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Wednesday's horoscope (5/28) for Ariel Sharon, born 2/27/1928. 7:49 a.m., Kfar Milal, Palestine: You might want to lend a compassionate ear to someone. You have always been a natural psychologist. People find it easy to turn to you with their problems. Something about your energy inspires trust and confession. A friend could come to you and ask for your advice about something. Or a loved one might want to vent some of the intense emotions they have been experiencing. Just remain detached and helpful.

Iran Developing A Long-Range Non-Conventional Missile

By IsraelNationalNews & CBS News

Speaking to reporters in Turkey Monday, Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz reported that Iran continues to develop the Shehab-4 and Shehab-5 missiles, intended to reach the United States carrying a nuclear warhead. Mofaz added that to date, only America and the former USSR had such long-range missiles, but today, it appears that North Korea has joined the club. Mofaz warned the Shehab-3 is already operational, with the ability to reach Israel.

In its most recent report on global terrorism, the State Department asserted that Iran "remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2002," accusing it of providing money, refuge, training and weapons to Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

According to a CIA report released in April, Iran has chemical weapons including blister, blood and choking agents as well as weapons to carry them, and probably has made nerve agents. The CIA also believes Tehran is likely to have a biological weapons program, but only "a limited ability to weaponize" any biological agents.

The U.S. and Iran are locked in a dispute over what Washington alleges is a secret nuclear weapons program by the Iranians. Tehran insists its nuclear activities are civilian in nature. The Post reported Tuesday that an Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, claims to have evidence of two previously undisclosed nuclear sites near Tehran. Two weeks ago, the same group claimed Iran had biological weapons programs, quoting sources inside the Iranian government. U.S. officials said Iran was trying to develop a missile capable of reaching a number of NATO countries in Western Europe.

Jordan to Host Summit of US, Israeli and Palestinian Leaders

By VOA News

Jordan said it would host a summit of President Bush and the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers during Bush's expected visit to the Middle East next week. Information Minister Mohammed Adwan said Tuesday that the meetings would take place in the Red Sea resort city of Aqaba.

While Adwan would not give a date, the meeting is likely to take place sometime next week, after Bush attends the Group of Eight summit in Europe. Adwan also said Bush would attend a meeting of Arab leaders in Egypt before coming to Jordan.

A Middle East summit would be the most direct role Bush has taken in trying to end nearly 32 months of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. The White House has not officially announced a trip to the Middle East and a White House spokesman said the president was still considering all the possibilities for meetings in the region.

Sunday, the Israeli cabinet conditionally approved the "road map," which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state by the end of 2005. The United States welcomed the Israeli cabinet's decision. Sharon has come under criticism from his own Likud Party for accepting the plan, and he stunned Israeli conservatives Monday when he used the word "occupation" for the first time to describe the state of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Sharon said to keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation is bad for both Israel and the Palestinians.

Most Immigrant Soldiers Are Non-Jews


Fifty-one percent of new immigrant soldier enlisting in the IDF are non-jew, reported Brig.-Gen. Elazar Stern, the army's chief educational officer. He added that there are currently 8,000 non-Jewish soldiers serving in the military.

Addressing a conference in Jerusalem dealing with conversions, Stern explained that recently a non-Jewish soldier died. When his family was contacted, the request was made to have the soldier's body flown to Russia for burial. The bereaved father pleaded this not be done by the IDF or Jewish Agency, explaining he did not want the non-Jews to say, "Good, another Jew was killed". Stern explained the irony of the story is the soldier himself was a gentile.

According to Dr. Asher Cohen of Bar Ilan University, only 72 percent of the residents of the State of Israel are Jews, adding the number of non-Jewish new immigrants has reached the 300,000 mark.

Settler Leader on Road Map: Jews Also Willingly Went to Death Camps

By Ha'aretz

Veteran settlement movement figure and former MK Elyakim Haetzni, responding to an opinion poll showing a majority of Israelis in favor of the road map peace plan, has compared supporters of the peace plan with the Holocaust-era Jews that he said "willingly boarded those trains [to concentration camps], believing everything that the Germans told them."

Haetzni, a Hebron resident, blasted as an act of "national treason" and a "national catastrophe" the Sunday decision of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's cabinet to conditionally approve the road map, a U.S.-UN-E.U.-Russian- endorsed peace outline. It was a historic day "in the same sense that the Destruction of the Temple was historic," Haetzni said.

Asked about the results of a Yediot Achronot newspaper poll published Monday, which showed that 56 percent of Israelis supported the road map, Haetzni said: "Yes, of course. And the Jews also willingly boarded those trains, believing everything that the Germans told them. The Jews are a people, which is very dangerous to it. It is a people that has brought Holocausts down on itself throughout the course of its history," he told Israel Radio.

"It is a people that has extraordinary powers of construction, and extraordinary powers of destruction. It builds and destroys, and this is an intrinsic part of Sharon's personality - Sharon is the greatest builder that we have had, and the greatest destroyer. Today he is in a destruction phase."

Haetzni said that the road map would inevitably set Israel on a collision course with the United States, its closest ally and supplier of billions of dollars in foreign aid. "The state of Israel arose at the end of the British Mandate," he said, referring to the British caretaker rule in pre-state Palestine. "Our sovereignty ends with the beginning of the American Mandate."

"What they [the Americans] are doing in Afghanistan and Baghdad they will do now in Jerusalem. Of necessity, their interests will collide with ours, and this is a disaster for Israel."

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