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Tuesday's horoscope (5/27) for Ariel Sharon, born 2/27/1928. 7:49 a.m., Kfar Milal, Palestine: If you're having the same dream over and over again, there may be something you need to do. Some dream experts say that if you have reoccurring dreams with people appearing, it's because you have something important to say to them. If this is happening to you, today is a good opportunity to talk to the person in your dreams. Even if you're not sure what you're supposed to say, have a conversation with them. If they live far away, perhaps a phone call or letter would be the thing to do. It might just be that your dreams are saying you miss that person!

Sharon: Israel Cannot Keep Palestinians Under Occupation Forever

By VOA News

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he is determined to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians as the two sides prepare for a possible summit next week with President George W. Bush. Sharon, speaking a day after the Israeli cabinet's 12-7 approval, with four abstentions, of the road map peace plan, said Israel couldn't keep 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation forever. He said doing so is not good for Israel or the Palestinians.

Sunday's conditional approval of the peace plan drew criticism from right-wing members of the Israeli government, including members of Sharon's Likud party. Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas are expected to meet Tuesday to discuss the plan.

Israeli officials said the two would likely meet with Bush next week in Jordan. The Middle East summit would be the most direct role President Bush has taken in trying to end nearly 32 months of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin discussed peace efforts Monday with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, who has been shunned by the United States and Israel. After the talks in the West Bank town of Ramallah, the French official said that each side must take up its responsibilities and fulfill its part of the road map.

The "road map" plan drawn up by the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union, outlines steps that should be taken by the Israelis and Palestinians to lead to an independent Palestinian state by 2005. The initial phase calls for the Palestinians to crackdown on anti-Israel attacks and for Israel to stop Jewish settlement activity in the occupied territories. Israeli military officials said troops shot dead a Palestinian who infiltrated southern Israel Monday.

Sharon said he would make every effort to push the road map forward. He said the decision had not been easy and he still had doubts, but he added that Israel must give the plan a chance to succeed. At the same time, his Cabinet also made it clear the Israeli government would never accept the entry of Palestinian refugees to areas that are part of the Jewish state. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said it would mean the end of Israel if millions of Palestinian refugees were granted entry.

The decision has angered Arafat, whose spokesman said Israel should have followed the example of the Palestinians and accepted the road map without conditions.

Pollard Was Blamed for Crimes of Arch-Spies Ames and Hansen


As supporters of Jonathan Pollard prepare for a prayer rally on his behalf at the Western Wall on June 4, it appears that one of the most important questions surrounding his case has been answered.

Former federal prosecutor John Loftus, in an article in the June issue of Moment Magazine, wrote: "There is a good reason why neither Congress nor the American Jewish leadership supports the release of Jonathan Pollard from prison: They all were told a lie - a humongous Washington whopper of a lie. The lie was [that] Pollard had supposedly given Israel a list of every American spy inside the Soviet Union... Soviet agents in Israel, posing as Israeli intelligence agents, passed the information to Moscow, which then wiped out American human assets in the Soviet Union...

"A week after [Pollard was sentenced to life in prison], the Washington Times reported that the United States had identified Shabtai Kalmanovich as the Soviet spy in Israel who supposedly worked for the Mossad but was actually working for the KGB; he had betrayed American secrets to Moscow. Washington insiders winked knowingly at one another: Pollard's contact in Israel had been caught. Just to make sure that Pollard was blamed, U.S. intelligence sources, several months later, leaked word to the press of the Kalmanovich connection... Citing 'American intelligence sources,' UPI announced that the 'sensitive intelligence material relayed to Israel by Jonathan Pollard had reached the KGB.'"

Loftus then fired off his bombshell: "But it was all untrue. Every bit of it. Pollard wasn't the serial killer. The Jew didn't do it. It was one of their own WASPs - Aldrich Ames, a drunken senior CIA official who sold the names of America's agents to the Russians for cash. Pollard was framed for Ames' crime, while Ames kept on drinking and spying for the Soviets for several more years... Ames was arrested in February 1994, and confessed to selling out American agents in the Soviet Union, but not all of them. It was only logical to assume that Pollard had betrayed the rest of them, as one former CIA official admitted shortly after Ames' arrest...

"No one dreamed that yet another high-level Washington insider had sold us out to Soviet intelligence. Years passed, and eventually a Russian defector told the truth. A senior FBI official - Special Agent Robert Hansen - had betrayed the rest of our agents. Hansen was arrested in February 2001, and soon confessed in order to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole."

Loftus then wrote that a low-level decision was finally made in the Navy's intelligence service to re-examine the Pollard case, and "with sickening chagrin, the Navy discovered that the evidence needed to clear Pollard had been under its nose all along" - namely, that Pollard did not have the special "blue stripe" clearance needed for access to the room in which the list of secret American agents inside Russia was kept. "There is no way on earth," Loftus concluded, "that Jonathan Pollard could have entered the file room, let alone the safe where the list was kept."

Loftus also wrote that he then "began to realize that Pollard's tale was only the beginning of a much bigger story about a major America intelligence scandal" - a cover-up of the deep ties between Saudi Arabia and terrorists such as Osama Bin-Laden. "Whenever the FBI or CIA came close to uncovering the Saudi terrorist connection, their investigations were mysteriously terminated. In hindsight, I can only conclude that some of our own Washington bureaucrats have been protecting the Al Qaeda leadership and their oil-rich Saudi backers from investigation for more than a decade."

Loftus continued: "I am not the only one to reach this conclusion. In his autobiography, Oliver North confirmed that every time he wanted to do something about terrorism, [then-Defense Secretary Weinberger, whose secret memo led to Pollard's life sentence] stopped him because it might upset the Saudis and jeopardize the flow of oil to the U.S.

"Pollard never thought he was betraying his country. And he never did, although he clearly violated its laws. He just wanted to help protect Israelis and Americans from terrorists. Now in prison for nearly two decades, Pollard, who is in his late 40s, grows more ill year by year. If, as seems likely, American bureaucrats choose to fight a prolonged delaying action over a new hearing, Pollard will probably die in prison. There are people in power inside the Beltway who have been playing for time. Time for them ran out on 9/11. Sooner or later, they are going to be held accountable. I hope that Pollard lives to see it."

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