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Russian Language Israeli Neo-Nazi Internet Site Under Investigation


Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein has instructed police to launch an investigation into an Israeli based Russian language neo-Nazi website. Reports indicate the site lists stores where one may obtain copies of Holocaust denial books, as well as other neo-Nazi propaganda and hate messages.

No Breakthrough Reported in Israeli-Palestinian Security Talks

By Larry James (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli and Palestinian security chiefs are meeting to discuss the transfer of security to the Palestinians in parts of the occupied territories. The latest in a series of meetings on the issue has so far failed to yield results. The two sides are hoping to reach agreement on the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, to be replaced with Palestinian security forces.

Israeli General Amos Gilad and Palestinian security chief Mohammad Dahlan are leading the meeting, which is taking place at the Erez checkpoint on the Israeli border with Gaza. Gilad has said his country does not want a temporary ceasefire with Palestinian militants, but a complete end to terror.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has been negotiating with Hamas and other groups to declare a ceasefire in attacks against Israelis. Hamas has delayed answering Abbas, citing Israel's continuing targeted killings of Hamas leaders, but an answer is expected soon. The Reuters news agency quoted Egyptian sources as saying a ceasefire could be announced in Cairo this weekend.

Meanwhile, Israel denied a Palestinian claim that an Israeli tank fired into Gaza overnight, killing four members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Israeli officials said none of their tanks was in the area, and it is more likely the men died when an explosive device they were working on blew up prematurely.

President Bush's National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice will travel to the Middle East to keep up pressure on both sides to move the peace process forward. White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer said Rice would meet with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders during a two-day trip to the region beginning Saturday.

Condoleezza Rice is the "Black Spinster"

By Itamar Marcus

A Palestinian Authority [PA] daily has published another racist article attacking Condoleezza Rice, making her race an integral part of the article.

The writer refers to her as the "black woman" [three times], the "black spinster" and continues that he even considered the term "black widow" but rejected it. Her father is the "black clergyman" [who filled her head with Bible stories] and Colin Powell is the "black man", the "black gentleman" and even the "brave and moderate black." Jesse Jackson is the "black minister." And while on the racial warpath Henry Kissinger is called - "Darling Henry the Jew".

The following are selections from Sunday's Al Ayyam: "[National Security Adviser] Dr. Condoleezza Rice is the most influential national security advisor in the U.S. administration since "Darling Henry" Kissinger... The White House has seen some women with strong personalities, such as 'the dominant', wife of President Ronald Reagan, 'the bright' and the ambitious' wife of President Bill Clinton, and the 'beloved' wife of President John Kennedy...

"The adviser's 'intelligence' and the 'bravery' of Gen. Colin Powell are what have elevated this black woman and black gentleman to the highest positions ever held by a black American woman or black American man in any administration..."

"In contrast to Powell, who is the "moderate" in an extremist American administration, Rice is conspicuous by her thinking which follows the American "New Right, which is conservative and messianic. She is the daughter of a black clergyman, who filled her head during her childhood with stories about the Holy Land. These are vastly different from the liberal political theories espoused by the black minister Jesse Jackson, who is considered a "friend of the Palestinians" and a supporter of the downtrodden Third World nations. He was also the first black candidate for the American presidency."

"In an exclusive interview with "Yediot Achronot" at the end of May ...she spoke about her powerful spiritual impressions from her first visit to Israel in August 2000: "There, I felt as if I had come home, in my first visit to the place. There is a deep attachment between me and Israel." "...'Darling Henry' the Jew pretended to weep over the Israeli political leadership's 'stupidity' and 'shortsightedness'... Rice will be visiting Israel for the second time order to salvage the 'brave' and 'moderate' black [Powell] from failure by salvaging the Roadmap..." "...Beware this "black spinster", we don't want to say "the black widow" out of respect for her femininity and her intelligence..."

Woman Soldier Prevented Mega-Attack


A woman soldier who allegedly forced an Arab woman to drink a chemical liquid has been arrested - but her lawyer says she prevented a mega-terror attack.

The lawyer, Atty. Oded Savorai, appealed the decision to incarcerate his client, and she in fact was placed under a lighter form of arrest. He said that she acted "in accordance with her authority and obligations" when she forced the Arab woman to drink the contents of her water container.

"Many specific terrorist warnings had been received," Savorai said, "to the effect that a male or female terrorist would try to transfer poisonous materials to [pre-'67] Israel for the purpose of a mega-attack. In light of this, she asked an Arab woman what was in the bottle she was carrying. The latter said it was water, and the soldier told her to drink some of it, in order to ascertain that she was telling the truth."

Terrorists To Be Tried In U.S.?


Sen. Arlen Specter (R., Pa.) has called for the U.S. to ask Israel to extradite two Palestinian terrorists who have been convicted of murdering U.S. citizens in Israel. Though they are already serving life sentences, Specter feels that the American death penalty would be a more effective punishment - and would even help Israel in its war against terrorism.

Specter explained on CNN that the Terrorist Prosecution Act of 1986 authorizes the U.S. to prosecute the terrorist murderers of American citizens abroad. They can be charged with "murder in the first degree and get the death penalty," he said.

"I have been talking to Israeli Attorney-General [Elyakim] Rubenstein and also to United States Attorney-General John Ashcroft to try to set this in motion. And both of [them] are interested. And I think it would be very salutary, really be very emphatic - and the United States would be helping Israel in Israel's war on terrorism. And we would be vindicating a very important United States interest when our citizens are being murdered abroad by Palestinian terrorists."

Asked by Wolf Blitzer whether he has "a problem" with Israel's policy of targeted killings of Palestinian terrorists, Specter said, "I do not, Wolf, when they are carrying out those policies as a preventative measure... Look here, we're not in the old days. We are now facing terrorists who strike secretly, without warning, killing massive numbers of people. And in this context, I believe preventative action is entirely appropriate. And targeted killings are going after people where there is reason to believe they're going to be trying to murder Israelis and others."

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