed the family home of the suicide bomber who blew himself up near the Jewish settlement of Ariel on Tuesday killing one Israeli and wounding two others. The family home of the man who carried out Tuesday's other suicide attack in Rosh Ha'Ayin was destroyed Wednesday. One Israeli died and nine were wounded in that incident.

The Palestinian leadership condemned Tuesday's suicide bombings, but Israel is demanding they do more to fight terrorism.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Wednesday that he suspected Yasir Arafat was involved in Tuesday's suicide bombings and he also accused him of blocking progress toward peace. Palestinian legislator Saeb Erekat denied the accusation calling it "ridiculous and nonsensical."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon also accused Arafat of trying to undermine Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, who was appointed in April under heavy U.S. and Israeli pressure to find an alternative to Arafat.

In an interview Thursday with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Sharon urged Prime Minister Abbas to block Arafat's control of Palestinian security forces.

Argentine Judge Issues Arrest Warrants in 1994 Jewish Center Bombing

By Brian Byrnes (VOA-Buenos Aires)

It has been more than nine years since the deadly bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina that killed 85 people. This week, a federal judge in Argentina issued arrest warrants for eight Iranian officials suspected of helping to plot the attack.

The arrest warrants were issued through Interpol, the international police agency, by Judge Juan Jose Galeano, who has been investigating the 1994 car bombing for several years. The attack on the Jewish Community Center was the worst terrorist attack in Argentina's history, and came just two years after a bomb rocked the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29.

Galeano is requesting the arrest of eight Iranian officials, including the former Iranian ambassador to Argentina. He suspects that these officials had prior knowledge of the attack and helped carry it out. The United States and Argentina have long-suspected that Iran helped fund the assault - an accusation that Iranian officials strongly deny.

A report published by the New York Times last July claimed that Iran helped plot the bombing, and that it later paid ex-Argentine President Carlos Menem $10 million to help cover up the investigation. The newspaper report was based on a secret deposition given by a defector from the Iranian intelligence agency. Menem and Iran denied the charges.

Current Argentine President Nestor Kirchner recently promised to open secret files connected to the case in hopes of speeding up the much-hindered nine-year investigation.

Three Women Claim Man Knowingly Infected Them with AIDS

By Roni Singer (Ha'aretz)

A 25-year-old female resident of Ramat Gan filed a complaint with Dan Region police against her ex-husband claiming that he infected her with AIDS.

The woman claimed that the suspect, a 29-year-old Ghana citizen, knowingly infected other women. Two other women, including a 16-year-old girl, have filed police complaints claiming that the suspect infecting them with AIDS.

The suspect, Case Sarfi, was arrested and brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court on Wednesday for a hearing to extend his remand. During questioning, the suspect told investigators that he has been sick with the illness for three years, but that he did not have sexual relations during this period and therefore did not infect anyone with AIDS.

Safri claimed that it was his ex-wife - who filed the complaint against him - who infected him with AIDS. During the court hearing, a police official presented a document according to which the suspect had sexual relations with many women, and that police have names of some who had sex with him in the last three years. "I can define the suspect in one sentence: The angel of death walking among us," the police official said during the hearing.

Safri's attorney said that allegations against his client raise many questions, since the woman decided to file a complaint only now, despite knowing earlier that her husband was ill. The remand for the suspect was extended by 10 days.

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