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Israeli Troops Destroy Home of Suicide Bomber

By Larry James (VOA-Jerusalem) &

Israeli forces moved into the Askar refugee camp, in Nablus, Tuesday night, and demolished the family home of Hisham Jarwan, 17. Seven people were arrested during the demolition, which Israeli military officials describe as a policy they will continue to pursue in response to terror attacks.

The Rosh Ha'Ayin bombing and another near the Jewish settlement, Ariel, on the West Bank, Tuesday, left two Israelis dead and more than a dozen others injured. It also raised questions about the durability of the internationally backed peace plan, known as the "road map."

The government had no immediate plans to respond to the fatal terrorist attacks or the strengthening of the terror organizations - despite warnings by military and political figures.

Prime Minster Ariel Sharon called the attacks further proof that the Palestinians were doing nearly nothing to fight the terror infrastructure. The Israeli leader spoke following a meeting with visiting Assistant Secretary of State William Burns.

Sharon, addressing thousands of Birthright participants in Jerusalem Monday night, said that there would be no progress on the diplomatic front as long as the terror continues and the PA takes no action against it. He placed the blame on Abu Mazen, "who is not fulfilling his obligation to fight terrorism."

Meanwhile, Washington has urged Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to declare that, despite the violence, they will not stop working toward peace. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday that the road map is still on track despite the attacks. He said peace would never be achieved as long as people continue to take part in terrorist activities. But he said that such attacks couldn't be allowed to derail the process that he said would continue to move forward.

The United States and Israel said terror networks must be dismantled. Palestinian leaders said it would be politically impossible for them to aggressively go after such militant groups as Hamas and Islamic Jihad because of the support they enjoy among Palestinians.

Perhaps Arafat is Behind Recent Terror Attacks


Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz stated he would not be surprised if Yasir Arafat was behind the recent terror attacks, explaining Arafat continues doing everything possible to torpedo the Road Map and to compromise PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas' authority.

Making reference to the northern border, Mofaz stated the American message to Syria and Lebanon - namely the dismantling of Hizbullah - needs to be sent home hard. Mofaz made his remarks while visiting the Galilee community of Shlomi, the site of a fatal Hizbullah rocket attack earlier in the week.

P.A. Again Encouraging Suicide Bombings

By Palestinian Media Watch

On Sunday - before the twin suicide bombings in Rosh HaAyin and Ariel, Marcus, informed the public that the PA was once again broadcasting anti-Israel incitement. Specifically, a music video praising suicide terrorism had returned to the air.

Speaking on Israel's Channel Ten and on IDF Radio, Marcus warned, "That this message has returned quickly, after several weeks during which we did not see it, is very serious - as they are showing men once again that it is a good idea to become a shahid (martyred in an act of terrorism)."

The music video, which depicts an Arab martyr joining beautiful maidens in heaven, has been broadcast hundreds of times in the PA over the past three years, reports PMW. "Whereas there is clearly no causal link between the recent broadcast on PA TV and [Monday's] bombing," the PMW report stated, "there may very well be a more important link. The political forces in the PA that control TV and gave the instruction to rebroadcast this music video encouraging martyrdom are quite possibly the same political forces that gave the OK to go ahead with the attacks."

Similarly, PMW reported, PA religious leaders have recently emphasized the heavenly reward for suicide bombings. As broadcast on PA TV: "When the shahid meets his Maker, all his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood. He is exempted from the 'torments of the grave' (judgment); he sees his place in paradise, he is shielded from the great shock, and marries 72 dark eyed virgins. He is a heavenly advocate for 70 members of his family, on his head is placed a crown of honor, one stone of which is worth more than all there is in this world."

Pollard´s Cases To Return To Court Once Again

By Ha'aretz

A Washington, D.C. court is scheduled to hear, in less than three weeks, still more argumentation regarding two court suits submitted by Jonathan Pollard three years ago.

Pollard has motioned for re-sentencing, claiming, inter alia, that his life sentence was handed down in violation of his constitutional rights, that the government violated its plea agreement, and that an ineffective defense sabotaged his subsequent legal rights. He further demands that his security-cleared counsel be granted the right to see the secret and damning last-minute memo by then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger that led to his life sentence.

Pollard's wife Esther explained to Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA the details of the case, as well as what can - and cannot - be expected. The full interview can be read at "".

Jonathan Pollard himself will be present in court, by order of presiding U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Hogan, but will not be permitted to testify. It is not clear whether he will be flown in or driven for six hours from Butner, N.C., to Washington, D.C. His lawyers will have 30 minutes to present their case, and 10 additional minutes to respond to the government's counter-claims.

Pollard-supporters are not optimistic, fearing that the upcoming session is merely an excuse to extend the process even longer than the three years it has already dragged out. The lack of a decision, and the prospect that none will be handed down in the foreseeable future, is not encouraging, they say. Even a rejection of Pollard's request to appeal his life sentence would be a welcome development - as in such a case, he plans to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

The legal issues boil down to two, JTA reports: Was the ex-Naval intelligence officer convicted in March 1987 on the basis of a misleading secret 46-page affidavit? And was he denied due process by a defense attorney who declined to file a routine appeal after the life sentence was handed down? Judge Aubrey Robinson stunned Pollard and threw her crowded courtroom into pandemonium in 1987 when she handed down the unexpected maximum sentence - in violation of the plea-bargain agreement in which the prosecution promised not to ask for a life sentence.

The upcoming court session will not be an actual appeal, nor an evidentiary hearing - but rather merely a forum for Pollard's lawyers to present their arguments once again on behalf of allowing him to request re-sentencing. He is currently not eligible to actually appeal his sentence because his lawyer at the time, Richard Hibey, declined to file a routine notice of appeal.

Hibey also failed to object when prosecutors violated the plea agreement and asked for life, and failed to call for an evidentiary hearing on Weinberger's secret affidavit. "It is known," writes the website, "that Hibey's fees were paid by the Israeli Government. But it is not clear whose orders he was following... when he gave up on defending his client. His post-sentencing actions stymied all future efforts to appeal what Hibey himself knew was a politically-motivated and grossly unfair sentence."

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