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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax0702.txt
White House 'Encouraged' After Israel, Palestinian Leaders' Meeting
Returning to the Temple Mount
WJC Wants Catholics to Apologize for Holocaust Silence newsletter: 3fax0703.txt
Bush: Militants Still Want to Wreck Mideast Peace Process
Palestinians Take Over Security in Bethlehem
Abbas: Truce Will Fail if Israel Does Not Free Prisoners
Israel to Fight for U.S. Visa Exemption newsletter: 3fax0709.txt
Peres Comes Out Loud & Clear To Remove Jews From Gaza
Palestinian Militants Claim Responsibility for Suicide Bombing
Iran Tests Missile Capable of Hitting Israel newsletter: 3fax0710.txt
Sharon Welcomes 300 New Jewish Immigrants
Diplomats Move to Avert Crisis in 'Road Map' Peace Plan
Declassified Documents Show Israel's 1967 Attack on USS Liberty was Accidental newsletter: 3fax0711.txt
Saddam Hussein Arrested In Stone-Throwing Attack
Palestinian Militant Groups Still 'Committed' to Truce with Israel
Former CIA Director on Israel's Nuclear Arsenal
'Destroy Israel Conference Scheduled for Rutgers
U.S. Christian Radio Host Issues Challenge to Palestinian Church Leaders newsletter: 3fax0715.txt
UK Press: IRA Bomber Is A Journalist
Survey: Many Palestinians Not Anxious to Return to Israel newsletter: 3fax0716.txt
Arafat, Abbas Agree to End Internal dispute
Palestinian Militant Group Claims Deadly Attack in Tel Aviv Nightclub
UN Warns of Cutbacks in Aid to Palestinian Refugees
Palestinian Authority TV: Mohammed Ordered Muslims To Kill Jews newsletter: 3fax0718.txt
White House Confirms Abu Mazen's Upcoming Visit
Blair to Congress: Mideast Peace Key to Winning War on Terror
UN Official: Syria Willing to Negotiate with Israel
Israeli Breakthrough in Treatment of Tumors
A First: Hasidic Television Drama newsletter: 3fax0721.txt
Shalom: Israel Willing to Speak with Syria Without Preconditions
Israel in Range of New Iranian Missile newsletter: 3fax0722.txt
Israelis May Deal With Iraq
Mofaz: Arrow System Can Counter Iranian Missile Threat
Muslim Men Marrying Jewish Women newsletter: 3fax0723.txt
Israeli Civilians Injured by Hizbullah Anti-Aircraft Fire
Peres: Holy Sites in Jerusalem Should Be Declared 'World Capital'
Palestinian PM to Ask US to Pressure Israel on 'Road Map'
Arafat: 'Grave consequences' if Jews Keep Visiting Temple Mount newsletter: 3fax0724.txt
TA Resident Arrested On Suspicion of Driving Without License for 26 Years
Israel Approves Release of 350 Palestinian Prisoners
New Standards for Rabbinical Courts Dealing with Divorces
Documentary Shows World's Religions Have Similar Focus on 'Heaven' newsletter: 3fax0725.txt
Bedouin Rioting
Intelligence Reports Predicting Riots Friday on Temple Mount
Israeli, Palestinian Officials Consider Immunity Deal for Some Militants
A Star is Found newsletter: 3fax0728.txt
Shalom Calls For A Return Of The US' Sixth Fleet
Israel Cabinet Approves Release of 100 Palestinian Prisoners
Israel to Press Ahead with Security Fence Around West Bank
The End of Iraqi Jewry in Sight? newsletter: 3fax0729.txt
Bush to Meet Sharon at White House Tuesday
Israel Cancels Ceremony for Fence Dividing Israelis and Palestinians
Poraz: Black Hebrews To Receive Citizenship
Christopher Reeve Visits Israel in His Quest for Paralysis Treatment newsletter: 3fax0730.txt
One-Year Memorial Of Hebrew U. Terror Attack
Bush Encouraged by Israeli, Palestinian Steps in Peace Process
Israeli Military Chief Warns of Fragile Truce with Palestinian Militants
Israel Says It Will Not Halt Construction of Fence
More Horror - The Result Of Abu Kabir
Jews & Neo-Nazis in France Share Websites to Send Hate Messages newsletter: 3fax0731.txt
Police Raid Printing Press to Confiscate Kach Publications
Bush: Palestinian State by 2005 Still 'Realistic'
Sharon-Bush: Good Meeting, But No Answer On Pollard
Iran Denies Funding Families of Suicide Bombers
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