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Saddam Hussein Arrested In Stone-Throwing Attack


Police in northern Israel have arrested Galilee resident Saddam Hussein, who is alleged to have thrown rocks at a bus in the Golan Heights. He was arraigned before a Tzfat (Safed) judge on Thursday.

Palestinian Militant Groups Still 'Committed' to Truce with Israel

By VOA News

Palestinian militant groups have said they remain committed to a truce with Israel, following meetings with Egyptian mediators in Gaza. The meeting Thursday brought together leaders of the four main militant groups: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Palestinian radio said Palestinian security chief Mohammad Dahlan told reporters afterwards that the talks had been positive, and that they dealt with the issue of the truce and national dialogue. The Egyptian delegation was in Gaza to avert a ceasefire breakdown, because Palestinian militant groups are angry Israel has not released any of the estimated 7,000 Palestinian prisoners Israel holds.

Later Thursday, Dahlan and Israel's Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz were scheduled to hold meetings regarding the prisoner issue and Israeli withdrawal from certain areas. But Palestinian officials said the talks might be postponed until Friday because a suitable venue for the meeting had not yet been finalized.

Former CIA Director on Israel's Nuclear Arsenal


According to, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Stansfield Turner called for the international community to supervise Israel's alleged nuclear arsenal. Turner told a gathering at the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up, in the United Arab Emirates, that Israel must be pressured to disarm itself from nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, Turner asserted that President George W. Bush would not pressure Israel, other than by calling generically for the implementation of the Road Map. The reason, according to the former CIA director, is that American foreign and internal policies are currently being subjugated to winning the next presidential elections.

The Zayed Center, under the chairmanship of the UAE's deputy prime minister and sultan, has hosted such speakers as the notorious anti-Semite and convict Lyndon H. LaRouche, has held a symposium on the Holocaust that concluded the Nazi genocide was a "false fable perpetuated by Israel," and the executive director of the Zayed Centre told symposium participants that "Jews claim to be God's most preferred people, but the truth is they are the enemies of all nations. Most philosophers... consider Jews as cheaters whose greed knows no bounds. Today, after having controlled print and electronic media, they distort facts to suit their objectives."

'Destroy Israel Conference Scheduled for Rutgers


Despite wide-scale protests and requests for cancellation, Rutgers University in New Jersey will host a national pro-Palestine student conference in October.

The National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement will include sessions on how to pressure colleges to stop investing in companies that do business with Israel, as well as cultural events and rallies in support of an independent Palestinian state. Hundreds of pro-Palestinian student activists are expected to attend.

Organizer Charlotte Kates said that she, as well as the sponsoring organization, the New Jersey Solidarity Movement - an offshoot of International Solidarity - supports Palestinian homicide bombers. "Palestinian resistance in all its forms has been a very powerful tool of justice," Kates, a Rutgers law student, told the New York Post. "All forms, from armed struggle to mass protest... Israel is an apartheid, colonial settler state. I do not believe apartheid, colonial settler states have a right to exist."

The Post's Andrea Peyser reported that Rutgers would thus be the nation's third college, and the first on the East Coast, to harbor "a national anti-Israel hate-fest, featuring tips for destroying the Jewish state and speeches from notable anti-Semites."

Rutgers officials said the school received nearly 230 letters from Jewish activists across the country urging the university to cancel the forum. But they said that the event would go on "in the name of free speech." As a state school, Rutgers bestows public funding to Solidarity. At the two previous conferences - at Berkeley, Calif., and the University of Michigan - pro-Palestinian rhetoric "crossed into virulent anti-Semitism," said Shai Goldstein, director of the New Jersey Anti-Defamation League chapter.

U.S. Christian Radio Host Issues Challenge to Palestinian Church Leaders

By Israel Faxx News Services

In his weekly radio broadcast scheduled for airing next week, Front Page Jerusalem Radio host, Earl Cox, describes the Palestinian conference recently held in Bethlehem as an exercise to appease supporters of the Quartet Road Map.

Cox, whose program airs coast to coast in America, charges that the Palestinian church leaders who attended the conference are misguided and practice faulty theology. He continues by saying that their ignorance of the Bible is evidenced by their interpretation and subsequent remarks. Claiming that Zionist Christianity is not connected to Christianity ignores the biblical roots and therefore the foundation, which includes God's relationship with the Jewish people and with the land of Israel, Cox added.

In his broadcast, Cox tells his radio audience that "Palestinian Christian leaders are heavily influenced by the Palestinian Authority. In contrast, American Christian Zionists are influenced by the Word of God. The Palestinian church leaders have put their own interpretation above God's Word simply to satisfy their agenda.

"Furthermore," said Cox, "Christian Zionists believe that Israel has a God given right to the "covenant" land as outlined by God in Genesis chapter 12 where God says to Abraham, father of the Jewish people," "I will bless those who bless you." He continues his defense of Christian Zionists by referencing Joel chapter 3 where God says He will restore the prosperity of Judea and Jerusalem and gather all the nations and bring them into the valley of judgment and judge them for all they have done to His people. It is because of these scriptures and others recorded in the Bible that Christian Zionists are vehemently opposed to the Quartet Road Map, according to Cox.

"The Road Map which is sponsored by the U.S., Russia, the E.U. and the United Nations, is a deception disguised as a peace plan and will lure all the nations against Jerusalem," Cox continued. "In this plan to divide up the Promised Land, the United States, for the first time, is aligned with anti-Semitic, terrorist nations."

Concluding the broadcast, Cox issues a challenge to Palestinian church leaders to send a representative to America to defend their position in a radio debate with a Christian Zionist.

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