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Tuesday's horoscope for Ariel Sharon, born 2/28/1928. 7:49 a.m., Kfar Milal, Palestine: Your mind should be clear today with lots of creative ideas floating through your head. Your artistic side could be heightened, and you might be coming up with jokes, stories, or pictures that you would like to get down on paper. You have many talents in the arts, but sometimes you don't allow yourself time to express them. Try to let your ideas flow and capture them somehow so that you can share them with others.

Palestinian Suicide Bombing in Afula

By VOA &

A Palestinian suicide bomber has killed at least four people and injured around 48 others. The bomber also died in the blast in the northern Israeli town of Afula. The bomber set off the explosion at the entrance to a shopping mall, after being blocked by security guards and shoppers standing in line. Israeli police sealed off the area and all the wounded have been taken to hospitals.

According to eyewitnesses, a female suicide bomber was responsible for the bombing. She approached the entrance to the shopping center and, when she aroused the suspicion of security guards, she detonated her charge at the mall's entrance. It is being theorized that she came from the nearby PLO-controlled area of Jenin. Large IDF and police forces are currently combing the area. In addition, roadblocks have been set up around Afula to search for accomplices of the suicide bomber.

The militant Palestinian group, Islamic Jihad, an organization dedicated to Israel's destruction, has claimed responsibility for the attack. The bombing came despite a stringent closure imposed by Israel on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The mayor of Afula, Yitzhak Meron, said the attack might have been prevented with the completion of a security fence around the West Bank. He urged the government to speed up the development of the barrier, which is now under construction, in a bid to prevent Palestinian attackers from crossing into Israel. The bombing in Afula was the fifth such attack in the past three days.

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, another organization that has vowed to destroy the Jewish State, has been linked to the first four bombings.

Earlier Monday, another Palestinian riding a bicycle blew himself up alongside a military jeep in the Gaza Strip, wounding three soldiers. The suicide terrorist sidled up to an IDF jeep and blew himself up. The attack occurred near Kfar Darom. On Sunday, at least seven Israelis were killed on a commuter bus by a Palestinian suicide bomber.

Amid the wave of attacks, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon postponed a planned trip to Washington. He was to have met President Bush at the White House to discuss the international road map to peace plan. The plan is supported by the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations. It calls for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state by 2005.

President Bush said he was confident the Middle East peace process could go forward, despite the bombings in Israel. He said that he remains committed to the new U.S.-backed Middle East peace plan. He says despite the bombings, he has no intention of putting the so-called "road map" on the shelf.

"The road map still stands. The vision of two states existing side by side in peace is a real vision, and one that I will work toward," he said.

Bush acknowledged it would not be easy. He said it will take a lot of work to bring the violence to an end, but stressed he is not giving up. "We are still on the road to peace," he said. "It is just going to be a bumpy road. And I am not going to get off the road until we achieve the vision. People in the Palestinian Authority who care for peace must work with us to fight of terror. People in Israel who care for peace will work with us to fight terror," he said.

He also urged Arab and European nations to play a strong role, urging them to cut off funding and support for terrorist groups that seek to subvert the peace process.

He mentioned no names, and appeared careful not to level too much criticism on the new Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas. The Bush administration had linked the release of the road map to his confirmation by the Palestinian legislature. Spokesman Ari Fleischer said Abbas still has the president's support.

"In the president's judgment, there is no question the new Palestinian prime minister thinks differently about peace and about reform. He is a reformer, he is a man who wants to move in the direction of peace and work with Israel well," he said.

The White House spokesman drew a distinction between Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. He said the terrorists are enemies of Mahmoud Abbas, while Arafat has done nothing to help the peace process.

Palestinian Terror Cell Planned to Hijack Jerusalem Bus


It was released for publication Monday morning that a plan to hijack an Israeli bus full of passengers and bring it to PA-controlled areas was thwarted last week. The would-be perpetrators: Israeli-Arabs from eastern Jerusalem.

The General Security Services and the Gidonim Unity of the Jerusalem Police worked together to apprehend the eight-man Hamas cell. The terrorists were planning to hijack a bus in N'vei Yaakov, a large northern Jerusalem neighborhood. Their plan was to hold the passengers hostage and demand in return the release of Arab terrorist prisoners from Israeli prisons.

The police announced that the cell received its instructions from Hamas prisoners in Ashkelon, who used the good offices of their visiting family members to send letters to the cell-members. The cell had also planned to kidnap a soldier, and to rent an apartment in northern Jerusalem to be used as an explosives lab and a kick-off point for attacks. They had already managed to acquire combat materials before they were arrested.

The security services remain on high alert in light of the recent wave of terrorism and continued warnings - and a closure has been re-imposed on Arab traffic from Judea, Samaria and Gaza into the rest of Israel.

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