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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 3fax0501.txt
U.S. Delivers 'Roadmap' for Mideast Peace
Polish, Israeli Presidents Commemorate Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto newsletter: 3fax0502.txt
Embassy Employee Finds Finger Near Bomb Attack Site
Powell: Violence Must Not Derail Mideast Peace Process
Israel, Palestinians Express Opposing Views on Peace 'roadmap'
15 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raids newsletter: 3fax0505.txt
Minister: Grant Citizenship To Foreign Laborers
Sharon May Meet New Palestinian Prime Minister
Israeli Opposition Leader Resigns
Mofaz: We'll Fight Terror As Long As P.A. Does Not
Sharon, 12 Years Later: Dismantling Sinai Communities Was a Mistake newsletter: 3fax0506.txt
US Envoy Meets With Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas
Palestinian Militia Leader Receives 14 Life Sentences
Sharon Reportedly Turned Aside a Secret Syrian Appeal for Peace Talks
Remembrance Day, Independence Day newsletter: 3fax0507.txt
Alitalia Flight Welcomes Passengers To "Palestine"
Israel's Sharon Willing to Meet with New Palestinian PM
Forces on High Alert as Israel Celebrates Independence Day newsletter: 3fax0508.txt
Israel Sees al Qaeda Link to British Bombers newsletter: 3fax0509.txt
Sharon Authorized Assassination Against Hamas Commander
Sharon Says He Is Ready for Talks with Syria
Bush 'Very Optimistic' About Chances for Mideast Peace
Americans Discover Iraqi Intelligence Documents On Israel newsletter: 3fax0512.txt
Volunteers For Israel
U.S. Tells Israelis, Palestinians To Accept 'Road Map'
Yediot: Housing Ministry to Construct Prestige Neighborhoods in Negev newsletter: 3fax0513.txt
Jerusalem Resident Suspected Of Spreading Computer Virus
Israel Seals Gaza, Sharon, Abbas to Meet Friday
Soviet Double Agent May Have Betrayed Wallenberg
Teen Dies When Loudspeaker Hits his Head at Graduation Party newsletter: 3fax0514.txt
Missing Carbon Dioxide Greens Up The Desert
Israel Arrests 15 Arab Residents on Hamas Funding Charges
Sharon Reaffirms Commitment to Beit El And Shilo
British MP Charges 'Jewish Cabal' Guiding Blair newsletter: 3fax0515.txt
Israeli Arab Running a Cellular Operation in Prison
Israeli Forces Kill Three in Gaza Raids
Ship to Make an 'Exodus' to Israel
Where is Jerusalem? newsletter: 3fax0516.txt
Jewish Man Beaten In Berlin
Israeli Forces Seize Gaza Town, 5 Palestinians Killed
Arafat: Israel Must Return to '67 Borders, Allow Return of Refugees
National Strike in Israel Intensifies
Mazel Tov to Geraldo Rivera newsletter: 3fax0519.txt
Moonscape, Original Displayed At Houston Holocaust Museum
Terror Wave Hits Jerusalem
Sabbath Closure Saves Jews in Moroccan Attack
'Arrest Abu Mazen For Holocaust Denial' newsletter: 3fax0520.txt
Palestinian Suicide Bombing in Afula
Palestinian Terror Cell Planned to Hijack Jerusalem Bus newsletter: 3fax0521.txt
Bush Reaffirms Support for Palestinian State, Need to Stop Terror
Israelis, Palestinians Hold Unofficial Talks in Japan
Jerusalem Rally Held for Pollard
Narkis: No Security for Israel's Eurovision Entrants in Latvia newsletter: 3fax0522.txt
Bush Speaks to Abbas for First Time
GSS Chief Permitted Abu Mazen's Armed Guard To Enter Sharon's Office Armed
Female Soldier Works as Prostitute to Help Her Parents
Appeal Sent on Behalf of Iraq's "Secret Jews" newsletter: 3fax0523.txt
Abbas Fails to Convince to Hamas to Halt Attacks
Conversion To Judaism Not A Guarantee Towards Citizenship
Jewish Agency Prepares for Moroccan Immigration newsletter: 3fax0527.txt
Sharon: Israel Cannot Keep Palestinians Under Occupation Forever
Pollard Was Blamed for Crimes of Arch-Spies Ames and Hansen newsletter: 3fax0528.txt
Iran Developing A Long-Range Non-Conventional Missile
Jordan to Host Summit of US, Israeli and Palestinian Leaders
Most Immigrant Soldiers Are Non-Jews
Settler Leader on Road Map: Jews Also Willingly Went to Death Camps newsletter: 3fax0529.txt
Bush Will Lobby Mideast 'Road Map' to Peace
Jerusalem Day
Jordan Fears 'Religious War' Over Jewish Temple Mount Prayer
Whitney Houston Visits with Black Hebrews newsletter: 3fax0530.txt
Sharon, Abbas Meet in Jerusalem on Mideast Road Map
Amnesty Accuses Israel, Palestinians of Crimes Against Humanity
PA is Teaching Holocaust Denial Again
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